Game of Thrones Comic from Dynamite & Bantam in September

If you've watched the HBO series Game of Thrones, adapted from the George R.R. Martin books, you've very likely fallen in love like millions of others, and even stared, mouth agape, at the screen when that thing happened. Well, there were several things, but you get my point.

Now comics will have their shot to adapt the story from the novels. The Game of Thrones comics will be sold montly from Dynamite Entertainment, and packaged into graphic novels by Bantam Books. The issues will be adapted and scripted by Daniel Abraham, and illustrated by Tommy Patterson. Covers will be provided by Mike S. Miller and a guy you might have heard of, Alex Ross. Abraham is a novelist, who has already adapted Martin's Fevre Dream novel into comic form. You can see Tommy Patterson's art in BOOM!'s Farscape series, or The Warriors adaptation from Dynamite. Alex Ross did a little book called Kingdom Come. Other cover artist Mike S. Miller did work on another Martin adaptation of Hedge Knight, and work for Image, Marvel, and DC.

Look for the first issue in September 2011.

I have to assume that Phil Noto was not available, because he's been doing wonderful work, and it was just for fun!


  1. HOLY $#!+!!! I was just wishing for a news like this for 2 weeks now after that wonderful first season of Game of Thrones. It’s a shame Phil Noto wasn’t tapped as the artist for it though…

  2. So to be clear, this has nothing to do with the show? Its adapting the novels from the start like the show?

  3. @Suicidalkangarooz  That’s what the press release lead me to believe.

  4. Phil Noto’s art makes me happy.

  5. Patterson’s sketches of Tyrion and Jon Snow are on ComicsAlliance. I’m glad that he’s going with his own interpretation of what the characters look like and not the actors’ likenesses.

  6. I’ll look into trades, get my fix at one time, but will wait for a few preview pages to decide.

    and, dear mr noto, you rock. that is all.

  7. Way to minimize the great cover by Alex Ross!

    Still Phil Noto’s art is pretty bitchin. 

  8. If you are dying for a Thrones fix check out the Hedge Knight vol 1 and 2. Some old-school Seven Kingdoms action in those.

  9. As cool as that picture of Jon Snow is, I find it slightly hard to believe he’d be wearing the skin of his direwolf.

  10. I am not a fan of Patterson’s art. I stopped read Farscape because the art was relatively weak. Further, I would rather he didn’t draw the characters like their TV counterparts.

  11. I love Noto’s GoT sketches.  I would buy this book if he were doing it.

  12. @Nordh beat me to it.  Hedge Knight is some serious good stuff. Set in the same world, but you don’t need that knowledge to like them (I didn’t).

  13. I wish Noto would sell prints of the sketches he puts on his Tumblr. They’re amazing.

    A GoT comic book is exciting news – I might actually be able to convince more of my friends to start reading comics when it comes out.