Great Moments in Comics History: Batman Family #1

“I like redheads. Their mouths are like a drop of strawberry jam in a glass of milk.”


  1. Get back to the Bat-kitchen, Barbara.

  2. Boy, I wonder how Dick ever got any.

    • Did you mean to do that? If so, nice one

    • It’s called a neg! Women love it! Didn’t you watch the Pick-Up Artist on VH1?

      Dick got with Starfire after this so he does okay with the ladies. (Supposedly he did get raped by a lady in an issue of Nightwing, but it’s better not to talk about that).

  3. This makes Harley Quinn and Joker’s relationship seem normal.

  4. That’s brilliant, a story about an old, retired Dick Grayson who is basically Roger Sterling .I would totally buy that.

  5. Babs is hot. There, I said it.

  6. “That’s the Batman’s routine…”

    ok, a)The Batman of the 70’s likes under-aged redheads and b) the boy wonder is about two steps away from graduating to slipping girls a spanish fly in their drinks.

  7. But it’s better with the costume!

  8. Had to pull out the long boxes and find all the old Batman Family’s after seeing this article. Does anyone know if these have been collected?

    • Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

      Not as a unit, no. Some stories have been reprinted in various Greatest collections and in the occasional Showcase.

  9. “What do I do now, Bruce?”

  10. I’m sorry, I don’t get it. Does the panel imply that Bruce hit on Babs at one point with the same line?

  11. I LOVED Batman Family, particularly because I was there to buy it as it came out. I had a crush on Batgirl, so this was a perfect fix. One aspect of the series I always remember was the occasional romantic banter from Robin, and the inevitable put-down by Babs. In today’s world, that scene would have probably earned national news of Robin sexually harassing a fellow, female worker.

  12. Honestly? I’m a MUCH bigger fan of what happened in the two panels AFTER this one. #butmaybethatsjustme

  13. Sometimes the man lives up to his name.

  14. of course, the creepiest part of this is Conor’s caption

  15. Why do I have Stan Lee in my head when reading Conor’s caption?

  16. The look on Batgirls face says it all!
    I like you as a “friend”. Totally not attracted to you, in fact Poison Ivy does more for me than you do.