G.I. JOE COBRA Promoted To On-Going Series

G.I. Joe Cobra II #4Last year, G.I. Joe: Cobra came out of nowhere to rock our worlds. That four issue mini-series was so good it earned two Picks of the Week (for #1 and #3) and one Book of the Month (for the collection).

IDW Publishing rode that success to a follow-up mini-series this year that, so far, as been just as good as the original.

And now it seems that, just as they did with the other surprisingly good and surprisingly successful mini-series, G.I. Joe: Origins, IDW has upgraded G.I. Joe: Cobra to an on-going series! Instead of the series ending at G.I. Joe: Cobra #4, it will continue on and there will be a G.I. Joe: Cobra #5.

If this wasn't exciting enough news, Serpentor shows up in the second arc!


  1. Thank you, IDW!  This is without a doubt the title I look forward to the most from the new G.I Joe line.

  2. Ok, Ihave to go get that trade of the first series now. I want to jump in this while I can!

  3. Kaboomerang!

  4. This is excellent news. I am very happy I gave G.I. Joe: Cobra a chance after incorrectly assuming it was exactly like the cheesy cartoon from my youth.

  5. Kaboomerang indeed.

  6. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Saw this earlier.  There will be a new artist(s), but as long as the writing continues to be great, I’m all for it.

  7. Will this fill the hole in my heart that Checkmate’s cancelation left?

  8. Awesome! I hope they can maintain the quality.  I look forward to reading this every month!

  9. Same creators?

  10. thumbs up

  11. So will it be G.I. Joe Cobra II #5? or are they just gonna drop the II and make my anal-retentive organizational mind burst. (Kaboomerang!!)

  12. Hell Yeah!

  13. Gage has been doing amazing work on this!

  14. YES! Thanks to Conor again for introducing me to this book when he made it POW.  Easily one of the best books of 2009 and with this news hopefully 2010 as well. 😉

  15. Yep, kaboomeranged indeed!

  16. Nice.

    I didn’t love the first book as much as everyone else. Although it was still a kick-ass book to read. Waiting for trade for this….well ‘series’ now, since I have to call it that. 

  17. This had to happen, this book is too good to just have it as a mini-series.

     Can’t wait to see what happens as the story progresses.

  18. Yo Joe!

  19. Well I kaboomeranged at this kaboomeranging

  20. Awesome.  Can they make Serpentor seem less ridiculous/useless?

  21. This is good…Bring on Nemesis Enforcer and Burgess Meredith!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I was just thinking the other day how they should make this an ongoing, especially considering how good it is and how mediocre I hear the regular title is.

  23. I was just thinking that I don’t remember you guys talking about the second series as much as the first. I’m glad to hear it is just as good. Serpentor? I was just enjoying how much teasing out it took for them to show us Tomax and Xamot in the same room.

  24. @leonard: Talked about the first issue here.

  25. Awesome awesome news! I’ve worried that going to an ongoing might lead the an eventual dip in quality, but so far after all I’ve read I plan on reading the series until it proves otherwise.

  26. This is fantastic!! I kinda figured it was going to happen please.

  27. Ecstatic!!!!!!!

  28. Isn’t it sort of weird that G.I. Joe Origins became a ongoing because it was so great and now Cobra is becoming an ongoing because it’s so great. But how about the original ongoing, which doesn’t seem as great…