Eric Canete + Phil Noto Take on Catwoman’s Sexy Time

If you’ve ever checked out my Weekly Sketch Up feature, you’ll now that I am a huge fan of both Eric Canete and Phil Noto. So it was with great pleasure that we found these two responses to the coital events of Catwoman #1.

Here’s Eric Canete’s take:

And here is Phil Noto’s real life look at the coupling:


  1. That second Phil Noto panel? I’d read that series.

  2. I was surprised by the sexiness of the new book. I mean, I know Judd Winnick said it was going to be a sexy book, but I didn’t think that’d mean, you know, sex. I’m not bothered by it, but I hope a parent didn’t buy that for their kid thinking it would be wholesome reading with a female hero. One would hope the cover would convey the content.

  3. It’s like those political cartoons from the newspapers. You get it, but that’s not enough to make it funny.

    Maybe funny in that my dad would laugh at this, Jay Leno, trying too hard, obvious and preachy, not really funny sort of funny.

  4. Noto’s 2nd panel is totally off base…they’re booty call F-Buddies…they’re not married!!! =)

    These are really fun comic strips. I do agree with Canete on the Pandering, but i disagree that the MDM ad campaign is “desperate”. DC is doing what every other company with a product does.

  5. Canete’s is bag on the money. Apparently i have the same sense of humour as brennanneil’s dad.

  6. I’m a fan of Canete’s work, but he should stick to pencils.

    I get it. It’s just not funny.

  7. The first panel is pure and simple, subtle satire which requires a more internal knowing smirk at the truth of a matter being exposed. Whether that worked for you is a personal thing but I don’t think its meant to be laugh out loud. The second is more observational comedy which is more for the outward smirk though I’d argue in this particular case it isn’t really laugh out loud.

  8. Why does Bruce look more like Clark in the last panel?

  9. Eric Canete’s stuff looks really good kinda reminds me of Sean Murphy. We all know how good Noto is.

  10. Noto probably should be drawing superspy jewel thief speedracer danger diabolik Catwoman anyways.

  11. I had no problem with this or Red Hood. Much ado about nothing.

  12. Awesome, I do agree Bruce looks a lot like Clark in that second Noto pic.

  13. I love, love, love (!) that Noto drawing. It’s so true on so many levels.

    However, because they are still dressed in their costumes, it makes it look like an average ‘cosplay’ or ‘S&M’ couple too.

  14. Good lawd I love Eric Canete.

  15. i still don’t think it was that over-the-top. It’s not like it was done Mature Readers style where they actually showed anything. And honestly the whole of the new DCU feels like a PG-13 world more than anything. I think a lot of the times people associate “new readers” with “younger readers” and I dont think that whats DC’s doing with the relaunch. The have Tiny Titans and Young Justice for Young Readers. They’re trying to get the teen demographic with this new relaunch (as well as college students and older, lapsed fans probably) and for that market there is nothing wrong with it. I have comics from when i was kid that have naked people with their naughty bits covered by smoke. I’d say that more salacious than the depiction of two grown adults having implied sex. Whats the difference between this and saying that Tony Stark’s slept with dozens of women, or that at one point Steve Rogers got Sharon Carter pregnant. And also, in this day and age, what we saw in this comic could also be viewed on network television. So can we stop making this such a big fucking deal already?

  16. Wow. If I could own that piece of Noto artwork, it’d be hanging up in the game room right now. It was so eerily close to reality, I could do nothing but laugh out loud. I know a lot of you didn’t think it was all that great, but maybe you should look at it again after you’ve been married for a few years.

  17. These strips were smirk worthy, but it seems to me (particularly with the Canete piece) that humour is only the secondary objective and its really a comment about the foolishness of DC.

    All of you saying this is not a big deal? The very fact we are talking about it says it is. The very fact that DC have gone so far out of their way to draw in new readers and then burn as many of them in one fell swoop as possible (that is to say, any woman with a brain and any child with discerning parents) is not just stupid, but speaks to the terminal rut that comics is in. The Catwoman and Red Hood books are either “targeting” (read pandering to, as if they wont buy the book anyway!) the core, lonely fanboy market, or they took their eye off the ball in the worst way possible, if what you are doing is trying to entice new readers to the form; Of whatever age or gender.

    I always considered ifanboy to be an intelligent readership who cared about the medium above all else, because of its unique story telling properties. What story is Catwoman and Red Hood telling with these last 2 issues? If your answer is something along the lines of “wicked sexy action bro!” Then you need to think seriously about why you read comics.

    • Here’s the thing though. These are 2 of the 52 new titles. Why are they not allowed to pander to the old crowd in 2 of their books? Superboy was a great first issue and perfect for new readers. Animal Man was a great first issue and perfect for new readers. Action Comics was a great first issue and perfect for new readers. There are plenty of books that have come out that are well targeted and deliver on the promise of trying to pull in new readers. Of all the issues I’ve read so far I’d say 3, maybe 4, of them have been not at all “new reader friendly.”

    • If they are supposedly pandering to their old audience, then they don’t have a decent opinion of their loyal audience.

    • That is correct.

  18. nice

  19. Couple of haters. Who is this for? You could barely fill a football stadium with the amount of people that buy comics every week, and yet comic fans are so hypercritical of EVERYTHING. If anyone thinks that DC or Marvel wouldn’t gladly trade one of their “loyal” readers for two new readers, you’re nuts.

    • Having a differing opinion doesn’t classify someone as a “hater”. If it wasn’t for people making content for a comics only audience, you wouldn’t be reading this site.

      It’s satire, and it’s not even all that biting. The Noto piece is more about relationships than it is criticizing even the comic.

    • Hi Josh. Well, I might have over reacted a little. On second look, I agree that the Noto piece is not negative. I’m just weary of creators talking down other creators, or making snarky comments about the company across the street. Could just be my own hang up though.

  20. You know stood out to me as the most ridiculous thing in the “Catwoman” issue? All those opening shots of her breasts in skimpy red lingerie as she zipped up her catsuit and I’m thinking, “No WAY would she be going out in that thing without a sports bra.”