FIRST (FULL) LOOK: Costume Design For THOR?

Coming on the heels of the Captain America costume design leak, now we've got his bearded Asgardian buddy Thor! We've already seen a production still of Thor but now we get to see the whole costume design! And Mjolnir!

Assuming this isn't a fake made to capitalize on the Captain America leak, of course.

I like it. It' s a bit more sleek and modern than we're probably used to, but played right it could work. Again, this is an artist's rendering, we've already seen the photograph.

Images were first reported on Collider and the head's up comes from Edward. How 'bout that!


  1. It kinda looks like a business suit.

  2. It grew on me after looking at it objectively…also, it looks a bit Kirby-esque, no?

  3. I’m not sure I like the cape but beyond that it looks good.

  4. I like it. Mjolnir looks badass!

  5. Im digging it

  6. Hey, i live to give. what can i say

  7. It looks alright, but something about the pants is of a little.

  8. It looks like he’s about to show up in Branagh’s Hamlet.

  9. yeah, i don’t really like the pants. they seem out of style with the cape and cheast piece

  10. @Simon: Seconded. He looks like he’s going to a meeting. Avengers meeting?

  11. Dont like it…looks like a bad Las Vegas magicians outfit

  12. Looks very ultimates-ey

  13. looks very plastic-ey

  14. needs a helmet. and i’d have gone with coipiel’s design. they used it for the chest, why not go with armor for the legs, too. i also think the boots look to high techy. just take a closer look at the soles of the boots.

    i know, that marvel’s asgard is actually a science fiction version or at least used to be. but the current thor and asgard pre-siege was as viking as it could get, with the gods looking as dark age vikingy as they should. 

  15. If it’s real the costume is cool, but I’m not sure it’s real because it looks like the head is photoshopped in.  Just compare the hands to the head size, and you’ll see what I see.  Even if it’s just a artists rendering of the actual thing, I’m sold on it.

  16. I hate this picture. This costume looks really tacky to me. I’m not looking at a norse god but rather a gay G.I. Joe.

  17. Thor should never need 2 hands just to hold up his hammer. 

  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I dig it. 

  19. I like it.

    Think it will work great on film, and also who knew the Gods has style. 

  20. Looks good!

  21. I think it looks good.  Remember you are seeing it unlit and without any effects.  I think it will will look great in the film.

  22. I can go with that

  23. The cape looks photoshopped in. Other than that I’m pleased.

  24. No no no no no no no.

  25. There’s something about threads like this that delights me, something about the way it brings out the TLC channel in comic book readers. "No, no! Darling, the pants are all wrong! And that belt?…"

  26. He’s playing a gig with Ynqwie Malmsteem at 9pm.

  27. Yeah, from the waist down it looks a little odd, but I’m sure it’ll work in motion.  Remember the whole X-Men movie costume rants, but that worked out fine.  Certain comic-to-"real-life" transitions always happen, and Marvel Disney has too much riding on these movies to allow major screw-ups.

    Ergo, thumbs up. 

  28. @neb and others–head and cape are def photoshopped in. Its obviously a reference illustration for various production people that need to see how the costume will look….or something that was designed to be "leaked" out to the media to generate buzz. 

    that being said, the costume makes Thor look like he is performing magic shows nightly at an Indian Casino out on some remote interstate. 

  29. I say thee yea! This looks great, nice and simple hitting all the right beats. The cape is gonna be bad ass. Seriously, think about it: besides Supes and Bats, what other movie hero has ever pulled off a cape?   

  30. TeleCarlos – I lol’d.

    Not bad. Kinda dark and not as armor-like as I expected? Where’s the helmet? Wonder if the discs will sort of light up some like in Ultimates…

  31. brilliant!

  32. Looks pretty good.

  33. Arrrggghhh (@Arrrggghhh) says:

    Yea, this look just doesn’t really fit the mythology of the character. It’s too superhero-ish.  
    I would have thought a more Conan-like or historical style would have been more believable.
    I’m hoping that the movie has Thor introduced in Norse style clothing – then after being introduced to the public, he is then given these clothes by S.H.E.I.L.D. — that would make this more bearable.

  34. That costume makes my eyes Thor….

  35. @preacher is this thing on?

  36. It does look a little off at first but after awhile I’m starting to like it.

    Personally I love the cape, that stood out right away for me.

  37. I dig it. I think it’d be perfect if they made the top a little longer for a tunic effect. A thick belt would break it up nicely and fix the "business suit" complaint. And I’m sure we’ll see a helmet in the film. If this is real, it could be worse.

  38. Looks like a bad halloween costume.  I hope this (and the Captain America pics from yesterday) is fake stuff.  This stuff seems to be venturing in Corman Fantastic Four territory. 

  39. Business suit? Where the hell are you guys shopping for your suits?

  40. @droracle: Heimdall’s Big & Tall of Asgard.

  41. Pretty cool.  I like the armor on the arms.  I think it could use a small yellow accent somewhere. 

  42. The pants look kind of weird, but I think it’s just the rendering.  The photo looked better, which makes me think the Cap suit could look even sweeter than it already seems.

  43. Looks like something out of a Halloween custome site.
    Get the "The THOR Deluxe" custome for 59.95

  44. Yeah I pretty much hate this so far.

  45. @Gabe: Yeah it does and that’s why I say they should go all the way and just take out the red cape. It doesn’t blend well with the Ultimate-ish look. As far as I’m concerned if stripped directly from the Ultimate Thor it would be perfect for a realistic approach, but this doesn’t work.

    @JumpingJupiter: Same here.

    @TNC: …really? I mean REALLY? I thought you would be the first in line to hate it. Huh… You think you know some people via webs but I guess I’m wrong.

  46. He needs a pair of Adidas, a pimp’s hat and a thick gold chain to complete the look.

  47. I can dig it as a concept sketch and expect it’s translation into real life to only improve my opinion.

  48. I like it but nothing about this says "Norse God"- "IF" they give him a helmet must have WINGS dammit!

  49. Thor: Mindfreak

  50. Thankyou and Goodnite.

  51. Honestly I think this will work fine. Its truer to the gear he’s worn over the years in print then I thought they’d be. I mean Thor’s original costume is pretty far out with the 6 discs and the red cape. Its also pretty tough to judge this costume so out of context. Seeing how it meshes with the environment set in the film will be the true test.