Great Moments in Comics History: Batman: Shadow of the Bat #1

Yes, you can turn around, go back home, look deeply into a mirror and have a long hard think about your hair.


  1. Great issue. Great arc, actually. The series kind of went in a Legends of the Dark Knight mode after the first arc and started with single issue stories. I dropped it not too far past 8-9 if I remember correctly. Not sure if I still have the issues. Probably gave them away to an unappreciative nephew.

  2. This was “my book” for a long while there. Funny you mention LOTDK, as it was SOTB that got me into LEGENDS in the first place. I asked my LCS, “do you have other Batman books like this?” Fantabulous.

  3. LOL

  4. I loved this series. “The Last Arkham” was a good arc if I remember correctly. I have a lot of this series collected in a longbox somewhere in storage lol, would love it if they started releasing it in trade.

  5. I actually think his hair is the least of his worries. Wtf is he wearing on his chest?

  6. Say what you will about the hair, but Norm Breyfogle is fucking awesome.

  7. “memories…”
    i still have these issues in longboxes somewhere. Breyfogle was the top “bat”-dog of the Batman artists back then. i enjoyed his retro-90’s batman tale from last year. nostalgia.

  8. I always knew Dick was a hipster.

  9. I almost wrote, “At least that rat tail is better than Nightwing’s 1980s disco collar” and then I thought, “Is it? Is it really?” Then, I was stumped.

  10. One can write a whole DC Histories article on Dick Grayson’s poor fashion sense. And yet, he’s still the second worst dressed in the DCU. Let’s not forget Ted Kord.

  11. Jedi’s have rat tails. So I’m down with it.

  12. Man, Breyfogles entire run with Alan Grant was the most badass run ever. No one, not even Morrison came up with so many bizarre and twisted villains and od course no one draws Batman like Breyfogle. Wish DC would put him on a bigger book rather than just doing 10 pages of BatmanBeyond.

    • Definitely a great run, plus when it was John Wagner / Alan Grant / Breyfogle at first, great stuff. And of course, I love Wagner and Grant from their Judge Dredd work in 2000AD.

  13. “The Nobody” is still one of my favorite bat stories. I miss Alan Grant.

  14. Brilliant. Nightwing or just Dick Grayson in general, is my favourite Bat family character, even if he needed a total style re-vamp in the early days.