Great Moments in Comics History: Batman #62

Batman (Vol. 1) #62 (1950)


Taking her cue from The Simpsons‘ Crazy Cat Lady, there was one brief summer where Catwoman just chucked cats at people.



  1. Geez batman, god forbid Robin get some pussy on your watch

  2. Trained crime fighter, can’t defend against a box

  3. I love the fact that Catwoman, who supposedly loves cats, keeps one locked in a suitcase with no air holes to purposely make it pissed off, so she can then fling it open and throw it at people.

  4. Holy double euphemisms, Batman!

  5. If Batman has shark replelent in his utility belt he must have cat treats or canned tuna.

    • At least some catnip, right?
      And I think Batman keeps the shark repellent in the bat-copter. You would think that sort of thing was stored on the bat-boat. 😉

  6. I like this weekly feature, but I wish the date of publication was included. I’m always curious and end up googling it.

  7. That’s the only pussy Robin got back then.

  8. Pretty much whatever was said above cannot be topped.

    But it still kills me that Grant Morrison thinks this is in continuity. You know he thinks this.