Five Minute THOR Trailer From SDCC Leaked

If you're on the internet right now then you know that the five minute Thor San Diego Comic-Con presentation footage has been leaked.

Maybe you saw it here (nope). Or here (not anymore).

Or you can try here.

Or maybe not.

We saw it. It's fantastic.


  1. The last bit is my very favorite.

  2. I for one am super excited about the Asgardian Gort.

  3. WOW.

  4. Oh man that is going to be all kinds of epic win. Can not wait. 

  5. By the gods…!

  6. Link wont work for me. But I found it here -

  7. It’s 1 AM, I should not have watched that before bed……..drat

  8. Odin’s eye!  That looks bad ass.

  9. Thou didst not reckon with the might of Thor, knave! 



  10. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    @ thedudevondoom lol I thought the exact same thing!


  12. Wow. That was pretty damn cool.

  13. I have not been this excited for a comic book movie since the first Spider-Man.

  14. That was A LOT better than I expected.  I had doubts about the Thor movie, but after seeing that, I’m excited.

  15. That.. still seemed kind of hokey to me. I like Thor a lot, but the Asgardian scenes and costumes still seem kind of lame in live action. They’re very, very well done, and as good as you could expect… but I just think that the source material is a little too visually divergent from what we’re used to seeing for it to work. It looks like people wearing elaborate Halloween costumes. Maybe it has something to do with seeing their whole faces.

  16. Ah-mazing.

  17. while i liked the trailer a lot and it makes thor seem like a really nice film, i don’t like it as a comic adaptation.

    i know the whole sci-fi stuff is more kirbyesque, but i had hoped for a design that resembles coipel’s recent work more. the huge fortress-city with those norse looking fellas, not some shiny klingon wannabes. 

  18. OK, that was much, much, much better than expected. I am ready to see this movie NOW!

  19. Klaatu barada nikto! lol. That was awesome. Loved the fly-by of Asgard. Kirby would have (probably) smiled.

  20. That Video Clip Sold me on THOR.

  21. This looks great, can’t say I saw one thing I didn’t like. The brief clips of Thor fighting while wielding Mjolnir and the last part where the best.

    Can’t wait.

  22. I knew this would be good! Hopkins is such a great choice as Odin, it’s not funny, this is my most anitipated film of next year for sure.

  23. Mainstream audiences won’t give a crap. This won’t make any more money than Hellboy 2 did.

  24. With each Image and/or clip that comes out about this movie…I look less and less forward to it. 

  25. Actually looks surprisingly brilliant! Thank fuck no one asked Hopkins to do an accent:

  26. I was very skeptical about this from everything else I’ve seen…not anymore.

    Was that Ultron at the end…? Or am I missing something? 

  27. No, that was The Destroyer armor. It’s indestructible and magic.

  28. Oh right, cheers, that makes much more sense!

    Youtube link for the trailer thing: 

  29. That was insane.  I’ll never trust promotional pics again.

  30. Please god let the Captain America leak too and be this awesome!!!!

  31. My God that was amazing! Didn’t think much looking at the stills but this has really changed my mind on Thor.

  32. My doubts flew right out the goddamned window! This movie looks epic and awesome. I’ll never doubt the Marvel braintrust again (yes I will).

  33. I checked out a few minutes of it. Looks good. The stills don’t do it justice.

  34. OMG! That was AMAZING!!! Thanks Conor! Now I have to find some Thor comics, anyone know of any good ones?

  35. I want to go to there.

  36. The Asgardian scenes didn’t seem to have a lot of weight like the Shakespearean stuff Branagh built his life on. I am on the fence and leaning toward not gonna see it, maybe another trailer will convince me.

  37. screaming donald blake followed by random explosion=win


  39. Any doubt about this movie has just been erased.

  40. There is only joy. That was indescribably sweet.

    I, for one, am really glad that they ditched the whole Donald Blake transformation. Just dropping a powerless Thor on Earth makes for a better contrast than being trapped in the body of a human. Plus, y’know, more ass kicking.

  41. He’s really not big, just tall. 


    Other than him being too small, it looks good.

  42. Hmm, better than I thought it would be.

  43. Good preview. Story seems kind of weak though. Movie-goers unfamiliar with Thor may consider this a hard sell. 

    What do you all think the perceived success of this film will be?

    According to Box Office Mojo the first Iron Man domestic gross was $318 million. The sequel pulled $311 million. For Incredible Hulk it was $134 million. @fnord Hellboy 2 pulled $75 million.

    Thor will be the first big comic book movie of 2011 and probably the first "summer" movie as well (even though it’s out in May). By that logic the elevator probably starts around $75 million for the opening weekend. Thor would then have a few weeks until the next big blockbusters come for Memorial Day weekend. 

    Will the Thor movie be Iron Man big or Incredible Hulk big? Time willth tell.  

  44. @Preacher, would you prefer a pro wrestler or body builder who’s never acted get the part, or do Thor in all CGI like the Hulk just so he LOOKS as big as he does in the comics?  Had they gone that route people would be watching this movie and laughing at it like they do with the original Conan movies.  They did the right thing and cast an actor and then bulked him up.

  45. It looks pretty ok, but i wonder how accessible it will be to non comic readers (aka 90% of the movie going public)? Will cosmic Vikings pass "The Girlfriend Test?"

  46. @Smasher: I think this movie will split the difference between Hulk and Iron Man, approx $250Million.  I think for the casual movie fan, the visuals of the Thor trailer look much better than Hulk.  (I think the CGI of the big green guy turn a lot of people off.)  It’s got Natalie Portman as the love interest, which I think will draw the ladies in.  (Not to mention the eye candy of Thor himself.)  Those are all positives.  At the same time, Thor is not as well known as Iron Man, nor does the movie have someone with big marquee name,  like Robert Downey Jr or Ed Norton., in the main role.  That’s going to reduce some interest in the movie.

  47. @ctroseir i think the film will be marketed to be an avengers film. that one line alone, is it one of starks, well get some people in because of it’s conections to iron man.

  48. @ctrosejr

    $250 million would be a great haul for Goldie-Locks. 


    If "Cosmic Vikings" becomes a catchphrase, this movie’s doomed 🙂

  49. He’s too small? Oh, internet, you never fail to disappoint.

    Looks great. It would be fun to have a scene where they bring Iron Man in to try and lift the hammer. Just a little cameo.

  50. Did that show to much?

  51. I just saw the trailer and it went from being a "meh" movie in my mind to HIGHLY ANTICIPATED. 

  52. aaaaand….they’re gone. Fuck.

  53. Can’t wait.  This movie looks awesome.

  54. found a faster loading site here:

    Fuuuuuuuuukc! This looks incredible. Wish the Cap teaser would leak.

  55. @mrpopular: I’ll grant you they showed one plot point I’d rather not have known, but I assume that if they showed it, they don’t think the surprise is crucial to the experience of the film.

  56. I’ve seen links to it on and bleedingcool as well if the links above don’t work.

  57. Bearded Thor= Kick ass , and now I think I’m in love with Lady Sif

  58. This looks so awesome!

  59. you can still find it at this youtube link:

  60. @Malecema.


    You people confuse MUSCLE with bulk.  Not the same.  Thor is a GOD.  He should be a BIG guy.  I don’t care if he’s built like Arnold, but he should have a physically commanding presence.  This KID, and Mamoa, DO NOT.  They’re just skinny guys who put on some muscle.  He may be a great actor, he may have blonde hair and a beard, but he’s not built like Thor.  He’s built like some H’wood fad that cut out carbs and drank muscle milk for   a couple months before filming.

  61. Was that the Iron Man music in the background, or are they using the same composer for these films? Other than that, the movie looks like it could be fun, but I guess more time, and footage, will tell.

  62. @Preacher: And he looks great.

  63. @Preacher: I agree 100% that he should have a commanding presence, but don’t think we can tell that  from the trailer one way or the other.  You can’t have a weenie or a slob playing Thor, but at the same time it’s a character that you can’t sacrifice performance with just to satisfy the physical requirements, a bad actor playing him would turn the movie into a joke.

  64. @mcbaker–its extremely common if not normal to take music from another movie of the same genre/style/director or producer team and use it in trailers for a new film with a similar audience. Film scores are one of the last pieces of the movie to get put together. its also psychological thing… they hope people connect the dots and become interested in the new movie cause of the familiar music.

  65. Niiiice.  Hopkins is killing in this flick, and it’s all about the voice.  He’s getting to be as awesome as Ian McKellan, Paul Scofield, Brian Blessed (most of which are cronies of Branagh, you know) and even Alan Rickman.

    I have to hand it to Branagh for having the guts to try this, considering that he doesn’t do so well outside of his usual Shakespearean milieu.  Then again, the whole Asgardian drama is quite Shakespearean when you think about it.  Especially Loki, who’s rather Iago-esque by nature…

  66. Giant mech suits, remote controlled robots and now a tall, blond guy; it seems like everyone is making Shield agents look like mall cops these days…

  67. That movie looks TITS.

  68. Amazing is the word to describe this trailer.

  69. @wallythegreenmonster – Yeah, I know, I was just curious if my mind was inventing that or if it could really be the same music, and others heard it, too. The footage is pretty early, so I know the music, sound and special effects, may not be what they would for the finalized version. I wasn’t judging it on those, just a bit curious, I guess.

  70. This looks great, never thought I would be pumped for a Thor movie.

  71. sick wit it…

  72. looks a lot better than I thought it would, kinda excited now!!! 

  73. I am so pumped for this. @Preacher your ridiculous

  74. Thor is about the same height as Tony Stark or Cap in the coimcs and his arms are pretty substantial in the move. I mean..the actor looks perfect for the part.

    I’m just not sold on the armor.

    Plus, This trailer didn’t affect me near as much as the Iron Man Trailer..but then again Robert Downey played a large part in my hype lvl for that movie. Kenneth Branagh and a love for Thor from the Avenger is all that is keeping me interested at the moment.

  75. And by sold on the armor I mean…it doesn’t translate well to live action. It looks perfect compared to the books. (Although i prefer sleeveless Thor)

  76. Looks awesome! I can’t wait!

  77. Heimdal’s eyes are effin cool!  And that look from Odin, when he looks off into space wearing hid BADASS helmet!  This movie cant come out soon enough. AND they fixed the eyepatch.

  78. A Thor movie runs the risk of being very corny and cheesy, but this looks to have the perfect tone. I would definitely check this out.

  79. Damn, that looks good.  Not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this — the trailer was gripping from start to finish and seemed to have just the right mix of down-to-earth and otherworldly.