EXCLUSIVE: The New Avengers #24 Cover Plus Avengers vs. X-Men #1 Cover (UPDATED)

Avengers vs. X-Men is upon us. The covers are going to be the first thing you see, so let’s start with the world’s first look at New Avengers #24 by Mike Deodato Jr.

The New Avengers #24 by Mike Deodato Jr.

The New Avengers #24
Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art & Cover by Mike Deodato
Avengers Art Appreciation Variant By Joe Quinones
• Avx Tie-In!
• The New Avengers Have Received The Call To Duty By Captain America To Go To War Against The X-Men.
• Wolverine Will Be Forced To Choose A Side.
32Pgs./Rated T …$3.99

Then, let’s take a look at the cover for the big daddy, Avengers vs X-Men #1, by Jim Cheung. There’s not much need to know more.

Avengers vs. X-Men #1 by Jim Cheung

FOC – 2/27/12, ON SALE – 4/3/12

I think it’s safe to say that, at the very least, and regardless of your feelings on this event, Marvel has improved on their cover treatments, and this is pretty clear about what you can expect in the upcoming issues. Avengers vs. X-Men. Here we go.

Also, if we’re betting, Cap takes Cyke, easy.


Introducing the jaw dropping Avengers vs. X-Men #1 by Ryan Stegman. Money’s still on Cap.

Avengers vs. X-Men #1 Variant by Ryan Stegman

That thing looks damn good.


  1. AvX would have been catcher than AvsX which is one syllable too many. Still you’re damn right about cover treatments. I actually want to read this. Though X-Sanction has not got me hooked at all.

    Also I think the second cover somewhat answers the question regarding ol Muttonchops raised in the first solicit. Silly old Marvel.

  2. Why are beast and wolverine on the avengers side? I know that they’re apart of the avengers, but they’re x-men. I’m so confused…

    • Guess you’ll have to read it to find out! 😉

    • ha …. i forgot about wolvie.. i guess i have no idea what team hes on anymore..

    • My guess is that it’s due to Cyclops being on the X-Men side.

      @iroberts: Every team.

    • ya seems like a good guess.

    • If what I have been reading in the comics and the adverts for this event, then this will have something to do with the Scarlet Witch and Hope. Wolive has already stated that he does not trust hope and does not like scarlet witch.

      Somehow this ties in with “The Childrens Crusade” and the Pheonix force returning, guessing at the pheonix force, but this is an upcoming event as well, and it has been hinted that Hope has ties with it.

    • With Wolverine and Beast on the left here, it’s looking more and more like this should be “Avengers (and Wolverine’s X-Men) vs. X-Men.” I see Iceman (and a presumably still mind-wiped Angel) on the right, but I think that’s it for Wolverine’s team.

  3. One can look at that New Avengers cover and think that Captain America and Cyclops are fighting for Wolverine’s love, with Wolverine jumping in going “No, don’t fight for my affection! I’m not worth it!”

  4. yawn

  5. Beast is fighting the xmen too??
    Did thunderbird come back to life?
    admittedly im going to buy this.. just saying though… did i miss a thunderbird reanimation or is this warpath dressed like tbird.

    • That’s Warpath.

    • ok

    • Beast has been pretty adamant in his anti-Scott allegiences since he found out about the (pre-Uncanny) X-Force. I think the bigger problem will be Wolverine. What will he do if his students join up with the X-Men? What will that do to the fledgling school? That’ll be a great afterwards story.

    • Yeah, it would be, if they ever actually dealt with repercussions after things like this. The characters with stakes in this are going to be the ones that are closest to Wanda and Hope. I doubt very much that the Rulk vs. Colossonaut fight (there better be one dammit) will have any lasting effects on the Marvel U.

    • During the last X-Force run spawned from Messiah Complex and into Messiah War and Second Coming they had a few issues dealing w Warpath and Thunderbird whys and hows.

  6. I agree with your bet. Especially the “easy” part.

  7. I for one will gladly pass on this event, I can still see the work and novelty of the logo which is something “different”. It looks modern, classy, it works!

  8. Some of the artists and match-ups have me interested, but the minute it even slightly loses my interest I’m dropping it. The past few big events have made me much less forgiving.

    • I hear that. I’m definitely excited to check this out, but I stuck through Fear Itself hoping for a killer third act that never materialized… so I’m not going to wait around this time.

    • i’m with you guys. i was interested in a few matchups, but i’m kinda talking myself out of this one and into waiting on it. I don’t trust the events anymore as quality comics and more of just feeding the junkies kinda deal. (no offense to the junkies =p )

    • Most of the match-ups just seem like filler but I have to admit that I’m pretty excited to see what they do with Spider-Man and Ice Man. Depending on the writer, the history of the two gives it some pretty good potential. Other ones like Thing and Colossus though… I don’t think there’s much there.

  9. I actually find the fact that Wolverine and Beast and Storm are X-Men and Avengers and them having to choose sides intresting, i know its a simple concept but it could be intresting if pulled off well.

  10. Anyone else notice how angel has the archangel style metal wings on that cover? Guess he gets to keep those after the mind wipe from x-force….maybe *fingers crossed*

    • I’m all for it! I’m not reading X-Force (I know, I know) but Nick Bradshaw drew Warren with metal wings in Wolverine and The X-Men #4, so I’m guessing that where he’s at for now.

    • @kenOchalek I had to grab my iPad and skim through issue 4 again but you’re totally right he has the metal wings in it! I guess I was so into that issue that I totally overlooked that he had them. I love that he keeps them

    • I had to double check too, I think it’s because Bradshaw drew them in a way that made them look more flexible than other artists have traditionally drawn the wings, so they didn’t immediately read as “metal” to me either.

    • @ken why no x-force? Is it too popular now? I have that trouble with certain things.

  11. I love it when people gripe because they can’t deduce the entire storyline without reading the book.

  12. Should be a fun event!

  13. I’m in for subscriptions on my Avengers titles and some solo titles, too.

    The post-Regenesis X-titles were on my radar because they looked good and were freshly renumbered.

    Coincidentally, they tied in with the Avengers-verse, where I buy 3 of 5, and T-bolts, IIM, new Cap, Thor, UXF.

    If WatXM, UXM or X-Men waver, they’ll get dropped, immediately.

    If the event title itself isn’t stunning, I’ll just read it next winter in the public library’s brand-new hardcover.

    I picked up X-Sanction, so I’m very interested, but they’re going to release a ton of product next year. I can’t buy everything.

    But 2012 is a very good year to buy lots of Avengers stuff.

    Yeah, crotch-high picket fence.

  14. Not so fast Josh. I think Cyclops has a decent chance at beating Cap.i mean he shoots freaking lasers ( or optic blasts) from his eyes. What does Cap got some rusty sheild and old steroids running through his veins.

    • Cyc’s blasts are concussive which means no heat. So cap has to be hit by a blast directly to take any real damage. Also, vibranium absorbs all vibrations in the vicinity as well as kinetic energy directed at it. Additionally, cap is a far more formidable hand to hand combatant. The only way cyc wins this is if magneto is borrowing the shield to beat Tony’s ass.

    • @oopsxlandmine that is an awesome and well thought rebutal, but I still belive that Cyke has an advantage. He has been fighting since he was a teenager and never had anything handed to him as Cap did with the super soldier serum.

    • I’m glad you liked the post haha. I’m definitely not saying that cap will win straight out. I’m just saying Scott has many more obstacles to overcome than Steve to achieve victory.

  15. Interested in angel vs daredevil… Very biblical match up!!!

  16. Why would WOLVERINE be the one to be in the middle of 1st. any fight, 2nd. a fight between Cyclops and Capt. America, 3rd. a effin FIGHT?

    And why would he be the one to stop one?

  17. I love(not really) his they keep putting Wolverine in the middle of the two teams like he’s torn or tricky on the Avengers side, I call shenanigans!!! Enough, he’s an Xman, a mutant and that’s that, not to mention there’s no need for “New” Avengers anymore, its been a few years, they’re not new to anything but getting dropped from my pull, loved the titles 1st year or so but doesn’t Wolverine have enough going on and in better books too? Once again, here’s to keeping things in check! Cheers!

  18. 1st sentence of my above comment should’ve said how not him.

  19. I think that this event or the next one will be the death knell of Marvel 616 as we know it. A lot of books will get cancelled, a lot of writers, artists, and editorial staff will be out of jobs, and a lot of people will be turned away not just from Marvel, but from comics in general at a time when they’ve never had more exposure or been easier to legally access.

  20. Cyclops vs Capt. America. 1. 1 on 1? Capt. will win. Cyclops can put up a good fight, but ultimately Cap’s physical superiority and fighting skill will win the day. 2. As inspiring figures for their teams? My brain says this is a tie, but my heart says it’s all Cyke. The Avengers love Cap and follow him to the ends of the Earth, but Cyclops is basically the head of a religion or country. He not only represents his team, he represents his race. 3. Strategy. I know everyone thinks Cap is the best leader in the MU, if not all of comics, but I’d rather be on team Cyclops, all things being equal. Why? Cyke will fight dirty, Cyke will be more creative, and Cyke isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done to win. I doubt the Avengers have an X-men protocol for how to take out Colossus or Cerebro, but I’d put good money that Cyclops has Thor plans A-R, and each has been run in the danger room several times.

    Who gives the better speeches and wins the brawls? Captain America.
    Who formulates the better plans and wins the war? Old Slim Summers.

  21. New Avengers #24 cover: all Cyclops has to do is opening the visor.

    • Which is a comment about the drawing, not who’s stronger between the two. Still, for some reason, I’m curious about this (and I avoided anything Fear Itself excepts for the regulars I read).

  22. I don’t know Josh, what advantage Cap has in tactics and all that crap, Cyke more than makes up for in sheer balls. His style of tactics leads more towards the high-risk/high-reward method, pulling out all the stops and doing something unexpected. Is that just the thing to beat Cap, or is that just another style that he would expect from an opponent. Cap isn’t invincible, and if anyone would give him a run for his money, it would be Cyclops.

  23. The one-shot I’m most looking forward to is Wolverine vs Wolverine. Twenty pages of Logan stabbing himself in the face. It’ll be awesome.

    Isn’t it really “Avengers and Wolverine and his X-Men vs. Cyclops’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants?”

  24. Aaaaaaa yaaaaaa

  25. This makes for a lot of fun, nerdy arguments. I think Chuck will come back and shut the Avengers down!

  26. Anyone else seen the Phoenix fist teaser? On that other, way less awesome website…

  27. If nothing else, this event will have great cover art. Love the new Stegman cover, and although I’m usually a fan of simplicity in art, you can’t argue against the Cheung cover either.

  28. Really like the round one variant cover, as childlike curious as I am to see the battles, I think I’m gonna skip another event and save on the $ 3.99 an issue and if its truly good it’ll make a nice HC on the shelf.