Fear Itself Teasers: Marvel Says “It’s Either In You Or It’s Not.”

Marvel's been having a great deal of fun with enigmatic teaser images lately, from the hangman style Loeb & McGuinness "_ _ _ _ _ Reborn" notice to these recent silhouette puzzles. 

If you thought Fear Itself's The Worthy took some fashion cues from Tron: Legacy, wait until you see The Mighty. 

Recognize anybody? Some of those redacted characters are more easily identifiable than others. But some of these characters, for sure, are also found in this next campaign entitled "It's Either In You Or It's Not." 

I'm tempted to guess the "It" is electrolytes. But we're almost certain this isn't a Gatorade/Nike tie-in. 

We'll likely see more images in this series, but until then, and until we find out more at San Diego Comic Con, let the speculation begin. 

So, what's the it


  1. The only one I’m having trouble with is the one between Wolverine and Hawkeye. Any ideas?

  2. Shhhh- It’s around the corner.

    IT – seems to be lurking everywhere in Marvel these days between Fear Itself and Schism.

    It is definitely something to be reckoned with.


  3. The “it” is the ability to make a less then steller event book

  4. It’s getting better but still not hitting me like Civil War did

  5. @JesTr  Probably Black Widow, Spider-Woman, Sharon Carter or Jessica Jones.

    I’m wondering if there’s any significance to the colored letters in the single character images? You can almost spell “THE IRON FIST” with the colored letters from his silhouette. 

  6. The Worthy and The Mighty are both downright terrible looking. The only ‘it” those two have is the “it” for me not to be interested.  However, I do like the bottom group of art with Iron Fist, Dr Strange, and Red She Hulk.

    But what is with Red She Hulk’s claws on her arms? And I assume the Mighty have something done to them to signify something happening in the stories.

  7. @MountNJ I think the “claws” are just left over strap from some kind of gloves/gauntlets. They don’t read well in silhouette.

  8. Wow!

    Why not just rip off Green Lantern fully? Someone said at a meeting one day…. 

  9. For those interested, the highlighted letters in each “It’s either in you or it’s not” poster spell words.

    Yellow Words: The Universe Will
    Orange Words: Shut The Engines
    Brown Words: Fight To Save
    Red Words: Everyone You Love

    The orange ones seem a bit strange so far, but it seems the only option. They don’t make much sense yet, but I’m guessing that there’s going to be more teasers released throughout the week, either til friday, or til Sunday, where there’ll be a panel at SDCC explaining it.

  10. @JesTr  I’m guessing mockingbird or spider-woman

  11. Did they plan this event on Tron Legacy’s opening weekend? Thanks for not getting involved Disney.

  12. @RoiVampire  @KenOchalek  My money is on Spider-Woman.

  13. Headline, as skimmed by me: “Fear Itself: Marvel Says ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You.'”

    Very different article.

    This seems odd. It’s like stopping a movie to show a trailer for the third act of that movie.

  14. Jimski-  Good point.


  15. I would really like to see the titles Josh would choose to give this promo images. 😉

  16. Starting to think they’ve actually run out of ideas at the house of…ideas…

  17. I assume that “The Mighty” are receiving some sort of enchanted weapons or something from Odin, given the shots of what looked like forges and stuff in issue 4. Probably why these were not shown until now, because it would take people like 2 minutes to figure out what was going to happen.

  18. There’s a mystical connection for Iron Fist and Dr. Strange. But I’m not sure how that fits with Shred Hulk. I just hope IT doesn’t turn out to be midichlorians.

  19. @TheNextChampion @kidCharlemagne

    Sure, on the surface this looks very similar to all those DC characters getting rings in Blackest Night.

    Where I think this has the potential to be different however is the aftermath. The multi-colored Lantern rings given to Wonder Woman, Flash, Mera, Atom, Scarecrow and Lex Luthor really didn’t play much of a role beyond that one plot point in Blackest Night (Lex as written by Paul Cornell possibly being the exception).

    So far, these teasers indicate that The Mighty will stick together in some way after Fear Itself. Assuming that the process that makes them The Mighty is at all similar to the process that created The Worthy, these heroes are going to be partially possessed by some kind of Asgardian being. I don’t know about you, but I see all kinds of story potential in that premise.

    Granted, it hasn’t happened yet, and execution is everything, so who knows.

  20. @KenOchalek  Marvel sticking to a storypoint after an event? Yeah maybe for like…..4 months!

  21. The “It” of course is midichlorians. 

    Wait, is a Star Wars Episode 1 joke too low brow?

  22. I’m interested to see the art reveal. It’s weird how this is supposed to be a Cap/Thor story and there’s no Cap or Thor in the teaser art.

     Also, it it me or does the recap pages of Fear Itself tell you more of what’s going on than what is actually in the issues?

  23. @TheNextChampion

    I think Marvel’s got a better track record than you give them credit for. House of M was 6 years ago and most of the depowered mutants have stayed that way. Steve Rogers dies as a result of Civil War and stays gone for a couple years (a long time for comics these days), Norman Osborne’s Dark Reign lasted for about a year, and I believe Asgard is still a pile of rubble as a result of Siege (that was why Tony wanted to rebuild it in Fear Itself 1, right?).

  24. Surprised not to see Luke Cage amoung The Mighty they seemed to be pushing him lately (not complaining I love cage) maybe this means that they chose ‘the mighty’ because they actually make sense for the story rather than because editorial told him to which seems to be what has make the good story of fear itself fail when you only read the main book. (so far)

  25. I wonder if Sue Richards is one of the Mighty?  Is that Spidey in back corner?  Most of this lineup are in New Avengers. Could Mockingbird be the one behind Clint? 

  26. *Yawn

  27. @KenOchalek  If the internet has taught us one thing, it’s never let actual facts get in the way of pre-concievied notions and snarky comments.

    Clearly, the “IT” is the IT department!

    Say it with me: “Hello, IT, have you tried turning it off and on again?” 

  28. @JohnVFerrigno  Yeah, I understand, I guess I’m just weird in that my default setting when lacking information is to be curiously optimistic rather than snarky and hateful. It’s a wonder I spend so much time on the Internet.

    The more I think about “IT”, the more I’m thinking “IT” is probably the Odinforce, or whatever other Asgardian thingy is used to turn those heroes into The Mighty. Whatever “IT” is exactly, it’s sticking around inside of these folks to some extent even after Fear Itself wraps up.

    And even if it just means an Odin-influenced Wolverine will occasionally bellow “I SAY THEE EH!”, I call that a win. 

  29. @tomdpimp – the guy on the right is Spider-man, you can see the webbing on his feet. If Sue is in the group she would have to be the mystery lady behind Hawkeye because that’s the only one not easily accounted for.

  30. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    @jimski- i read the same thing when i skimmed it. 

  31. @KenOchalek  I think I have the same default setting. I usually read stuff on here and think “Huh, that could be fun.” Too many people are in automatic “piss on that!” mode. I love comics, why wouldn’t I give this stuff the benefit of the doubt? 

  32. *Yawn

    Posted by NathanNicdao:


  33. And just when Fear Itself didn’t seem like it could lose my attention any further… THIS!

    The Mighty. Or as we might as well call them, as it really IS what they ARE, MORE AVENGERS!!!!!!!!!!

    Or more specifically THE SAME OLD AVENGERS.

    I’m bored Marvel. I’m tired of reading the same cast of characters rotated again. I’ve had enough.

    As with ‘The Worthy’ these SHOULD have been a cast of characters power from the cross-section of the World. Instead it’s the same old US heroes, in the same old US setting, dressed up to try and persuade the reader that this is a GLOBAL EVENT.

    When it very much isn’t.

    I’d have prefered a more blanced and diverse line-up. Something more like:

    Captain Britain
    Doctor Strange
    Iron Fist
    Black Panther
    The Black Knight

    For variation and appeal.

  34. Is there implications that the Mighty teaser is connected with the IT teasers?  I think I’m missing something.  Other than including both Iron Fist and Dr. Strange, which doesn’t mean much, I don’t see the connection.

  35. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @diebenny  The IT teasers are involved in the Fear Itself panel at SDCC. The website says we’ll find out more during that presentation. So I connected them in that sense. 

  36. @ Paul That makes sense.  Thanks.

  37. There’s been another one of those “It’s either in you…” teasers, but with Silver Surfer. Looks to me like this is going to be a Defenders series.

  38. @theswordisdrawn  I actually really like your idea of a more international flavor to the Avengers. There are a TON of characters the Marvel U has to play with from all over the globe.

    Captain Britain is a great character and can easily represent western Europe, as could Union Jack. Or maybe dust off Shamrock! 

    Vanguard, darkstar, Crimson Dynamo and Ursa Major can all represent Russia/Eastern Europe, as can the Black Widow. There’s plenty of characters from Japan to pick from, Sunfire and Silver Samurai jump top mine. China has Radioactive Man and the Collective Man (Is that his name?)

    You have Black Panther and Storm from Africa, both of whom are absolutely fantastic characters.

    Namor is a great addition to any team, both for his power when fighting evil, and his  personality when they are arguing with each other.

    Toss in either an Asgardian or an Olympian to have somebody representing the Gods, and maybe an alien presence like Beta Ray Bill or Starfox.

    Plenty of Inhumans would fit in well on a team. crystal has been both an Avenger and a member of the FF. Quicksilver is a great character they can’t seem to decide what to do with.

    There is a lot of variety that can easily add a much more international flavor to EARTH’S Mightiest heroes, not just New York’s. 

  39. Taking every bit of me not to say something snarky or negative about this…. 

  40. @Multihuller  LOL I, for one, appreciate the restraint 🙂