Emptying Your Wallet, Faster Than You Can Say…FLASHPOINT: Titles Announced!

Heavens to Murgatroyd.

DC announced today that Flashpoint, it's big event for 2011 will include:

1.) A five-part central mini series from Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert

2.) Fifteen additional mini series (to be revealed throughout the day) 

3.) A heap of one-shots

They also offered this zen koan of a premise:


This isn’t a parallel Earth.

This isn’t a mirror world.

This is home.


Check back throughout the day for updates on the minis and one-shots sure to be vying for your cash in the year of the Flash…point 



Over at The Source blog, we now have some more details. One piece of art, some logos and a list of titles with evocative questions.

Whatever Happened to Gotham City?


Whatever Happened to the World’s Greatest Super Villains?


Whatever Happened to the Aliens?


Whatever Happened to Science & Magic?


Whatever Happened to Europe?



Everything You Know Will Change in a Flash



  1. Apparently 3 minis were accidentally posted for a bit on Wednesday:
    Written by Tony Bedard
    Art by Ardian Syaf

    Written by Abnett & Lanning
    Art by Scott Clark

    Written by Abnett & Lanning
    Art by Harvey Tolibao

  2. This is going to hurt me…

  3. Hoping since they say “This is home” at least some titles are being replaced during Flashpoint AoA style.

  4. Dude. Totally sux. Well i’ll prob get the main min, and maybe skip most of the sides unless i hear good things. I didn’t realize Flashpoint was going to be their next big “event” type thing. 

  5. Dang…I was really hoping for a “FlashPoint: Aquaman From Maine” mini instead.

  6. Wow overkill much?

  7. Wait a minute. I just realized I don’t have to buy all of this… Awesome!

  8. Just so everyone knows – Flashpoint is not just a Flash story, it’s DC’s next big company-wide event.

  9. @JNewcomb  I just realized I won’t be buying any of this.

    I picture this back firing, maybe not in a major way, but at least in a minor way.  Honestly I might just drop the only DC book i’m getting monthly when/if it effects the title.

  10. Yeah I’ll probably buy all the Abnett and Lanning stuff, all the Geoff Johns stuff. This could be a lot of fun but 15 minis is A LOT. I feel bad for event purists.

  11. So…should I try my first DC event? Avoided every event since Civil War. Might be a nice change. Just have no idea whats going on at DC.

  12. @Bendrix  I just started reading DC again since Identity Crisis left the worst taste in my mouth. It honestly was pretty easy to get back in too and I hunted down all the great Green Lantern stuff. 

  13. I don’t read Flash, so I’m not really going to pick up FLASHPOINT.

    Plus I don’t like the idea, if it actually happens, that the titles I do read at DC are going to get hijacked (or put on hitaus) for months for this event.

    Other then Vertigo there could be a possibility I read no DC books once this event starts. 

  14. Ugh… I hate that DC has taken this stance, why in god green earth do they have to have a crisis every year before they were rare things but now they are sooooo common they are loosing relevance

  15. I’m alright with the Flashpoint minis replacing the main titles. I get to save some money. Thanks, DC!

  16. @gobo: It very much sounds like AoA style.

    I have to read more to see what I’ll be picking up in those months.

  17. Those minis sound AWESOME!  Love the sound of them, love the creative teams on them.  I think this will be painful to my wallet.

  18. positive thing about this is that at least there will be Hardcover Trades for all of them.  So there’s always that.  The only decision I’ll have to make is whether or not to wait for the Hardcovers… I probably won’t.

  19. Meh…might get in on some series. Im a bit in love with mini series at the moment.

  20. This will be Flash’s Sinestro Corps War event I can’t wait!!!

  21. @conor–so this company wide event will be more of a Flash Centered one as opposed to the Black/Brightest Days that were Lantern centered? 

    I hope they’ll treat it like Brightest Day in terms of the stuff is all connected, but you will be fine if you don’t read everything. Now which of the minis will become the Generation Lost equivalent, because that will be the one that i get. 

  22. @wallythegreenmonster  Correct.

  23. Now that’s what I’m talking about!  I think I’ll be picking up all the titles related to this event.  I’m more excited for this than I was for Blackest Night.  I wonder if the Renegades will make another appearance here, as I just recently reread The Death of the Dastardly Rogues and some places seem to hint at it.

  24. Ugh, I’m all for this event, but these event tie-ins are getting tiring.  I know it’s the moneymakers for these publishers, but it’s a drain on my wallet.  I’ll stick to whatever Johns and Abnett and Lanning are writing.

  25. Abnett and Lanning writing Lois Lane with some sort of resistance? Thats one mini I’m down for.

  26. @AlanRob  I believe the artist mentioned on that book also drew a recent Psylocke mini-series and  it looked awesome!  I’d probably pick this one up just on the art alone.

  27. When does this start and when does Brightest Day end?

  28. This could be really good, and I highly doubt that you need to read any of the tie-ins to understand the main story.

  29. @TexasZombie99    I read that mini and it was indeed awesome!  Excitment continuing to build.

  30. DnA + Lois Lane = Fuck yeah!

  31. DnA have been supberb on the Marvel side so I’ll at least get those minis; but what does mean for their work on the Marvel side, Annihaltors, and Heroes for Hire?

  32. Nice stuff. I like their approach to “events” of late. You can follow the main title without following branches. I think I heard DC plans on doing the same with this one. I’m in.

  33. Deadman and the Flying Graysons?!  Frankenstein and some Unknown Creatures (Whatever that is)?!  Sounds Cool!

  34. I still have no idea what to make of this…Still, Deadman and the Flying Graysons sounds pretty bad-ass.

  35. Who wouldn’t want to read Citizen Cold?  or.. man, there’s a LOT of these titles that invoke a promising premise!

  36. When does this start? I should probably start saving up now… 

  37. Emperor Aquaman…love it, it has a great ring to it!

  38. What is this actually… about? I’ve read no mention of content.

  39. Sounds kind of like DC’s version of House of M in a way.  Yet, I’m looking forward to it.

  40. If it’s the Frankenstien from Morrisons Seven Soldiers, which I am assuming it is, then I am completely sold on t based on the title alone. Also Deadman and the Flying Graysons sounds fun,

  41. “Whatever Happened to Europe?” makes me giggle, don’t know why. 🙂

  42. the bigger the event, the more minis involved,  the MORE I’m inclined to trade wait. With Dc’s program I’ll be eagerly anticipating the trades in 2012

  43. @TimmyWood  it does sound a lot like House of M, I personally love these alternate dystopic timelines so I’m all for this

  44. I guess the Marvel exclusive contract that Abnett and Lanning signed in 2008 is over now, eh? Did I miss news about that? Are they DC exclusive now or working for both companies?

  45. well, thank goodness they drew “the line at 2.99” LOL

  46. These sound like the series that I’d get…


  47. @grigs

    They’re doing Annihilators for Marvel and Infestation for IDW, so I assume they’re free contract. 

  48. I need to ask for a raise.  (Many of these sound quite interesting.)

  49. Some of these sound really good from the titles especially FLASHPOINT: DEADMAN AND THE FLYING GRAYSONS #1-#3 

    i’ll be taking a look for sure…

  50. Sounds pretty interesting but this is reason # 9,437 why I stopped buying comics..  too many things to buy and no way keep up with, afford, or store..  🙁

  51. Extremely excited. And jeez, how many titles does this mean DnA are writing if those creative teams are correct? I have to say, I’d gladly like to see folded into the Team Johns core of writers. Just as long as they keep my Marvel cosmic warm. And keep writing Heroes for Hire. And…

  52. Just making sure I understand correctly, are some on-goings going to be suspended to be replaced by minis? Ala One Year Later?

  53. @JNewcomb  They haven’t officially announced anything on that score yet.

  54. Amazing titles. Can’t wait!

  55. With DC trying to keep their prices low I’ll probably end up sampling some of these miniseries. 

    The same can’t be said for FEAR ITSELF.  $3.99 books means I will be avoiding that event.

  56. And thus did I decide to go entirely to trade for things I’m not already reading… having to order 2 months in advance will do that, I suppose

  57. Once I get my head around the creative teams, I’ll bet I end up having fun with this. At the moment, I find this list a little overwhelming. I wonder if I know enough about these characters’ histories at this point to appreciate the changes…!

  58. Anyone know if Manapul will be illustrating any of these?  Or will the Flash ongoing keep going with him as a tie-in?

  59. I’m IN. If this is an AoA style thing where the 15 minis replace the ongoings for a few months, they can count on me trying every single one of them. If this is instead 15 minis ON TOP of all the regular titles, then I’m much less inclined to buy them as they come out and will instead wait to hear if any particular mini really hits it out of the park.

  60. What @Wood said.

  61. Very high risk factor here. Blackest Night was so successful because it sprung out of a long building, very successful, very good Green Lantern run. This feels like it’s just sprung on us.

  62. I was wondering why DC was finally releasing Abnett & Lannings Legion run, guess I know now.

    I am curious which came first, the end of Marvel cosmic proper by DnA or this new wave of mainstream DC work.

  63. @Unoob  I have the same feeling.

  64. I’m sure that all of the minis aren’t required reading.  But if they’re AoA style OR very Elseworlds feeling, I will be buying all of them.  I love when DC mixes things up with alternate versions of their characters.

  65. Way too many minis. 

  66. Is this the most tie-in mini series we have seen for one event?  I dont recall any having as many as fifteen.

  67. I’m all IN at this point.  Glad to see Abnett and Lanning getting some exposure to the DCU.  Their work on Marvel Cosmic these past couple of years has been about the only Marvel titles I’ve been consistently buying and enjoying.  Excited for Flashpoint about as much as Blackest Night last year.  Hooray!

  68. I am tickled.

  69. *Groan

  70. Alright DCBS, don’t fail me now

  71. So many purchases to make.  The AoA style has been my favorite ‘style’ of events.


  73. Looking forward to creative team anouncements!

  74. Wow, I was expecting something like, ‘what if Green Arrow never left the island’ or ‘what if Conner became Lex Luthor’s minion’ but these sound really different and interesting. Especially, Abin Sur and the Graysons.

  75. Fifteen minis for a five issue series is serious overkill. Tradewaiting on this and I’ll only pick up the good stuff. The deluge of tie-ins has completely turned me away from single issues for events.

  76. 3 issue story about Lois Lane leading an underground resistance against Wonder Woman who is the queen of Europe written by DnA….. Sign me up!

    Gonna need to see some creative teams before I get excited for the rest of them

    Probably gonna stay away from the main title, Im happy with have an elseworld or two but I’d rather not deal with timetravel/multiverse silliness

  77. Ow ow ow my wallet hurts…

  78. This is easy, I’ll buy the Flash, because I buy the Flash. I am interested in the Main Flashpoint book so I’ll probably get that. Everythis else will be ignored unless a creative team I just can’t say no to is involved.

  79. Do we know when we’ll get more info about what this is actually about?

  80. I only read Morrison Batman titles – will this affect them? Please say no…

  81. Why does EVERYTHING have to change?
    Why will NOTHING be the same again?

    How about just a big story with big repercussions –

    People get immune to the movie voice guy talking about

    “In a World,,,,,”

  82. is that a kDan, i thought those are supposed to be intractable to logic, stories whose contemplation may allow access to mysterious states of perception and understanding? here’s a good one i found on wikipedia,

    [[A monk asked Dongshan Shouchu, “What is Buddha?” Dongshan said, “Three pounds of flax.”]]

  83. …tried to be too clever there if such a thing can be believed–that’s supposed to say ‘koan’ but with the hat on the ‘o’ which is correct i believe; wouldn’t let me though! technology, grr!!

  84. Does anyone think that they are only doing 15 minis just to keep sales up?

    I seriously doubt they would do THAT many if people weren’t calling ‘doomsday’ over the lack of sales the past couple of months.

    Or am I just saying the obvious? 

  85. Sorry DC. 5 issues plus 15 minis plus a bunch of one shots? I’m out. I’ll stick to Hex and Vertigo thanks. This kind of stuff is what that Eric Powell youtube video is all about.

  86. @TNC: Yes, they’re publishing 15 minis to make money. well done. 

  87. Im a DC Universe fan, so something under Geoff altering the timestream to make all of the DC Universe into 1 elseworlds…awesome.  I can understand that some people are antsy that DC is hijacking their stories, but step away from this for a second and ask this question.

    > If these were Elseworlds titles, would you pick them up?

    1)  EMPORER AQUAMAN.   Was this GJ allusion to something big coming for Aquaman?  (Fingers crossed that Black Manta is a french/algerian resistance fighter….)
    2)  Lois Lane, by Abnet and Laning, versus Wonder Woman.  Bring it on.
    3)  Deadman and the Flying Graysons.  I’m predicting that Dick Grayson is the deadman in the this timeline.
    4)   Project Superman.  A world without Supes, where supes is being expedrtimented on by the US government (hopefully as a weapon to use against Aquaman and Wonder Woman)
    5)  CITIZEN COLD!  (Come’on – I would sign up for a monthly of Captain Cold…how can this not rock.) 
    6)  What if Abin Sur didn’t die?
    7)   Anything with the Morrision Steam-punk James Bond Frankenstein.
    8)  Secret Seven…fingers crossed that its Secret Six with Seven Soldiers of Victory (fingers crossed – Green Arrow, Catman, Deadshot, et al..under the direction of Mockingbird, aka Lex Luthor.  Also super fun if it includes Detective Chimp.) 

    So, I’m stoked. 

  88. Can we get some creative teams?

  89. I presume “Creatures of the Unknown” is something to do with the Challengers of the Unknown, and that “Secret Seven” is something to do with the Secret Six?

  90. I’m not making any decisions on which of these to get until I know some creative teams, but Citizen Cold is the one that piques my interest the most at this point.

  91. In an interview with Newsarama, Peter Milligan said he’ll write one of these minis with art by George Perez and it will star Shade the Changing Man and the Enchantress.  Anyone know which mini that might be based on the characters in it?