‘Dredd 3D’

Dredd 3D

Another Judge Dredd movie? Sure! Why not!

17 years after Sylvester Stallone informed everyone that HE WAS THE LAWR! we’re back with a new, supposedly more faithful, take on the UK’s favorite one man judge, jury and executioner!

Buzz is strong with this one. I know! But it’s true. Just about everyone that I know who has already seen the film (which is mostly those in the UK and those lucky enough to attend advanced screenings) has raved about Dredd 3D, describing it as a taut and exciting actioner. Are they right or were they all drunk? It’s time to find out!

Want to read Paul Montgomery’s spoiler free review of Dredd 3D? Read it here!

Want to hear Ron, posibly Conor, and possibly Paul talk Dredd 3D? Listen to it here!

Are you going to see Dredd 3D? Of course you are! So let’s talk about it!

If you haven’t seen the movie yet be forewarned – there be SPOILERS ahoy! So don’t scroll down any further if you are sensitive to that kind of thing.


  1. The comic book movie I’ve been most excited about this year. Is nearly here. Finally a Judge Dredd movie to be proud of as a fan. The fact that its reviewing so well is just…. so awesome.


    I went to Dredd 3D tonight. Utter pish. A bad guy says: ‘Mega City One is like a giant meat grinder, people go in one end and meat comes out the other end.’ It’s a shame a decent script doesn’t emerge. The film lacks any of the humour that made the original comics so great; there’s no satire, the gag lines are leaden and the continual effing is no substitute for the ever-charming ‘Drokk’.

    The sentence delivered by our hero at the end simply reenacts an earlier scene and there’s no explanation as to why villainous Lena Headey has everyone in her thrall. As for the ‘future’ city, it may as well be LA today for how mundane everything looks. The score is cliched video game metal, Dredd’s magnificently ornate uniform is dulled down, the 3D is a waste of our time and money (obviously!) …

    I’ve never seen the Stallone film, but if it is indeed a lot dafter than this boring excuse for a sci-fi thriller, count me in. As a mate said, if we were 14-year-old boys we’d be (CENSORED) at the continual scenes of gore. The whole thing is just rank.

    I did like Karl Urban’s helmet, though.

    • I figured as much. Hollywood just doesn’t get Judge Dredd. It supposed to be satirical, its supposed to be zany and irreverant. This is just bullets, bangs and gore.

    • It a British film, by a British writer, with John Wagner involved in approving the script. The only Hollywood connection is a couple of the actors.

      I thought the music was superb, it fitted well, whether it was the action scenes or the trancelike ‘slo mo’ scenes. The low key sets, and toned down costumes etc. was most likely due to budget constraints. Also, as much as I love it in print, someone shouting ‘Drokk’ in real life just sounds goofy. I agree that theres not a whole lot of the comics humour, its a pretty grim film.

      I enjoyed it, thought it was a decent first step. A bigger budget and the freedom to flesh out the world a bit more could bring a top notch sequel.

      For none Dredd fans, If you liked 18 rated (R rated?) 80’s action films like robocop, predator (e.g. gory sci fi ones) I’d say give it a shot.

  3. Can’t wait for the podcast review.

  4. I’ve never seen the original film, never read Judge Dredd comics (despite being British), but I’m a big action movie fan, and this was amazing.

    • If you didnt grow up with 2000AD you’re not really British!

    • I concur

    • The trailers I’ve watched make me want to like the film. I’m not British although I have read one or two Judge Dredd books. If memory serves me correctly Simon Bisley did the one that stood out for me. His artwork is unlike any other and he didn’t take the too seriously. It was a fun book to read and I hope the movie will be as fun as well.

    • I thought it was fun. They’ve certainly nailed the sheer badass brutality of a Bisley drawn comic.

      Side note, Judgement on Gotham completely blew my thirteen year old mind. Dredd! Batman! Bisley! (was too young to appreciate Wagner! Grant!)

      I dont think I’ve ever been enjoyed anything again in my life as much as that young lad did that comic.

  5. I am an old man. I’ve been with dredd from the late 70’s. he’s been many different things, but this movie is a fantastic interpretation if some if those facets. There is humour, though dark and understated. There is sci-fi , but done with innovation due to small budgets. There is hard line , bloody insane violent action- and that us also dredd. What makes it work more than anything is that it is relentless, just like our favourite judge. It is also fantastically visual, and a must-see in cinema 3d to get the real comic book feel. Go watch. Just not with little kids !

  6. Looking forward to seeing this one. I might make an effort to catch it this weekend.

  7. Saw it last week, it was awesome. The 3d was effective, the tone was bang-on and the simple premise really worked in the movies favor. As far the ‘the raid’ comparisons go…. Dredd has featured ‘block war’ type storylines many times before. It felt (to me least) like an incredibly enjoyable blend of both robocop and die hard. The 2nd most amount of fun at the movies this year behind avengers. Definitely the years happiest surprise

  8. It’s got a pretty good score on Rotten Tomatoes so I guess the consensus is that it’s a good movie.

    Did not see that one coming.

  9. I give the script a 6 out of 10, the visuals a 10 out of 10 and the music a 10 out of 10. The story doesn’t have a lot of flesh on its bones, but in terms of visual panache, this is the “300” of 2012. I like the score so much that I will probably buy it.

  10. Funny, reading this thread makes me want to go back and read 2000AD and skip this movie

  11. Just saw this earlier tonight and it was better than I thought it was going to be and I was really looking forward to see it. This film made me forget about the horrible Stallone flick from the 90s. I am glad that I did not take any of my kids with me cuz it is vi-o-lent, but cool as fuck. The coolest thing is that Karl Urban as Judge Dredd does not take his helmet off the entire film. My biggest complaint is that I did not here the band Anthrax’s son “I Am The Law”, unless it was on during the credits cuz I did not stay thru the credits. Way fucking better than Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Looking forward to owning this when the blu-ray hits stores.

  12. 6.3 million? Unbelievable. I really thought this one would at least crack to top 5. TWO cop movies this weekend and the one that doesn’t star a gay cowboy is the loser!? Dredd was great. It was quick to hop into the action and never let up. If people getting shot up/incinerated/taking a bath in slow motion is your thing watch this movie. It’s that simple.

  13. This movie? I enjoyed it. Greatly.

  14. 6th in the box office, so probably won’t be seeing any sequels, which is a shame because this movie was great.

    • Don’t lose hope. It’s doing well in almost every other market and considering the budget was 45 million it should easily make it’s money back with change. it might find it’s audience on after it leaves theaters too. people forget that the first austin powers didn’t do that well in theaters but DVD and VHS sales went through the roof and we got two sequels out of that and they were blockbusters.

  15. Dredd was fucking fantastic! Too bad it kind of bombed. I would have liked to have seen more of these. I have a feeling this is gonna be one of those movies that slowly build a kind of cult following, and more people will realize just how great Dredd was.