ECCC 2012: SCOTT PILGRIM Goes Color with Deluxe Hardcovers

What news from Seattle? Oni has announced that their star player Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim is getting a facelift. No longer confined to a group of  digest-sized, black and white paperbacks, you can now look forward to six hardcover volumes of 6 x 9 (slightly larger) full color fun in Toronto with Sex-bob-omb and friends. Colorist extraordinaire Nathan Fairbairn was brought in to add a little color to Scott’s precious little life.

Volume 1 will be available on August 8, with volume 2 hitting in October. After that, the next 4 volumes will be released bi-annually (that’s twice a year). They’ll be $24.99 each, but if you want to play it cheap and colorless, you can still get the classic format.

In the meantime, take a taste of what is to come, and look at your old volumes of Scott Pilgrim. Then just spend some time thinking. Or just go read them again. Your call.


  1. In the words of Phillip J. Fry… “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”

  2. Well I now know where $150 of my money will be going to throughout the next 3 years.

  3. And I was just wanting a reason to read the series again…

  4. I was going to get the boxset, but I like hardcover books better than paperback. Plus, it’s going to be colored. The only problem is I’m going to have to wait 3 years to get all the books. I have a lot of contemplating to do.

  5. WANT. Oh, so much want.

  6. Well, it was nice knowing you, money.

  7. It kinda looks crummy to me. I think it looks better in the black and white. I’ll pass.

  8. If you’d have asked me before if I want colour editions of Scott Pilgrim, I’d probably have said no.

    Now all I can think is “Why isn’t August the month that comes after March?”

  9. I was hoping for a massive omnibus with the moon on a stick as a free gift; but this is acceptable.

  10. I’m gonna type this before I look for the mop because I JUST WET MYSELF!

  11. Well, have a bunch more books to get autographed now…

  12. I knew this would happen eventually, those few pages we got already in colour were too good for it not to be done to the whole series.

  13. Can’t believe it will take so long to release these.

  14. Very cool news!

  15. Oh, and the first one comes out the day before my birthday even? This is going to be great.

  16. first Bone now Scott Pilgrim next we need Terry Moores comicbooks colorized

  17. Even though I am not a huge fan of the books, seeing them in color is pretty cool….and it’s weird they weren’t in color to begin with. Considering how fluid and action packed they are I would assume putting them in color would have been the obvious choice. Maybe I’ll give the books a re-read again in this new format…

    …Then I see that flying Indian guy come in and then I realize why I’m not a big fan to begin with.

  18. Wow, I never thought that these ever needed to be in colour but man, does this look great. Count me in. And I’m actually grateful for the slow release schedule – as I have already read them, they won’t be a priority in my budget so it’s nice that I could spread that $150 over three years.

  19. Pilgrim fans are the coolest, smartest and tasteful fans. Your comments prove this. You guys rock. Is it colorful or colourful? Can’t figure out which is correct and won’t bother looking it. I’ll use the one with the “u” even thou I’m from Canada, looks nicer. The books look awesome! we’ll see if I can level up from poor to getting-by by then.

  20. Got a couple of original pages framed on my wall, I look forward to seeing the comparison. I’ll be buying them regardless, but I don’t think that colouring them is particularly necessary.

  21. SP is one of the best comic book seris known to man, I’ve never laughed so much in a comic.
    I’m definitely going to be buying the first edition, but I’ve always loved it as a purly black and white comic.
    On that note, SECOUNDS IS ALMOST HERE!
    Not really, (Not till summer of next year I think) but at least we got this.

  22. I’m in!!! Already own all 6 tpb’s, but will collect these as well. Do not feel slighted in the least on double dipping on such a great come. For the amount of entertainment this series has already brought me, I’d probably buy all 6 of these upcoming colour’ized versions, then plunk down another $200 for the a “deluxe” omnibus – – should it ever see the light of day. SP can do no wrong. I owe thee!!!!!!!!!!!!!