First Look: Marvel’s Phase One Box Set Offers a Sneak Peek at ‘Ant-Man’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and More

If you’re anything like me, you already own each of the films in Marvel’s Phase One batch of blockbusters on Blu-ray except for Iron Man 2. You might even own Iron Man in that plastic case shaped like his helmet, which sounded really cool at the time, but is now something of a storage nuisance.


Anyway, you can now own all of those movies again, plus some faux S.H.I.E.L.D. documents in a little Rocket Raccoon size attache case in the aptly named Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled (10-Disc Limited Edition Six-Movie Collector’s Set). In all seriousness, the bonus material looks smartly designed, and it all seems like a wonderful celebration of an improbably entertaining film world few of us dared dream possible just a few short years ago. It also looks like it opens up portals to other dimensions.

For today’s purposes though, let’s take a look at the set’s bevy of new images from the set of Thor 2: The Dark World and the pre-production stages of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ant-Man. Images come courtesy of Comic Book Movie Dot Com, who also have a full video of the extended preview.

Of note: A better idea as to what Rocket Raccoon might look like in the film, concept art of Falcon and Bucky in his Winter Soldier guise, and another look at Ant-Man from Wright’s test reel.

























  1. Do I see a Hulk-buster suit?!
    Stoked for Guardians and Ant-man.
    That test footage was amazing

    • Oh that’s totally a Hulk buster suit, I looked right passed it then looked again and saw the helmet of it and noticed the colors. Sweet!!!

  2. The Ant-Man stuff looks great. I highly recommend checking out the video for the few seconds of test footage near the end.

  3. I will go and see the next Iron Man, Thor and Avengers movies.

    But I’m most excited about the Winter Soldier movie (Falcon!).

    The possibilities of the Ant-Man and GotG franchises seem like they could be great fun.

    Microverse? Negative Zone?

  4. That Rocket Racoon image looks ridiculous enough to work

    • He’s not a Raccoon damnit!!! Cosmic thing if ya don’t know, it’s not ridiculous, it’s bold and all the more reason it has to work. Most studios these days would axe that character or one like him for a live action, he’s gonna be great.

    • Agreed, he’s going to be mint. Pretty sure he is a raccoon though.

  5. There’s another one currently doing the ’rounds on the interwebs:

    Civvies Steve with Shield fighting awesome-robot-arm Bucky? Aye, you’ll do for me.

  6. Am I the only one who gets a Silverhawks vibe when it comes to MCU Falcon?

  7. filippod (@filippodee) says:

    616 comics’ Captain America costume has been a mess since the Avengers movie. I look at the Falcon movie shots and the only thing I can think is: “another classic costume they are going to ruin in the transition back to the main universe”.

  8. Aw crap. Am I gonna have to buy all of this AGAIN?? *sigh*

  9. So ant man is looking like a Lord Zed / Ultron mash up