First Look: Steve Epting on Fantastic Four: Three

New series artist Steve Epting is on board for Fantastic Four #583, on sale September 22. They say one will fall in this story, hence the "Three."

Feast your eyes and such…




  1. Boom, Sold!  not that i needed motivation to buy this series anyway. I honestly gasped and whispered "the gate" when Val mentioned the machine Reed built.

  2. OK, for the first time, I’m happy they’ve put Steve Epting on FF.  This looks great.

  3. And I must say, I really love the coloring and the modern Kirby crackle in these images.

  4. very very cool 🙂 

  5. Second page is bringing me to the third. Just a heads up.

    Yeah that discussion with Val is more then enough for me to pick this up.

  6. Oh man, Herbies a goner!!! I know it’ll be him!

    Oh wait, that still leaves four on the team.  Hmmmm…it’s harder guessing that I first thought.

  7. God damn I miss Steve Epting. I have never read a single FF issue but this one might be my first.

  8. Whos doing colors? Is it still Mounts?

  9. Damn it.  I was literally gonna drop FF from my pull list at my LCS tomorrow.  This is making me rethink my decision.


    the Tiki 

  10. I would be really excited about this, but Hickman has taken it in a direction that I have little interest in.  Just haven’t enjoyed it at all since the first arc.  So even though I love Epting, I say no!

  11. It seems like Marvel is just shuffling in and out the top talent that will work on FF.  There is a love that we Bronze age kids have for Marvels First Family.  Millar, Hitch, Hickman and to an extent Waid all wanted to put their stamp on FF.  But they all pale to the Lee/Kirby run that set the standard for a creative team.  I think the Byrne run was very influential for a number of todays FF creators.  The Epting effect reaches the Richards family!!!!

  12. That page with Doom on his throne could quite possibly be the best Epting work I’ve ever seen.

  13. Looking good

  14. Looks great.  I do with, even though it seems to fit okay with the mood, that Epting’s artwork wasn’t always colored so darkly.  I just like my FF a little brighter, I guess.

  15. Kristoff is returning!  Loved his story line when I was a kid.  Time to dig through my back issues for some refreshing.

  16. Great looking pages, anyone else think the cover is reminiscent of Alan Davis?

  17. @colossus – that’s cuz it is Davis. 😉

  18. I’ll be honest: these pages look great, but… while I think Hickman’s a very clever writer, I don’t always think he hits the mark in terms of storytelling. I stuck out FF for a bit, but while the initial arc was really good, subsequent arcs haven’t landed as well. I’d love to give this a shot with Epting — it really looks great — but I think I’m gonna pass.

  19. Ah, that explains it.  I was looking at it thinking "I think Epting is doing a super-spot on Davis homage, I didn’t know he was such a huge fan."  Thanks for clearing up, I thought they were all SE.