Great Moments in Comics History: Adventure Comics #435

The only cop — hell, the only person — in the entire DC Universe who actually just uses his eyes properly is this random NYPD sergeant.


  1. Clark – "Yep. You silly bastards finally figured me out."

  2. "but how I’m wearing glasses!?!"

  3. Proof that the answers to most riddles are usually staring you in the face

  4. This issue was pulped because in the next panel, Clark burns the man to cinders with his heat vision. For "the planet’s own good."

  5. I love how Clark’s brow is raised like "how the hell did he figure me out?"

  6. Ironically, the cop is really Wonder Woman.

  7. "It has to be something REALLY ingenious. I’m willing to let him waste two or three more people while I’m thinking. But no more than four. That’s too many."

  8. As Clark tries to convince the Sergeant that he is NOT Superman the killer does, in fact, "wastes too many more people".

  9. I really, really want to see the next panel (and the previous one, for that matter).

  10. So… this Sgt. is the smartest person in the DCU? That makes more sense than it being Lex Luthor or Bruce Wayne. 😉

  11. @PraxJarvin – How do you know that isn’t Bruce Wayne?  He is a master of disguise.

  12. I like to think Kent’s being arrested. Which really, if they even suspect he’s Superman, he’ll bust out. NO PRISON CAN HOLD SUPERMAN!

  13. @stuclach At this period in time the man needed a 12 year old to help him solve riddles. 😉 "It happened at sea. C! For Catwoman!"

  14. Clark has his eyebrow raised a bit. Next he’s gonna pull his collar and stall to answer.

    Speaking of random people knowning his identity. My absolute favorite moment from the Superman: Animated Series is when a criminal is on death row and is about to get killed by gas. He questions to us, and technically the audience, on how Clark Kent could know what he was doing and get him into this position. Then he realizes that Kent is Superman and then the gas totally covers his body, so he knows who Superman is the exact moment he dies. Pretty cool.

  15. Superman? Where? All I see is a dude wearing glasses. Don’t you guys know Superman doesn’t wear glasses? Duh.

  16. I see no freeking red underwear!

  17. Love the art in that panel.  Who is the inker?

  18. That’s actually a really good teaser.

  19. …and he was never seen again.

  20. The cop is really Bruce Wayne, goofing on Clark.

  21. @Prax – Good one.

  22. Weird…..he figured it out 30 or 40 years ahead of Jimmy.

  23. @Anville Not sure who the inker is but that has GOT to be Jim Aparo one of my top three Batman Artists.  He may very well have inked it too as he inked most of his own stuff…

  24. Jim Aparo is listed as artist with no inker given, so we have to assume he inked it himself.

  25. Wow, that cop is good.  Kent even had his collar popped.

  26. cops are awesome

  27. Did you ever notice you never see Superman and Bruce Wayne together????

  28. @rayclark: Really? Almost anytime I’ve dealt with a cop they’ve anything but. The only cop i trust is Jim Gordon.