SDCC 2012: Oni Press To Level Up Your SCOTT PILGRIM Collection with COLLECTOR’S And EVIL Editions

As any modern gamer knows, playtime rarely ends with the roll of the closing credits. This is the age of DLC and Greatest Hits editions. So it should be no surprise that Scott Pilgrim, the comic book love letter to all things pixelated, lives on with a handful of charmed extra lives. We’re still waiting on the colorized editions of each volume in the series, but this month, Oni Press is unveiling two new versions for diehard fans, initially exclusive to San Diego Comic Con.

You can pick these up at the Oni Press booth (#1833) at Comic-Con International 2012. But if you can’t make it to the show, fear not. They’ll be up for online order at Oni’s website in August.

The first is an Evil Edition of Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life, featuring the nefarious Matthew Patel. The other is a Collector’s Edition of that first volume, which comes with a whole dungeon’s worth of goodies, including a 1-up coin. Here’s the full breakdown:

The EVIL EDITION sports a new cover from O’Malley featuring Ramona’s first evil-ex, Matthew Patel. The edition will be on sale for $40 US.

The limited-to-1000 COLLECTOR’S EDITION provides fans a deluxe package with a ton of exclusive goodies. In addition to the EVIL EDITION version of the book, the COLLECTOR’S EDITION also includes:

A numbered book plate signed by Bryan Lee O’Malley
Five art prints featuring both versions of the cover, along with three of volume 1’s biggest moments–each measuring 9×12
Eleven vinyl stickers featuring some of O’Malley’s favorite panels from the book
Two scout-style embroidered badges featuring Pilgrim and Patel (not pictured)
A hand-crumpled setlist from Crash & the Boys drummer Trasha
A two-inch metal Scott Pilgrim 1-up coin
A code for the digital edition of SCOTT PILGRIM VOLUME 1 COLOR EDITION from ComiXology
This strictly limited package retails for $100 US.


  1. I cannot wait until they collect them all in an individual hardcover boxset. My copies are getting so worn from repeated reading

  2. Who’s the baby holding the coin?

  3. The collector’s edition looks great. Not sure if it’s $100 great, but great nonetheless. May just go ahead and pick up the Evil Edition for $40 while I’m at SDCC.

  4. when is it released?

  5. Wait, so are these the colorized version they had announced a while ago, or a previously-unknown hardcover (but still black & white) edition? I see it mentions the Collector Edition includes a download code for a color version, but nothing about the book itself.

    • After reading the original article on Oni Press’ website, it appears that it’s a variant to the Color Edition (which is being released BEFORE the non-variant?).