Fantasy Superhero vs. Attainable Superhero

I have a theory; we all have two sides to us, the super-being we’d like to be, and the super-being we most closely resemble. Sometimes these are the same, sometimes not at all. I came up with this idea because, at 5’5″, I do not resemble the long-limbed, muscular superheroes I fantasize about being, and my limited experience at conventions has shown me that many other people wrestle with this problem (or ignore it completely and just dress however the hell they like). In order to write about this I thought it’d be fun to look at some examples, which is where the iFanboy staff come in… I asked our intrepid iFanboy staff the following two questions:

1. Ideally, in your fantasies, if you could be any superhero or villain at all, who would like to be?

2. Realistically, based on the way you look and your character, which superhero or villain are you most like? i.e. who would your friends say you most closely resemble?

RonRon Richards:

Ron was definitely the most succinct on the subject saying simply that he’d be Cyclops. Seems like Cyclops is really his guy. Personally I’m not a big Cyclops fan, I think Ron is a lot more amusing and friendly than I can ever imagine Cyclops being. Don’t get me wrong, I like the X-Men and I can see that Cyclops has an important role, but he just seems a hell of a lot more angsty and tense than Ron seems.

He couldn’t think of who he most closely resembled, so I told him that his massive sideburns definitely lend him a Wolverine look. He reckoned that he might not be manly enough to do a convincing Wolverine, but I think if you got him mad enough, he could probably get the claws out.

He added “I also wanted to be The Flash too — cause I move slow….”

Now I’m just going to ascribe that last answer to the fact that Ron is not content with doing three jobs, and wishes he could move faster so that he could be even more of a workaholic. Crazy.

ConorConor Kilpatrick:

Conor’s answer came as no surprise to me, I think we all know what a big Bats fan Conor is…

“I would be Batman for sure, if such feats were possible in the real world.

As far as who I most resemble… well if you’re going on a physical level once I shaved my head I relegated myself to Professor X/J’onn J’onzz territory. And that’s a lot of green body paint I’d need.

If you mean in terms of personality who do you most resemble that’s harder to say… I’m sort of a Batman/Superman mix with a bit of Captain America thrown in. I think. I dunno. I could be totally wrong.

Actually, truth be told, if I woke up with powers tomorrow I’d pick Superman. That would allow me to do the most good. I would want to dress up like Superman to inspire, but I don’t know if the world is ready for shaved head Superman, so I might take Superman’s powers and put on a Batman suit. That way you have the best of both worlds.”

This is such a great answer because you start to really see the total fantasy element come in, where one superhero just isn’t enough! But really, if Batman had the powers of Superman, why would he need that scary, mean reputation? I think if a person had Superman’s powers, he could wear whatever the hell he wanted, have whatever haircut he wanted, and everyone would just have to think it was great, or get incinerated by heat vision or something.

JoshJosh Flanagan:

When I first met Josh, I told him my vague theory and he mentioned Hawkeye as his ideal choice, for both his fantasy as well as the guy he most closely resembled. Recently I asked him if he still felt that way.

“If the question is who would I choose to be of any and all superheroes, I probably wouldn’t say Hawkeye, because there’s too much invulnerability to be had out there to pick a dude who’s just a guy. But I’ll get back to him. Don’t worry. If I could pick someone to be, that’s incredibly hard, because the best characters to read would be the ones you don’t want to be, because they are conflicted, or set upon. That knocks out Superman, Batman, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Black Bolt, etc. They’re too messed up and it’d be easier to just have no powers than all the responsibility that comes with those powers. My instinct is to say Green Lantern, because he can do whatever he thinks of, and the ring protects him from damage. Plus, the ladies seem to dig him. I think, given the choice, I’d go for Kyle rather than Hal, because he doesn’t have that whole genocide thing in his past. Plus, he’s an imaginative artist. This entire answer could change tomorrow, because everyone I think of has some horrible shit as baggage. It really is easier to just be a dude than to be some superhero.”

He’s got a good point there. As an adult, looking at these superheroes, they almost all have tragic pasts which led them to their erstwhile careers. It just isn’t really appealing.

“Who do I resemble? I’d say at that point, I could go back to Hawkeye. He’s funny, and talented, but completely mortal. He always seemed to be trying to prove himself, and at times, he tried a little harder than he possibly should have. But ultimately, he’s one of the great heroes specifically because of that lack of power. I love that. Either him, or someone like Iceman, again a guy who cracks jokes, but is no small force in the X-Men. His power might be looked at as insignificant at first, but really, he has control over water, and what’s the most abundant thing in our world? I haven’t really read all that much Iceman, but that’s the feeling I get.”

Personally I miss beardy Josh. For me, beardy Josh would have been a good match for Green Arrow. Don’t know what he looks like in green, but I think he could carry it well. Now that he’s shaved, I’m think he’d do a pretty good Iceman, especially old school Iceman, at least in my opinion.

GordonGordon Strain:

“If I could be anybody – I would say Zorro. For some reason Zorro has always appealed to me as an unlikely hero – unlikely based on his “actual” life – similar to Bruce Wayne. The best part about Zorro though is that he does what he does with a sense of humor – and that makes him even greater in the eyes of the public he helps… whilst frustrating the government that he fights.

[Who I most closely resemble] is a lot tougher. I don’t interact with people on a regular basis that have a lot of thoughts/opinions on that. My students frequently tell me that I am “stealthy” – and not being particularly “buff” I guess you might compare me to Nightcrawler or Zorro or V… I don’t know. Anybody that is an “everyman” type of character that has no real powers and is a little scrawny (but scrappy).”

The latter half of that answer screams Plastic Man to me. It’s not just that Gordon is svelte, but also that he loves the sense of humor aspect of characters. I’m telling you, Gordon would make an excellent Plastic Man.

JimJim Mroczkowski:

In answer to what would be his ideal, fantasy role Jim said:

“Maybe it’s just me, but after careful consideration I feel that any adult who gives any answer to this question other than Jamie Madrox, The Multiple Man, is not thinking things through. When I think about super powers, I can think of nothing better than the ability to go to work, play with a baby, watch Netflix, listen to podcasts, go out to lunch, and catch up on my reading simultaneously. Who wouldn’t want to better himself and stay lazy at the same time? “Yes,” say the skeptics, “but wouldn’t you like to fly?” I reply, “One of my dupes will study how to make a jetpack.”

Realistically? There is no question that I am most like the Hulk. Mild-mannered, but fighting the urge to go “RAWWWWR!” and begin a rampage that levels most of the American southwest.”

A typically sassy and self-effacing answer to both questions, at this point, I’ve learned to expect nothing less of Jim.

PaulPaul Montgomery:

“The short answer is Superman and The Sentry.

A while back I did a piece on the Sentry, and I mentioned that his insecurity might be a major factor in why comic readers dislike him so much. There’s that old cliche that we notice our own flaws reflected in others. And not that it applies to all readers, but I think most people can relate to the fear that maybe they’re being too lazy or maybe they’re not as strong as they could be. And since super heroes are these icons of action and courage, to see a caped hero being passive and cowardly makes us mad. We say that it’s not what we signed up for. But what if our distaste for the character comes from relating to his insecurity, his sense of overwhelming doubt, his inaction? He’s all our fears magnified.

I’d like to be Superman because I want to be more selfless. In spite of everything, his first concern is the welfare of others. He has fears, but he faces them head on.

But I fear that I’m more like the Sentry because I doubt myself. That’s who I’m afraid of being.”

Now, while I realize that the Sentry has issues, surely the potential of his power acts to balance out these potential pitfalls? I’d say either of these superheroes’ powers seems pretty damn desirable, it’s just a case of whether you can handle the insanity, (because for all we know, Supes might be kind of wacky too, deep down in his secret soul).

MikeMike Romo:

Ideally: “Daredevil but not blind — but that’s a cop out I know… how about Iron Fist? I don’t really want crazy powers, I just want to have more awesome regular stuff.”

Did anyone here read Iron Fist eons ago, when John Byrne drew him? I could definitely see Romo doing a great Iron Fist from that era, sort of cocky and irreverent.

Realistically: “No idea but maybe Spider-Man? I try to be earnest and honestly good like him and succeed with varying degrees of success.”

I’d say that for temperament he’d make an ok Spider-Man, but if it all went horribly wrong, he’d make an amazing Joker. I could definitely see him channeling his incredible enthusiasm for life into ruling the world, while making everyone just a little bit too happy at the same time…


I’d happily go for a Promethea, she’s insanely powerful and she doesn’t seem to be cursed with the miserable formative experiences that drove so many other superheroes to their second career choice. If I were a guy, definitely Batman or Superman (possibly going for Conor’s bat/supes cocktail here). Overall I’ve got to say, the raw raw strength and power of Jakita from Planetary is pretty damn appealing.

In terms of “realistically”, I guess pre-red hair dye I looked something like Dr. Girlfriend (sans gravelly voice), or on a messy day; Death. Temperament-wise I fear that I’m a bit of a John Constantine, and today one of the guys at work told me that I’m “really scary” when I’m angry, so maybe, like Jim, I’m also cursed with a bit of a Hulk problem.


Sonia Harris is a giant, amazon, warrior trapped in the body of a small, English woman, quietly living in San Francisco, (and wondering where her Fortress of Solitude/Batcave is). She can be reached



  1. I loved this article Sonia, nice job. When my brothers and I were younger we would play this exact game and figure out which hero we were most like. For some reason they always told me I was Havok, however I always wanted to be Superman.

  2. Fantasy?  God knows, all my favorites are too messed up.  I don’t actually *want* to be Jean Grey, or Rachel Grey, or Laura Kinney, or Wanda Maximoff.  No freaking way.  Fantasy?  I’d like to be Kitty Pryde.  Who *doesn’t* want to be a genius semi-samurai superhero?

     Reality?  I’m more like Jessica Jones — a parent, an opt-out, kinda messed up but muddling along. 

  3. Fantasy?  Iron Man duh, who dosent want to be a billonare who can pick up any women he wants.  Plus hes got the craziest suit of "Iron".  I can really do alot with that suit.

    Reality? I probably look like Hank Pym so theres that.

  4. I’d be Morrison-era Jean Grey, even with all the problems, at least up to the point where her powers went totally wonky.  Basically, my ideal self is that personality + the power, with a little more control.  Like, basically, Jean with the Phoenix Force acting a little more like a Green Lantern ring minus yellow impurity.  I could just say Green Lantern,  but I don’t identify with any of those guys personality wise.  Basically, I’d be Mary Sue the Girl Lantern, and I’d have red hair.  Yeah.  That.

    The character I actually am is Irene Merryweather, investigative reporter-turned Cable’s assistant/ sidekick/ chief of staff, whose superpower is the ability to keep Cable’s backstory straight.  So, basically, I relate to somebody who runs errands for people who reward me with such thoughtful gestures as setting me up on a blind date with Deadpool.

    I definitely think Josh is more a Hawkeye than a Green Arrow.  Clint is on the insouciant, smartass side but he ultimately wins people over; Ollie pushes similar qualities into the arena of obnoxiousness, sometimes alienating people who ought to be on his side.  Josh would totally hang out with Ollie, but it would be his function in the friendship to defuse things with a well-timed quip before fisticuffs ensued.  (This raises the parallel question of which characters you’d want as friends).


  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Damn. I’m a downer in this one.  

    I’m going to throw JSA Starman into the mix.  In terms of beard and looney toons non sequiturs.  

    Not sure what character I’m actually like though.   

  6. A younger version of me was more Ollie Queen like, before the elections of 2000 and 2004 broke my spirit.  I also used to be more abrasive, a la Ollie.  Now I’m only unintentionally abrasive.

    Paul, your answer was awesome.  Because here’s the thing.  If Bob gets all that shit in his head sorted out properly, and remember, he’s a young character, he’s more kickass than anyone out there.  I know a guy like that. 

  7. @ohcaroline  I don’t think I want *any* of my favorite characters as my friends.  Though I think i’ve dated Rachel Grey.  More than once.

  8. I’m closest to Hank Venture at this point. Assuming I could keep my sense of humor, I’d love to be Superman or Captain Kirk.

  9. LOL…I agree! Gordon is so Plastic Man…

  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Josh – That’s really kind of you to say, man.  

    I like this game.  

    I like how some of us went really cerebral and second guessed ourselves and others simply had fun with it.  You can play it either way and it’s still fun and still totally valid.  It’s just funny imagining myself, Josh, and Conor poised over the keyboard, languishing over our response..  And then Ron immediately knows how to respond and shoots back with it in the midst of a thousand other emails.  I think it says something about the diversity of comics readers and how you enjoy these games and hypotheticals.  At the same time, Ron’s more hardcore about continuity and we’re really not.  So it’s sort of back and forth.  That’s just cool to me.  

  11. I didn’t know I was supposed to dislike the Sentry until I came here.  I would be Rom: Spaceknight but without having to be physically grafted to the armor.  The hero I probably most closely resemble is Daredevil, always on the verge of collapse and a disaster in relationships!

  12. Ideally I would love to be like a Forge or Mr. Fantastic and be able to think up anything I need for that specific moment then sci-fi Macguyver it into existance.  They can theoretically come up with any solution to any situation or create entire new paradigms of thought or avenues of technology between e-mails.  That could be cool, I’d be able to make something that could give me any or all of the super-powers out there plus figure out the energy crisis while watching Hollywood Squares or something. 

    But realistically I’m probably more like Peter Parker.  

    @ohcaroline-  I would love to hang out with Swamp Thing odd as that sounds.  The conversations alone would be incredible, even if I didn’t eat the fruit.   

  13. great article sonia. my ideal superhero to be would probably be….captain america or superman. i woule also like to be Booster Gold because I love how he tries to fix everthing.

    i closely resemble starman from the JSA though. i love starman cuz hes so funny. although with my sideburns people do say that i kind of resemble wolverine.

    thanks for the great insight for all the iFanboys 

  14. Very interesting article. 
    -I have to agree that Ron and Cyclops don’t really match.  Ron actually has a personality.
    -Conor with Superman’s powers in a Batman costume is a movie waiting to happen.
    -What would be Josh’s first construct if he had a power ring?  Slightly less complicated boat motor.
    -We need to chip in and purchas Gordon a Rubberman costume for the next con.  If you thought the booth babes were all over him before…
    -I think Jimski’s Maddrox pick is genius.  I have to agree with him.  I could play with both my daughters at the same time, while another pretends to listen to my wife tell me how her day went.
    -I would like to watch SuperPaul and SentryPaul play an insecure, yet selfless, game of checkers.
    -I could understand Iron Fist, but do you really want to deal with the hideous tattoo?
    -Sonia, how about She-hulk?

  15. I would either be Superman or Captain America.

    I am really more like Batman.  Quiet, some say brooding, always try to do the right thing but can be an asshole sometimes.

    I was trying to think of character I match in appearance but I can’t think of a character that has a shaved head Vin Diesel style.

  16. Both ideally and realistically, I’m Iron Man.  With the goatee and the short cropped hair I have, I end up looking like Tony Stark’s slightly overweight cousin.  Also, like Tony’s been a lot of times in his history, I’ve had a few physical impairments in my life (my childhood battle with chronic headaches coincided with Tony’s damaged nervous system/telepresence armor era).  Plus, I like to think I’m often misunderstood and misinterpreted by others either as being cold or as nonsensical as Tony often is.  Not to mention, both he and I have a bit of an addictive personality and a certain trouble with impulse control.  I also do carry a bit of a guilt complex where I believe things are my fault and my duty to fix even if I actually have no responsibility over the situation.  Still, the genius level intellect, sharp charm, and massive resources at his disposal are things I’d like to have more so than super strength or telepathy or such.

  17. If I had to choose which superhero I resemble it would probably be Aquaman due to my beardedness and ability to command sea creatures. 

    The superhero I would like to be is pre-explosion Harvey Dent (from TDK) assuming his prowess as a DA and/or his ability to instill hope is considered a superpower.  I think I could pull it off because my mirror tells me every morning that I look just like Aaron Eckhart.

  18. This… is… BRILLIANT! 

    In a perfect world I’d like to be Nightwing. You’d get to stand up for what’s right and help people without the baggage of being Batman (i.e: crazy). And without any real powers, just relying on skills and gadgets, not to mention the suave secret identity, there’s a whole James Bond element to it. Plus he’s got the coolest outfit.

    Of course, it’s no good having the most awesome outfit if you’re gonna look like a stick figure in it (sadly, no, I do not have Nightwing’s physique). Realistically, and this is based purely on what my comic-reading mates have mentioned in the past, apparently there are two characters I actually resemble.

    The first is The Riddler (appearance only, they were quick to point out I am no mastermind of anything), which I’m taking to mean that I’m tall, gangly and suspicious-looking. The second is David from Strangers In Paradise, even though he’s not technically a superhero. Personality wise, this makes more sense, as I have a long history of being meakish and falling for girls that just aren’t interested. And it makes me tall, gangly and slightly pathetic… My friends are awesome!

    As an aside, if I were a girl I’d wanna be Catwoman… she’s far too many kinds of cool! 

  19. Fantasy:  Thor.  I dig the hair and pounding on someone with a hammer

     Reality:  Crusher Creel the Absorbing Man, with better fashion sense.  I don’t condone walking around with your shirt off no matter what you look like, very tacky.

  20. Sonia — great concept for the article. AND it gives us a little more insight into the iFanboy staff. That’s cool. I love these little ‘personality test’ kinda things.

    But, man, I do not know who I would be/resemble. Part of me wants to say Vic Sage/The Question, because I’m always trying to get the answers, often to my own detriment and when I should be letting things go. I often feel like i"m badly fumbling any kind of evolutionary spiritual journey, not unlike Mr. Sage in Denny O’Neil’s ’80’s run. 

    But, despite my blackhearted online reputation, I think I’m too much of a nice guy. Who’s a sort of big-hearted, always smiling, deeply feeling super-hero? Maybe I’m Captain Marvel (Shazam)? Overeager boy in a man’s body? 😀

    Hey, are there any super-heroes who argue about the craft of writing until their fingers are numb from typing? If so….




  21. Ironically, Paul lamenting that he’s such a downer on this one, and doubting his own answer makes him even MORE of a "Sentry." 🙂

    Dude, I love your answer. That, added to Josh’s response above, makes me realize that Sentry is the "Superman" of artists. For many famous artists, it’s not "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility," it’s "With Great Power Comes Great Neurosis."

    I also realized I was thinking solely about how I would be/resemble, and I didn’t give my fantasy pick. I’m honestly stumped. Part of me thinks Superman. But part of me actually acknowledges what Josh says about Hawkeye being "just a guy" and still wants to pick him. I always loved the archers type characters who’s great power was that they were just so damn skilled with ONE thing that they could match up to everyone else. I never needed to be as strong as Superman. But to carry only an antiquated weapon into battle, to laugh in the face of death while standing next to Thor  with a piece of string and some sticks? That takes balls. And I like that.

  22. Oh, this ia a fantastic article.  Great answers all around.

    Personally, the character I most identify with is Jennifer Walters – quiet and studious and shy and cautious and responsible and uncertain, with something bold and confident and strong and reckless inside of me trying to get out.  I think I’m a bit like Captain America, too, in that I’m the girl in the corner of the party who doesn’t want to look like she disapproves of the debauchery, but she can’t help looking disapproving anyway.  I’m also stubborn as anything, but generally like and am polite to almost everyone I meet.

    Ideally?  I always say my Mary Sue is Pixie – she has butterfly wings and pink hair and teleportation and a crush on Cyclops!  But I’ve gotten to that post-college point in my life where I don’t really aspire to be a teenage character.  Personality-wise, I’d love to be as brilliant and exuberant and friendly and witty and well-rounded as Hank McCoy; powers-wise, I’d want to be Jean Grey without all the dying.

    It’s probably not a coincidence that all of these (minus Pixie) are my favorite characters in the Marvel U; the only one of my favorites missing is Cyclops, who I thankfully don’t identify with TOO much (though I do to an extent), and who I would never aspire to be.

  23. Great idea for an article, Sonia.

    Realistically, I’m Grey Hulk but I want to be Nightwing.

    Fantasy me wants to be real hero who everyone likes and finds ways to like everyone, is a natural leader, who gets all the girls, comes from a strong family and looks like a model.

    Realistic me is snarky, short tempered, often scary looking, rarely gets the girl, comes from a dysfunctional family whose weaknesses eclipse its strengths and who has to work really hard to make friends.

  24. My ideal self and who I really am are the same because my ideal self is Me Just Better!!


    So, Polaris. Lorna Dane. A lot of people like to see Lorna as either PAD’s idealist with low self-esteem OR Austen’s psycho-killer. I believe she is both. She has very high ideals and standards, she never backs down from a fight, has a lof of self-confidence but little self-worth. She has something to prove and she tries hard and she’s a bit unbalanced (okay, she’s a lot unbalanced). She’s ideal and she’s real and she’s my favourite character because I identify with her and want to be her at once (which maybe just means I’m pretty self-absorbed but since Lorna’s that too it’s all good).


  25. Fantasy:  Either Nightcrawler or Cap.  Nightcrawler because I hate driving to places and Cap because, well, he’s Cap.

    Reality:  Snapper Carr?

  26. I’ll choose Vic Sage for both. But I’m crankier than he is.

  27. In my mind, I’m Wonder Woman. In my mind I’m a foot taller and have long black hair. And am a princess. And have kickass jewlery. 

    In reality, I see myself in Sue Storm. Especially if she didn’t have babies and I didn’t dye my hair.

  28. Reality: Dom DeLuise

    Fantasy: Dom DeLuise as Batman.

  29. 🙁

  30. Awwwww, Chris. *pet* *pet*

    Are you sad ’cause yer not staff grunt? I figured yer a fancy guest columnist so I shouldn’t insult you by including you in this rabble… But so ya know, when I was writing this, I was wondering what yer answers would be, ’cause you were at the party where I first met all the iFanboy’s and asked them this (and many other ridiculous) questions (I’ll never forget that moment when I realized that you knew those very same New Mutants issues from a zillion years ago that I did – magic).

    So, mr. special guest columnist, what would yer answers be? 

  31. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Chris – Keeping in mind that Greg Rucka is not a super hero.  

  32. @PaulMontgomery  — At least that’s what he WANTS us to think.

  33. Fantasy wise? I think of myself as The Punisher. A loner, doesnt talk much, but will seriously take some names when it comes to getting me upset. Killing people isnt cool, but for Frank Castle, it can be a blast…..Not that I’m saying putting a grenade in a bucket and kicking it at someone is something I considered….Man I gotta stop watching that awful trailer for the new film….

    For the real world, I say I’m more of Nite-Owl from Watchmen. I’ve gained some weight, a little unsure of myself sometimes….but if the time ever comes I will put on the heroic look and help anyone in need. Oh and that guy was really talkitive and friendly, and I hope I’m sorta like that too. 🙂

  34. @TheNextChampion- you don’t work at the post office I hope.

  35. @Kimbo: No I work at a book store….trust me it’s much more stressful and dangerous then you think,

  36. Who would I be? That’s easy: Concrete.

  37. OK, I’ll play along since Sonia asked. *blush*

    I’m always running out of time, and I always seem to think of the great line to a conversation or answer to a question just after the time it would be relevent. This gives me a couple guys that have the power I would most enjoy. Rip Hunter and The Time Trapper. Seriously, how great would it be to freeze time and come up with the perfect witty remark, or answer to that crazy trivia question! Go back in time and stop yourself from tripping the waiter with the tray of salads at the fancy restaurant (true story).

    Yup, give me the time travel. 


    Who I see myself represented as in comics? Hmmm tough one. I always had felt a connection with Nightcrawler and his faith. He was the X-Man that I always wanted to see more of and really respected as a character. No matter how he was treated, you could always count on him to be there when another X-Man like Logan or Kitty needed him. I always looked up to that.

  38. Who would I like to be? Take a look at my screen name & guess.

    Who do I most resemble in real life? Detective Chimp. A drunk monkey.

  39. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’d like to change my answer to Dr. Horrible, for the same reason Chris wants to be Rip Hunter.  


  40. I like how Josh calls himself "funny & talented". lol. Modesty is obviously not one of his super powers.

  41. Hey, if you’re good at something, own it.

  42. Barbara Gordon. I mean, for real. I’m a redhead, librarian, and I’ve got a brown belt.  So yeah, Babs when she was Batgirl (and sleeping with Dick Grayson) that would be my fantasy. Sadly, I am not computer literate enough to be Oracle, and also Oracle!Babs scares me. A whole lot.

     As for most resemble… *shrug* Still Babs?

  43. As far as fantasy i agree with Conor, I’d pick Supes becasue that way i could do the most good.  As far as who i resemble… personality wise i’m going to go with the Thing/Hellboy archetype.  You know, the average guy, ahh crap, someone has to do it,  superhero.

  44. Browsing the archives I came across this article, and it’s AWESOME.  How did I miss it the first time?

    Anyhow, for me?  I’d go with Wolvie I think.  THe ability to recover from anything?  Gah that would help me with so many Hangovers.

    In reality I probably most resemble Reed Richards, super intelligent, flexible, and (probably the only true one) greying at the temples.

  45. I should be sleeping, but i just found this article and just had to post.

    If i had to choose who i WOULD be if given the chance…Taskmaster. Just so i could watch George Perez penciling and gain his ability. Then i could make my own comics and they…would…be…awe…wait for it…SOME! AWESOME! Now who would i closely resemble…the Thing. Thats me. ( sigh )

  46. i would love to be hellboy or savage dragon. big, brightly coloured, tough, uncaring. you could do pretty much anything and still remain physically and mentally sound.

    but i have to say, after reading jims answer, i would go with him. that is the perfect answer. josh and sonia are joint second with there answers.

    i have been compared to spiderman before, but that is to do with appearence, and that i am good at climbing! i would say i am actually a bit like BRIT. i feel really old, i am angry, and i am terrible at making decisions.