Exclusive Preview: Journey Into Mystery #645

Mischief comes in many forms, but all acts of mayhem shed breadcrumbs tracing back to the divine trickster known as Loki. Of late, Thor’s wily counterpart has undergone a number of his own transformations. First, dude looked like a lady. Most recently, he tip-toes through the halls of Asgard as a Norse Encyclopedia Brown. But how much of his innocence did Loki reclaim in rewinding to this youthful form? How much of the Trickster remains? And what kind of growing pains has he yet to endure?

We’ll find out next week in Kieron Gillen’s final issue of Journey into Mystery before relinquishing the title to Kathryn Immonen and Lady Sif. Something tells us this is the kind of mystery that, once solved, dispersed into even more mysteries.

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art & Cover by Stephanie Hans
• Kieron Gillen bids farewell to the cast of JIM!
• “Why Did Loki Do It? No One Knows.” Until now.
• The critically acclaimed epic reaches its climax as Loki’s future and past collide and nothing will ever be the same again. No, really. We mean it this time. Stop looking at us like that.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Now, for the imagery.


  1. I hope this run gets the Omnibus Treatment.

    • This run has been something special, for sure. I loved clicking on the thread for the issue this week and reading “Stay good Kid Loki, please stay good…” I felt what the commenter was feeling instantly. What a great series. This last arc has really put the cherry on top that slammed how awesome this whole thing has been right in your face.

  2. Purty…

  3. One of the level best titles coming out right now, easily in my top 5 every month (Along with Batman Inc, Wonder Woman, Dial H, and Saga), and the best thing I read this week.

  4. @Paul I’m reasonably sure this is not coming out next week, considering the “Everything Burns” crossover isn’t over just yet. I believe Mighty Thor #21 comes out 10/17, and JIM #645 arrives the following week on 10/24

  5. Oh man, is that “you-know-who” keeping her Valkyrie powers and staying behind with Hela? The New Mutants are gonna be so sad… ;-;

  6. Much like Damian in the pre New 52 DC, I’ve grown quite fond of Kid Loki. I don’t wanna see him go…