Great Moments in Comics History: Batman Chronicles #9

Having to wander the streets of Gotham at night for an indeterminate amount of time is WAY worse than getting stuck watching Friends re-runs in the TV lounge of Boothroyd Hall.


  1. Oh my.

  2. Robin… go…wait in the batmobile.

  3. Should have left a cowl on the doorknob.

  4. So perfect – How is the rest of the issue? looks promising, i dig the art

  5. I love this feature.

  6. Batman and Catwoman sitting on couch, Robin fidgetiing in a chair across from them.
    Batman: “Robin, we want to talk to you about what you saw the other night.”
    Robin: “Aw jeez, Batman. I don’t really want…
    Batman: ” Now you see, sometimes when a superhero and super villain are engaged in…combat…”
    Catwoman: “I’ll say!”
    Batman: “Shhh! Anyway, sometimes things can get…heated. When you grow up to be a solo vigilante, you’ll understand.”
    Robin: ” I don’t understand why you gave her back her whip before putting the Bat-Cuffs on her!”
    Catwoman: ” Me-ow!”
    Batman: “Robin, it’s like…you remember the time I walked in on you in the Bat-Cave? When you were…uh… We’re practicing your ‘flying Grayson’?”

  7. Fuck it Robin!
    I left a sock on the the Batmobile side mirror!
    That’s the signal!

  8. I love that “There’s gonna be sex” is a tag for this article

    well done Conor

  9. i kinda feel like someone in the DCU should hand catwoman one of those “are you in an abusive relationship” flyers…

  10. Now we all want to use that line one day.

  11. Seems like Robin would find more “evidence” if he stuck around…..

  12. “Robin…I’ll.. meet you on the Wayne Foundation rooftop in 15 minutes.”

  13. What do you think Batman’s Gold Bond budget is?

  14. It really is amazing how Bruce does not give a shit about his young ‘wards’ noticing he’s getting a bit too cozy with his female companions.

  15. I think I can handle this one alone Robin.

  16. This is going to make me sound like a pervert but…. not only do I remember this back-up but I seem to recall the story is mostly centered on Robin’s first encounter with Batgirl and how in one panel the boy wonder can’t help but stare at Bab’s chest.

    Yeah, maybe sometimes it’s NOT okay to share. 😛