Great Moments in Comic History: Tales of Suspense #41

Tales of Suspense #41

It's difficult to be an internationally renowned ladies man when you have a giant, heavy, and unwieldy hunk of metal always attached to your torso.


Thanks to Sam C. for the submision.


  1. Okay, the caption alone was worth the pick. The joke simply writes itself.

  2. I guess hes also not a hugger.

  3. It’s also hard to be a ladies man when you frequent gay parties.

  4. I would think people would wonder what those nubs are that poke through his shirt…

  5. Constantly? How did he shower in that?

  6. He could say he prefers his deep-sea diving gear when swimming. Imagine the cannonballs he can make with all that weight off the diving board!

  7. That’s what I love about old comics.  There’s always a moral for the kids.  Never go swimming with an iron chest plate.

  8. I want to know more about that date with an electrical cord.

  9. I always imagined Iron Man’s chest plate as more of a power strip than a no-outlet kind of thing.

  10. So that is how Stewie from Family Guy know Mr. Stark.

    @throughthebrush: I bet he has to charge himself like an electric car.  Even back then Tony was on the cutting edge of technology.

  11. What’s he doing by his butt?

  12. I can’t Imagine the chaffing around his arms.

  13. By gay it means happy!  With that hair cut, them cool pants, and what looks like a junior high mustache… how could any one think he’s gay? 

  14. I have a feeling ALOT of people leave gay parties for dates with extension cords…zing!

  15. XD! since when did ifanboy’s "great moments" turn into an episode of "Who’s Line Is it Anyway"?

  16. Everything about that panel is wrong and hilarious at the same time.

  17. Left a gay party for a date with an electric cord! Bogels the mind!

  18. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    ok, the room he’s in looks like a bathroom, but it has no door. If you were trying to hide the fact that you had a metal plate under your shirt, wouldn’t you go into a room that locks before revealing it?   

  19. I am so confused.

  20. Yay my submission got in! thanks @Conor

  21. I’d like to see this story as a movie with David Carradine as Tony Stark…if only David Carradine didn’t end up like Tony Stark is apparently about to end up.

  22. @GleepGlop–you win!!(lovin that name also, brings to mind a nice visual)