Good News for Scalped Readers

Scalped writer and creator Jason Aaron posted on his blog today that he’s got a contract and a plan to take Scalped through 2010 and issue #48

Got the document the other day that I sign to extend my SCALPED contract for another 12 issues, and this one will take us up through issue #48. Just seeing that number got me all excited, thinking about a fiftieth issue, thinking of how far the series had come, despite the odds being stacked against it. Makes me wanna say “thank you” once again to all the people out here who pick this book up, whether in issues or trades, to all the people who blog about it, to the retailers who hand-sell it, to all the people who bring their friends to see me at cons and talk them into buying the book. You people are awesome. SCALPED wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for you all going the extra mile.

If I didn’t say that I was proud of thinking myself a part of making sure some more people knew about this most awesome of ongoing comic books, I’d be lying.  Of course, all the real credit goes to Jason Aaron, R.M. Guerra and the folks at Vertigo who keep this title afloat.

I’m just excited it’s not going anywhere any time soon, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

If you’ve been thinking about starting out with Scalped, just do it.  It’s $10 at Amazon and $6.29(!) at  What excuse do you have?

We talked about Volume #1 way back in iFanboy episode #37 as well!


  1. Awesome!! I hope it gets at least another 12.  This series doesn’t feel like it’s anywhere near done.  This is one of very few series that I get both singles and trades on.

  2. I keep meaning to catch up on this book (I’ve read the first couple of trades), but I’m deep in the thick of Preacher and have been reading some BPRD, Locke & Key, and Umbrella Academy trades.  I plan on picking back up with Scalped when I finish those.  Hopefully I will be caught up before we hit that 12th issue next year.

  3. I’m only up to vol. 3, but the trades keep getting better and better.  Truly an awesome read.  Glad we’ll get at least another 12 issues out of it, hopefully more!

  4. Josh, you really should take a bit of pride in helping promote this book. For me personally, I know that I wouldn’t have picked it up had I not read conversations about this title on this site. Nice to know that this excellent series is going to continue.

  5. This is awesome news. Read this book people, I cannot stress this enough.

  6. good stuff

  7. Yes, listening to the podcasts, the guys at iFanboy got me into this book.  I’ve bought all of the trades and started buying single issues around #19.  I’m really happy to hear that it’ll be around for awhile.  I bet the characters in the story aren’t too happy to hear that their miserable existence has been extended for at least another 12 issues.

  8. This is in my top five books I’m currently reading and it keeps getting better. Glad to hear that he’s not too busy with marvel stuff to do this book as well. Also thanks to Josh for promoting Scalped, wouldn’t have never of found this book without this site.

  9. This is awesome!! I can not wait!!

  10. I definitely wouldn’t have checked this out if it wasn’t for the podcasts.  I definitely try to get the word out on this book.  It needs to finish only when Aaron is done with it.

  11. I recently got all 30 back issues (before 31 came out) from the man himself in Chicago.  I hadn’t read Scalped and had some interest, but after talking with him and seeing him sell and sign all 30 issues for my room mate for a decent price I went for it.  So far it’s been pretty fantastic and I really can’t wait for it to continue go as long as he wants.

  12. This is good news, gald Aaron can keep going on with his baby.

    Although I am curious about something and I don’t mean this to be a negative on this announcement. How come a series that gets great praise and reviews like Scalped can stay, but a series like Captain Britain gets the same praise (and more importantly double the sales) gets quickly cancelled?

    I don’t know anything about sales so I am a bit curious why there is different outcomes for series like that.

  13. I imagine that there’s a different business plan and cost structure for Vertigo books than there is for a Marvel superhero title.

  14. @josh: Yeah but technically it’s a DC book, so I would think they are looking at the numbers just as hard as Marvel was for Cap. Brit.

    But either way your right, just a different plan the company uses then another. Hell I bet if this title was a Marvel book then Scalped would’ve been cancelled years ago. So good job for DC/Vertigo to stick with their gut and let it continue on with sales be damned.

  15. This article should have been about Blackest Night.





  16. LOL

  17. That made me laugh as well.

  18. I feel like I don’t deserve this since I only have been reading for two issues.

  19. @B: XD!



    Srsly though… he’s right =

  20. Josh, thanks for the heads up on the series – I’ve been thinking about taking the plundge and buying the first trade for some time…

  21. This is great news. Made my day as Scalped has been my favourite book since I switched to singles after the second trade.

  22. Great news.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the fifth trade and am loving this series.

  23. Just reading some of the comments about Cap. Britian, and thought I’d give my two cents.

    I imagine for Vertgio this book is one of their more profitable books, so keeping it around makes sense for them. Where as Captain Britain could sell the same amount, or even more than Scalped, but in Marvel’s eyes still be a low selling book.

    For anyone still unsure if they’ll like Scalped I highly recommned it. It’s not superheroes, that’s for sure, but if you like this like the Shield, or Sleeper cell, or good character drama, Scalped has it all.

    I was going to give a for instances, but I’m not sure now….are spoliers allowed on these threads?

  24. I’m just waitin’ for the 5th trade!


  25. Great news. Congrats to Aaron, Guerra, and the rest of the team. I’ve dug Aaron’s stuff since his first series (The Other Side – highly recommend it) and this is the best stuff he’s done – or doing. Scalped is easily a book-of-the-month candidate for me every time.

  26. Just wondered if you guys thought that this series would/should continue after what I would assume could be a logical upcoming climax.  I’m not saying I want this story to end, just curious if you thought it should.

  27. I have only read the first trade so far but I’m in it for the long haul.  What a great book this is.  Gritty, violent, great action and interesting characters.  Plus a side of things we never see anywhere, the Native American perspective.

  28. I’ve been picking this up in trade and just got volume 4 that I need catch up on.  This is a great series.

    @ato220: I heard the Aaron had plans to go to issue #60 so we’ll have to see if DC/Vertigo will renew after #48.

  29. Best series at Vertigo right now.

  30. I read volume one of Scalped. It is ok. Not very impressed. I won’t sell it on Ebay until I reread it again cuz I didn’t drop it.

  31. Best comic on the stands, hands down.

  32. Josh, you certainly deserve some level of credit for the title’s readership.  I mean because, YOU JUST WON’T SHUT UP ABOUT IT!  (Hahaha!!  JOKE!)  
    Yes, Scalped is good. I’m slowly making my way through the trades. 
  33. (Hmmm…Google Crome did something funny to my text above. It _really_ makes it look like I’m shouting.  I guess back to Firefox for me.)

    Again, keep reading Scalped everyone!

  34. Soooooooo awesome.  

  35. Awesome news. This may be my favorite book on the stands right now. Every single issue has been amazing.

  36. This is awesome news. My current favourite book.

    As far as others here talking about other (possibly better selling) titles getting canceled, yet Scalped gets extended – I’d have to chalk it up to Vertigo’s history and their ability to trust a title when it starts to get a bit of steam. This series has definitely improved in sales as it’s moved forward and the trades are extremely strong sellers – and will continue through and past the life of the series once it has ended. Same formula has worked for a ton of other Vertigo series, i.e. Preacher, Sandman, Transmetro, Y, 100 Bullets, etc.

    And don’t forget that trades are a great tool, that allow ppl the opportunity to hop onto a title monthly after getting caught up through trades – plus, those that do often go back after and buy the trades they don’t have to complete a series after it’s done. Essentially spending more $. Slow and steady but it works.

    Funny too, as I just talked a stranger at my LCS into getting the first 2 trades for Scalped, Northlanders, and Preacher. The guy wanted to branch off of superhero stuff finally – and I couldn’t believe when he said he doesn’t pay attention to Vertigo and had never even read Preacher. I talked a big game for those 3 titles, but didn’t expect him to drop near $80 that day. Needless to say I saw the guy again this week and he loved everything, he was even picking more tpb’s up. A Vertigo fan is born. 

  37. Re: Scalped vs. Capt. Britain – Scalped hung around because the trades did well.  I buy alot of Vertigo stuff in trades, but Marvel in all singles.  I think alot of people are probably similar.

  38. Another year will be great! Love this series. Does it have an ending that he is working toward or is it an on-going 4eva.