Great Moments in Comics History: Action Comics #192

Who knew that in 1954 they successfully predicted comic book internet message boards?


  1. Pretty sure that kid’s arm is about to be ripped off, so there’s something that can be done better too.

  2. Superman, trying to gain an edge in the Metropolis car-kicking-and-boy-throwing competition, hires an efficiency consultant.


  3. That’s George Lucas over there. “Faster, more intense.”

  4. I think Superman is using the kid to beat some dents in those cars

  5. At what point did he start the stop watch? That seems like a pretty important factor here.

  6. No fair! He changed the results by measuring them!

  7. If you follow the arc of Superman’s arm, that kid is going to be nothing but a red smear on the pavement.

    • I just recalled that in last week’s Panel of the Week, someone commented on Superman throwing a baby to sharks, and I recall making a joke about Superman’s ways being foreign to us, as he is an alien. Clearly this is just the Kryptonian rite of passage.

  8. Judging from their positioning, it looks like e two cars were headed for a collision. Regardless of the child, who was apparently in the dead center of an intersection, why were those two cars headed for each other? It looks like they were racing to see who would run over the kid first.

  9. In order to pull that maneuvar off he must have been doing alot of squat thrusts

  10. That kid is so scared in that cover!

    “What’s Happening!?”

  11. Did Superman really need to yank that child off the ground by his weak, fragile arm? Stopping the cars wasn’t enough?

    Also, what was this guy doing in the first place? Just taking notes on how long it takes to run over a child?

  12. Kid’s gotta learn