Game Teaser: Young Bruce Grapples with Deathstroke in ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’

As previously reported, the next game in the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City cycle is this October’s Batman: Arkham Origins. The game stars a young Bruce Wayne (not voiced by Kevin Conroy) as Gotham’s fledgling protector during one particularly harrowing winter. Beset by world-class assassins, the Batman traverses an interactive Gotham bustling with crooks and innocents alike. His primary concern, of course, is the increasingly ubiquitous Deathstroke. Seriously, this dude is everywhere these days.


We’re promised a full trailer next week, but until then, here’s a tease of Bruce and Slade’s first dance. Keep in mind, this is a cinematic trailer and does not necessarily reflect in-game visuals. Actually, let’s say it certainly doesn’t.

Between this and Grand Theft Auto 5, not a bad sendoff for the current console generation. To be honest though, I’m still a means more eager about that Metroidvania-style portable companion game launching alongside it.

Batman: Arkham Origins hits the PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii-U on October 25th.


  1. Wow that looks amazing can’t wait till the 20th to see the whole trailer.

  2. I can’t wait to see who the other assassins are going to be. Deadshot seems likely since he was in Arkham City. Lady Shiva would be a cool choice too.

  3. If this was a Youtube series like “Mortal Kombat Legacy” I’d be way more excited. As it stands, Paul Dini didn’t write this, Kenvin Conroy doesn’t voice Batman, and its a prequel; most of which I hate and are just money grabs anyway. Cool video, but I’m not sold on this. Is this game still supposed to set up the Justice League somehow? I remember reading that DC wanted to show that origin instead of a sequel to Arkham City.

    • And the studio that made Arkham 1 and 2 isn’t doing this one. Yes, I’m skeptical as well…It went from “must buy” to “wait and see what reviews say”.

    • Its really a platforming game with a fight mechanic (that originally started off as a rhythm game before being adapted to Arkham), set in a faux-sandbox world. Don’t get me wrong, its tons of fun (I own both and played them both twice over), but its get way more praise than it should.

      Seeing as Warner owns Rocksteady and Warner Interactive are using all the same resources (not reinventing anything), the worst this game could be would be akin to Fallout New Vegas VS Fallout 3, or like Star Wars KOTOR compared to Star Wars KOTOR2. Not as good, but still fun.

      I want a game more like GTA or Red Dead with Batman/DCU, a real true sandbox-style game with a persistent world.

    • See, I would like a tighter, less open, but more engrossing “detective simulator”. Something that drops batman in the middle of an impossible crime, and he has to solve it using clues. Limited combat involved, more puzzle oriented death traps, and more solving crimes.

      That’s the great thing about Batman….he’s such a versatile character.

    • I’d be fine with a bigger environment, maybe 20% more than Arkham City’s space. Although I have to say the puzzles were my favorite part of the Arkham games, while the combat was lacking in the first game. The second was much,much,much better but still IMO doesn’t convey the fact that Batman was mastered several different fighting techinques. Itd be a nice compromise if the game let you play as more than 2 different characters in the campaign, then at least I would get the variety I want. So many things about this game just turn me off immediately, like the fact that it’s a prequel. They’re almost always terrible for me.

      That’s an interesting point about KOTOR 2 and KOTOR 1, tho I hope that doesn’t happen as KOTOR 2 disappointed me on many levels despite some fun moments.

      If you think about it, this is a good year for DC fans as we got “Injustice Gods Among Us” and this coming out in the fall. That’s something at least. If it can at least match “IGAU” in terms of quality (yes I know they’re in different game genres) I’ll be happy.

    • Lego Batman was also a fabulous game. I’m somewhat interested in DC Scribblenauts as well.

      Have you tried the Marvel MMO free to play? They had a beta weekend last weekend. I really really wanted to love it, but I found it so boring!

    • No I didn’t even hear about that! Sounds like that should be cool but I can see how they could muck it up. The last Marvel game I played was “Ultimate Alliance 2” and I was pretty disappointed in that.

      I remembered Lego Batman 2 but couldn’t remember if that came out this year or last. I’ve heard it’s fun tho, but I’m still working on getting 100% on Lego Batman 1. I don’t have a WiiU so I don’t think I’ll play DC Scribblenauts.

    • Not eveything that has Dini and/or Conroy in it was good either. To be honest, I am kinda worn out on all the hype those two still get. Yes, BTAS was great (for its time), but most of Dinis Batman comics were mediocre (the only truly great thing was Heart Of Hush, in my opinion) and Conroy does phone his Batman in for the last few years (I loved him in the role until JL Unlimited reached its ending, after that, I really started to dislike his voice. Bruce Greenwood does a much better and fresher Batvoice, for example).
      I, for one, have high hopes for this game. Rocksteady was also an unknown quantity when they developed Arkham Asylum. That they got rid of Dini and Conroy doesn’t bother me at all, as I have elaborated. New blood is a good thing. Don’t want the series to get stale.

    • I respectfully disagree with everything you just said, @ShallBecomeabat.

      Paul Dini is a fantastic Bat-writer, and I found all of his comic stories very entertaining and quentiessential Batman. They didn’t reinvent the wheel but were good stories, however I’ll let that point go to personal tastes. Kevin Conroy phoning in his voice? When, his few cameos on “Batman:the Brave and the Bold”, and “Injustice” (which I thought was fine and helped sell the story of a fighting game)? Bruce Greenwood is passible, however we’ve yet to see him develop a voice for both Bruce Wayne and Batman while Kevin Conroy nailed that since day 1. Greenwood also has less experience (“Young Justice”, and “Under the Red Hood”). How have chucking 3 important factors in the last games success (Developer, Writer, Lead Actor) been seen as a step forward? We’re not talking about about Star Wars here, we’re talking about 2 engrossing games with a huge cliffhanger, to which we’ll probably never see a resolution to. This franchase (the Arkham games) is barely 7 years old, that’s not a long time for a property to get stale.

      If they want to make a new series with a new lead actor, then Im good with that. Scrapping things when they’re good and starting over does not fill me with elation.

      I’m sorry if I went over board there, but those are my honest thoughts.

  4. I want to get excited about this game. I really do, but with the change in developer and the fact that it’s a prequel, it’s got me a bit cautious. I have high hopes, but I’m going to have to wait until the reviews start coming in to make my decision. And pre-rendered cut-scenes are pretty, but they don’t really matter. Show us some gameplay. Not that the trailer isn’t really cool. Batman vs Deathstroke is always going to be epic.

  5. When did Deathstroke become such a wimp. He should be tearing through an inexperienced Batman like Bruce was made of tissue paper.

    • This is just a shot in the dark but is it possible that in this universe Deathstroke is also just starting out and maybe not as badass as he is currently?

  6. I too am worried about this game since so much of it is new in regards to behind the scenes. But if they stick to the same principles as the first two games I can’t see how they can go wrong. Not having Conroy though is a bit strange though.

  7. Avatar photo OutsideFringe (@OutsideFringe) says:

    The two Arkham games so far have both been amazing. I hope they can keep it up. That being said, this trailer features the level of graphical fidelity I want in the next cycle of consoles, although I imagine there’s about as much chance of that happening as there is of me becoming Batman.