FIRST LOOK: Captain America Photos from Entertainment Weekly

There's your Cap right there.

This week's Entertainment Weekly will give us our first glimpse at Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Fine. I'll go see it.

UPDATE: Hey, Paul here. Just got my copy of the issue in the mail. And well. They came with tickets to the gun show. And the Shoulder show. And the chest show. Because…


Chris Evans, reporting for duty:



A fuzzy Stanley Tucci as Dr. Erskine (top, center); and Hugo Weaving as Johann Schmidt. And that's as much as we'll be seeing of Red Skull's cheekbones for right now.


Some HYDRA soldiers out for a ride in the park.



In the top left we see Evans in his dress greens with Major Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell); below that a shot of Heinz Kruger (Richard Armitage) in a HYDRA submarine; and another look at Steve's initial combat uniform (before Howard Stark fits him for the high-tech costume seen on the cover), including his original 1.0 pre-vibranium shield.

Is it next July yet?


  1. Looks great! I’m very excited to check this out when it hits my mailbox tomorrow.

    And I know that Peter Jackson has lost some weight since LOTR, but that picture tells me that he may have gone too far.

  2. I gotta say he looks good as Cap.  Hardly looks like Chris Evans at all just looks like Steve Rogers. 

  3. I can dig that.  Still think of him as Johnny Storm though…

  4. I expected him to be a little more blonde-haired. What else says America more than blonde-haired, blue-eyed WWII soldier?

  5. Costume looks very WWII, and very worn, which is nice.

  6. What little we see of the costume here looks great. It looks like a proper costume, not some crazy leather gimpsuit. Excited for more pictures, hopefully an action shot of two.

    Will reserve proper judgment til I’m watching him punch a Nazi in the face, of course.

  7. I’m sold 😀

  8. Salute! 

  9. looks surprisingly good. 

  10. From the picture, he seems to have the gavitas needed for the role, on screen though, we’ll have to wait and see

  11. That looks pretty impressive.  If the rest of the film gives off the vibe that image does I’ll love it.

  12. I was thinking the same thing. The vibe is right.  I can almost believe that chap is a WWII soldier.  In my opinion the biggest thing the movie will have to overcome is the recent (last 5 to 10 years) outpouring of WWII and comic book movies.  I think most people are going to have a hard time with the combination of the two that this movie represents.  Good luck to Whedon.

  13. Yes! This looks awesome

  14. Hey he looks great!

    The make up and new hairstyle, the uniform, and the shield all really work together.

    Makes me almost forget those crazy, hobbit like fake feet he has to wear in a scene.

  15. @doyleclark – which WWII movies in the last 5-10 years are you talking about?

  16. "Now for this shot Steve, can you give us a pout-pout face?  Like Red Skull stole your lollipop." say the photographer.

  17. Why does Captain America have a shield? It seems a little unnecessary. None of the other soldiers got super serum and a shield. makes Cap look like a pansy compared to the other kids out there in the trenches.  

  18. Yes sir, that right there is pretty damn awesome. 

  19. Looks good but I love how the caption calls Cap the hot new superhero. Do they know he’s been around since 1941 right?

  20. @ Patman2

    The caption calls him Hollywood’s hot new superhero.  That’s true.

  21. @Bornin1142 – True, But I stand by my previous statement.

  22. Lookin good. The facial expression is distracting me though. I feel like Cap wants a smoochie.

    Sorry Steve, I don’t kiss until at least the second viewing.

  23. Fuck photoshop, making everyone look like wax people.

  24. Looks good. Would like to see the helmet or mask though. Very ultimates inspired costume.

  25. OMG! OMG! OMG!
    Looks a HELL of alot better and makes me loads more excited than the Green Lantern costume!
    I love this! And Thor! Marvel knows how to put a character on the big screen. DC should take notes.

  26. I’m in.

  27. Even if nothing else about the film works, at least it appears the casting was right. 

  28. This looks prettyg damned awesome. The battle worn sheild is the cherry on top.

  29. Looks a bit frat boyish whereas I always envisioned Steve with a crew cut.  Pretty good though.  We’ll see if he can go toe-to-toe with Downey Jr.

  30. You know what REALLY makes Chris Evans the legit Captain America? The dorky haircut!

  31. Man.  That looks amazing.  While everyone is caught up in steampunk I’ve become a huge fan of atomic-punk.  All those switches and dials!  So pretty!  

     I think they’ve nailed it.  I so can’t wait. 

  32. I’ll have some of what Evans is having! wow he muscled up!

  33. Well, I’m a fatty.

  34. Can I giggle? In gonna giggle. Cuz GODDAMN DOES THAT LOOK LIKE CAP!

  35. Holy shit this looks so god damn good.

  36. Well damn… those pictures look fantastic. Guess I’ll be seeing it now

  37. I’ve been way too emotionally attached to Captain America to have an opinion before now that was more than half-hopeful nervousness, but… these are awesome.  I hope this is in my mailbox when I get home.

  38. That smile in the second picture sells me on the whole movie. 

  39. Darn they have a picture of him in WWII uniform, that’s my one weakens.  But really what the hell is up with that picture of him on the cover?

  40. It looks good to me. Great period setting. I want to see how he handles the action/dramatic moments. I kind of want to see the transformation from wide-eyed naiive Chris Evans to grim reality of war Captain America.

  41. These new pics really do look good….better than expected. I hope that Red Skull actually looks like he’s supposed to at some point instead of just being a dude’s codename. 

  42. Sold! Doubts, fear and uncertainty are wiped away!

  43. Sorry! Still not seeing Captain America here. Even buffed up Evans isn’t him, and the suit is double jeopardy, maybe they will change it by the end of the movie. NOT!

  44. Looks pretty good, but are we not getting nazis? Even Red Skull appears to have a Hydra badge on his uniform. Still I’m excited.

  45. ohmygod! ohmygod! ohmygod! *swoon* *faint*

  46. @LBolt: I *think*…. it *appears*… don’t quote me on this… but it looks like from what we’ve seen is that they are going to same route that AVENGERS: EARTH’S MIGHTIEST HEROES! is taking – with Hydra replacing the Nazis.

  47. WOW! I got a good feeling about this!

    That Evans guy is pretty good looking!

  48. Awesome. The look is great.

  49. Hugo Weaver is so prefect for that roll. The dude just looks evil, plus he has a great menacing voice and demeanor. if anyone could play a purely evil supervillian it’s him. He could also make a great Dr. Doom, i think 


    I’m excited but i feel like the sets look a little silly 


    @Josh: WWII movies of the last 5-10 years:  Valkyrie, Defiance, Enemy at the Gates, Pearl Harbor, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Band of Brothers, The Pianist, Letters from Iwo Jima, Flags of Our Fathers, The Counterfeiters. That’s what i could think off the top of my head 

  50. and i really need to work out more… not much more but some 

  51. …Inglourious Basterds

  52. Lets not forget THE PACIFIC from this year, but wrong war.


    I think Hydra is going to be the Red Skull’s personal forces like the Gestapo or the SS.

  53. Looks fantastic!

    Tomdpimp is correct:  Joe Johnston says Hydra will be a nazi military group under the Red Skull’s command.  

  54. @tomdpimp: Same war.

  55. It’s Chris Evans as Jon Hamm as Nathan Fillion as Captain America. 



  56. is it me or do the Hydra agents look more like Cobra agents?

  57. I really like the uniform. They did a good job translating it to the screen.

    Nice touch adding a crew cut onto Agent Smith. I hope to see him with a red skull soon. If done well, it’d look really unsettling.

    Since we see the Hydra logo on Red Skull and his goons, does that mean they’ll be no Nazis?

  58. the first shots were too early to say i was "nervous" but didnt love what i saw, these however look amazing

  59. I still worry that this movie will be as bad or worse than the Matt Salinger movie of the 80s .Lord I hope I am wrong .

  60. Okay. It’s official. I’m SUPER EXCITED!!!!

  61. Chris Evans IS Steve Rogers.

    My favourite picture is definitely the one with Evans’ back to the camera and the golden age shield, that image would make a great poster.

  62. I’m sorry but why is Marvel being so sheepish at using Nazi’s for this film?

    Captain America fought Nazi’s. Trying to use any other group to represent a war sorta just seems pretty stupid. I mean if you want to use Hydra, then let them be like……a secret group that funded the Nazi’s or something. Not (as it seems like right now) THE group who is part of the Axis.

    Hollywood in general, unless you’re Quentin Tarantino, seems to be scared to even let someone say ‘Nazi’s’ in a WWII film. Which is so retarded considered how so many generations during and after the war heard it so much. 

  63. All I’m saying is:

    Captain America punched Hitler in the face…..constantly it seemed.

    Not random Hydra agents (at least during the war) 

  64. The magazine cover and the last picture are just great.


  65. Seriously can’t wait for this movie to come out…


  66. This could end up being my favorite of the Marvel films if all goes well. Love this so far.

  67. All my childhood dreams just came to fruition! This looks great and that shield…shew, that shield. I am confused as well as to why every one tip-toes around the word "nazi’s" as of late.

    But overall, i’m EXTREMELY pleased with what i’m seeing. I was probably the most sceptic person on earth as to whether Evan’s could pull this off! He’s played an arrogant ASS in everything thus far, and that isn’t MY Steve Rogers! But his visage, posture, and visual dimeanor seem to have appropriately shifted to fit the part, and i COULD NOT be more excited!!

  68. God damn!! I can’t get over how amazing this looks!! I am so excited!!!! I just have 1 question….Why can’t Green Lantern look this f’n good?!
    Marvel has done it again!! Take notes DC!

  69. Not a Marvel guy, but i’m looking forward to seeing this one..

  70. They had me at "Hydra".

  71. I have to say, I really love the first non-cover pic.  It’s very evocative of a certain time, oh hell, who cares it’s a cute guy with no shirt on.  I can always get behind that.  I’m actually looking forward to this but the cover is kind of goofy looking.

  72. These look awesome! I’m still not 100% sold until I see Cap hurl that shield like a weaponised frisbee… but I’m damn close just from these pics.

  73. im psyched that they are working both shields into the mix

  74. I want my Nazis.

  75. Gun show indeed!

  76. TheNextChampion "Hollywood in general, unless you’re Quentin Tarantino, seems to be scared to even let someone say ‘Nazi’s’ in a WWII film."

    Didn’t Tom Cruise just play a Nazi and The Reader had Nazis… 

    How many Nazis do you need man?

  77. @TNC-Marvel is not being ‘sheepish’ as you say.  There are at least 4 nations in Europe that have laws regarding/constricting/prohibiting the use of Nazi symbolism.  This movie is going to get played in Europe.  Put yourself in Marvel’s place, do you want to have to deal with European censors or just ‘go around’ the laws and avoid any controversy? 

  78. How do other movies get around this? Are they just not distributed in those countries? Couldn’t they just blue-screen in the emblems, have genuine Nazi ones in most places and Hydra in others?

  79. @mister J–people misunderstand those laws. Nazi’s appear on film in Germany and other media all the time. They allow it in historical applications even if its fiction as long as its not blatantly nationalistic (i.e. Nazi’s as heroic good guys). The Academy award nominated "Downfall" was a German/Austrian production about the last days of Nazi empire.  Those laws are meant to keep neo nazi-ism and that kinda crap under control. 

  80. I just read the EW article and it mentions both Nazis and Hitler in the context of the film, so … everything should be fine.

  81. I think I’m sold.

  82. Production design looks amazing and i really like Chris Evans in everything I’ve ever seen him in. Should be great!

  83. @wally-I know that those laws are written solely to try to keep down Nazi propaganda or symbolism.  And I know that when said symbolism used for ‘historical’ reasons, the laws do not have any effect.  I figured that because the movie was not historical, but rather a fictional yarn set in WWII times that Marvel would err on the side of caution.

  84. Sold, and how perfect is Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, good job there!

  85. I quite like that cover. looks like an old war poster like john bull or uncle sam or whatever. and i’ve also liked Evans in everything i’ve seen of him, but there’s a weird disconnect thinking that jake wyler’s twin brother’s gonna be throwing the shield. can’t wait!

  86. Shirtless Chris Evans, count me in!

    Oh, he fine. 

  87. Nazis really did have the worst haircuts.