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Special Edition – Dredd 3D

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Citizens: The Mega Block community designated “Peach Trees” is under siege. Drug boss Madelaine “Ma-Ma” Madrigal has staged a coup, locking down the entire 200-story complex. She has promised to raise the blast doors only after investigating Judges Dredd and Anderson are summarily executed. Join the extraction team of Judge Ron Richards, Judge Conor Kilpatrick, and hot-shot provisional Judge Paul “Red Beard” Montgomery as they brave a hail of 3D gunfire and experiment with the mind-altering street drug known as “Slo-Mo.” All rise for the final judgement of the year’s last feature-length comic book adaptation, Dredd 3D!

Running Time: 00:27:20

Dredd 3D



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  1. This was fantastic. Definitely exceeded my expectations. Not the best comic book film, but definitely one of the best thats not from DC or Marvel. This movie has made me want to pick up Judge Dredd comics & have now bought the America trilogy. Wonder if they’ll make any sequels with its somewhat strong performance overseas (i.e. Hellboy)?

    • America is great stuff. Way too much awesome Dredd stuff to recommend, the Judge Death stuff, the Necropolis epic (in Case Files 14), etc. The recent two Tour of Duty graphic novels are great saga to check out. Also The Pit is a good one.

      And hell yes, love this movie.

  2. How about the Warner Bros. produced Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X live-action movie? it’s technically also a comic book movie right? 🙂

  3. Have to defend the movie makers, Anderson never wore the helmet. The PSI judges had a little wiggle room the the rules.
    There are so many different types of story in JD. America which showed the dark fascist side of the judges, the something like block mania and the apocalypse war, the heroic side. I cant wait to see it. this week without fail. Like the way it sounds as though they made it like a case file episode. Hope they get a run of these made.

  4. Cheers for all the great content lately lads, awesome stuff and the banter has been ratcheting up nicely. Josh has been on fire recently. I haven’t seen this yet but I had a feeling this would be fine is but Alex Garland is a great writer (28 days later and wrote the classic backpacker book The Beach)..

  5. Saw it yesterday and LOVED it!!!

  6. Didn’t see Dredd but it sounds awesome. But you guys have GOT to see The Raid. you guys have the premise right, but it plays out VERY differently than a regular action movie. Plus the action is topnotch.

  7. still can’t understand why this movie is bombing while RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION continues to make a killing… SMH.

  8. I thought this was surprisingly good. What surprised me the most was how effective and minimalist the soundtrack was, which could also be said of the rest of the production. Even the “slo-mo” effects really weren’t overdone and were weaved into the fabric of the story quite well. I was not looking forward to this at all and it’s turned out to be quite the pleasant surprise. My hope is that maybe like “Buffy” this becomes enough of a cult film to spin off into a TV series.

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