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C2E2 2013: Day One – YOUNG AVENGERS #8 Cover, DC Class War, 100 BULLETS is Back

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME COMIIIIIIIIIICS!!!! We’ve got your round-up of all the cool announcements, events, and happenings of this weekend’s C2E2 in Chicago.

DC Histories: Dick Grayson (Robin I / Nightwing II / Batman III)

The original teen sidekick has been swinging around the DCU for generations.

DC Histories: Huntress (Helena Wayne / Helena Bertinelli)

Whether she’s the daughter of Batman or a mob boss, the Huntress is still a threat to Gotham City’s lowlifes.

Storylines Lost

Not every issue is worth saving.

Great Moments in Comics History: Batman: Shadow of the Bat #1

For God’s sake… a rat tail?

iFlashback! September 10th, 2003

Comics were popping nine years ago. Come check out some of the hits!

DC Histories: The Bottle City of Kandor

Kandor is the little city that could.

SDCC 2012: DC Swaps Out Stephanie Brown for Barbara Gordon in ‘SMALLVILLE’ Digital Comic

DC Does the Unthinkable and Sinks the Unsinkable Stephanie Brown.

iFlashback! July 9th, 2003

Fantastic Four hits a milestone plus other interesting books hit the stands. Come check them out!


If you grew up in Batman’s house, have a bear as a best friend, or have a peg leg and really hate vampires, we have a book for you.