Great Moments in Comics History: Batman #135

Batman (Vol. 1) #135 (1960)


Alfred is counting down the days until Kindle Worlds finally gets the Batman license and then everyone will see that he’s more than a simple butler.


  1. “Today we host the author of the #1 bestseller on the planet “I know Batman and so can you!!!” Alfred Pennyworth!!!”

  2. Oh Bruce, breaking the fourth wall. Your a few tacos, bad jokes and a healing factor away from Deadpool.

  3. Wow, it is impossible to *not* read Alfred’s lines in the voice of Woodhouse from Archer.

  4. “I’m sure it is a ‘dilly’, but my collection of ancient ceramic vases isn’t going to dust itself. Look alive.”

  5. Don’t worry, Alfred. Someday your erotic sci-fi thriller will make it to bookshelves. Someday.

  6. That wink Bruce gives makes me think those stories are not very good.

  7. There is no evidence Bruce is winking. The first panel doesn’t show his eye is open – maybe he’s just practicing for an eye patch.