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Comics Evangelism, and Keeping Those Female Readers Elusive

For every person trying to get new readers into comics, there seems to be another one trying to keep them out. Open the door to the clubhouse!

SDCC 2012: Oni Press To Level Up Your SCOTT PILGRIM Collection with COLLECTOR’S And EVIL Editions

The Precious Little Life just got a little more Precious.

ECCC 2012: SCOTT PILGRIM Goes Color with Deluxe Hardcovers

I want to punch your black and white pages in the face, Scott.

CONTEST: Scott Pilgrim Vs. YOUR T-Shirt Design – Win $2,500!

Last month we told you about our friends at Mighty Fine who were hosting an Avengers themed contest (you entered…

The Digital Age: Better Late Than Never

We’re about ten years behind, but we finally have that future you ordered.