Great Moments in Comics History: Batman #10

What kind of party is this?


  1. I love that Batman says “Holy cow”.

  2. What… What are they gonna do when Robin gets there?

    • By the stance of the one asking the question, maybe some linedancing? Or some pre-crime fighting calisthenics? Nothing sinister, though, surely?

  3. …..ladies one, sexy ones…

  4. I fear for Robin, he looks like he is going to be torrented (passed about for free)

  5. This has got to be the first time ever that the “Great Moment in Comics History” and the POTW were the same book, right???

  6. ladies and gentlemen: i give you ground zero for the the last 7 years of grant morrison’s batman run.

  7. Conor’s tags are always the best for these.

  8. Again, someone has to throw in the obligatory, “For Grant Morrison this actually happened”. Maybe this sparked the idea for Batman, Inc., which always reminds of that “great” Fox show, Models, Inc.

  9. lol….grant morrison.

  10. Batman Incorporated was not off to a great start.