DON’T MISS: Sweet Tooth #1

It’s fairly safe to say that Vertigo’s program of selling first issues for $1 is working out well for them.  Anecdotally from our community here, we’re seeing a lot more people take a chance on new series from the DC offshoot publisher.  First there was The Unwritten, then Greek Street, and now we’re getting a discounted first issue of Sweet Tooth #1 by Jeff Lemire, creator of the Essex County Trilogy and The Nobody.

So what is Sweet Tooth?  That’s an excellent question.  There have been quite a few previews in the backs of comics for the last month, and a whole lot of high praise floating around for this series.  But the actual story itself has been a bit of a mystery.  As far as I can tell, we’re looking at a post-apocalyptic world where there are no more children being born, except for human-animal hybrids.  The main character, a boy with Antlers named Gus, is one of these hybrids.  The preview indicates that people are hunting Gus, and his life is in danger.  Over the first few issues, more things will be revealed and we’ll learn a lot more about the world where this story takes place. 

But here are some things I do know.  Jeff Lemire makes good comics.  There has never been anything quite like his Essex County books, and how he communicates emotion with such minimal pen strokes and so few words.  A larger audience was introduced to his work through his take on the Invisible Man mythos in The Nobody.  It would be a grave mistake to assume that he is only good for small town family drama, and the ideas driving Sweet Tooth are much grander in scope than anything we’ve seen from Lemire before.  There is a feeling lingering around the comic book industry that Lemire is on the verge of becoming a hugely important creator in the near future, and Sweet Tooth is a big step in that direction.

Make sure to check it out this Wednesday!  Be sure to add Sweet Tooth #1 to your pull list!




  1. I’m in for a buck – ha, a deer joke.

  2. I LOVE the $1 issue #1 strategy.  It is economics/marketing in its simplest form.  The first one’s free/cheap, then we raise the price once we get you addicted.  Who knew the comics industry and the herion industry had so much in common (other than Grant Morrison, of course)?

    As someone who grew up in rural Kentucky and lives in rural Georgia, I have been surrounded by hunters and fanatics (religious or otherwise) for much of my life.  I expect to identify quite closely with Gus (although my antlers are much smaller).

  3. This looks badass. Pull.

  4. Quite excited.  Hurray for Canadian creators!

  5. I really like this new Vertigo one dollar sales incentive they have going on. I’ve made sure to pick up every book they’ve released, and I’ve nejoyed them all.

  6. Not sure about the antlers and all that, but whatever.  I love Vertigo, and will try just about anything.

  7. I’ll give it a try… it looks… well… stupid. I hate to be judgemental like that, but that’s my initial impression.

  8. Can’t wait for this book.  Very excited to get more from Lemire

  9. I haven’t heard anything about this book until a few days ago…though I have an extra buck laying around somewhere, so I’ll definitely give this a shot

  10. Very Excited.

  11. I haven’t enjoyed the other two $1 debuts for Vertigo. But it is an amazing strategy and it’s worked well for them. Unwritten has become a major seller for the company, even with a regular price tag. While Greek Street….well it’s doing okay I think. But not as big as it should’ve been.

    But this preview got me stoked for this particular series. I’ve never read a Lemire comic before and this looks amazing. Great art and an intriguing story? I’d buy that for a dollar!

  12. Ill give this a shot for a $1. I tried Unwritten and Greek Street for a  buck. I am still pulling Unwritten, which is now one of my favorite books. Greek Street didn’t interest me so I stopped after book 1. This looks good tho.

  13. This character Gus makes me feel a little uncomfortable, but I’m in for a dollar. Will add to pull list.

  14. I find your avatar/profile pic far more uncomfortable 😉

  15. This preview didn’t exactly blow me away but hey it’s only a dollah!

  16. The issue is better than the preview would indicate.

  17. Not that the preview is bad, but it’s just better than that.

  18. I had that same problem with Unwritten. The preview, incomplete and out of context, made me think, "Oh, no no. Not for me." Only the $1 cover price and some LCS peer pressure got me to try it, and it turned out to be a delight.

  19. I will try any comic Lemire produces. Excited to check this out.  

  20. I’m surprised so many people are saying they didn’t like Greek Street that much. Personally, I enjoyed it. It was quite twisted and weird, but I think it was interesting enough to warrant buying at least the second issue.

  21. This could have a very disturbing Christmas special if this series last that long…

  22. @ThePunisherMax – I’m still sticking with Greek Street. I’ve enjoyed the first two, and I’m very intrigued to see where it goes as it builds up some momentum. It’s a tricky series; I can see why it wouldn’t be for everyone. And i do admit that I can see it losing me, depending on how it builds. But I’m in it for now.

    Unwritten is excellent. I hope it continues to do well. Carey’s last Vertigo effort, Crossing Midnight, was actually surprisingly good. I picked it up in trades, and was disappointed when it was canceled after only three slim volumes. I hope Unwritten gets a better life than Crossing Midnight.

    I’m so down for Sweet Tooth. After reading Lemire’s Nobody and Essex County, how could I NOT be down for this? Actually, as I type, I’m staring at my desktop background which is a cool little montage of DC and Marvel heroes that Lemire illustrated in watercolor in his unique style. 

  23. Here’s the link to the aforementioned image (makes a great desktop wallpaper):

  24. I added this to my DCBS order after listening to Jeff Lemire’s interview on Wordballoon.

    DCBS often sells first issues for 25 percent of the cover price. Add that to Vertigo’s $1 price point, and I’m getting this comic for a quarter. A stinkin’ QUARTER!

    (End shameless plug of iFanboy sponsor)



  25. I really can’t think of a reason not to try this. Even if it was really bad, which I doubt it will be, it’s a lot cheaper than a lot of other bad books I’ve read lately. Plus, Lemire’s track record is pretty good. 

  26. I am definitely buying this as I have recently fallen in love with Essex County.  With that being sad, however, my one question is: will he be able to capture those same beautiful character moments in the shorter monthly issues?  My first thought is that will be a traded collection worth buying, but the issues are more of a crapshoot. 

  27. Jeff is one of my favorite creators and has become a friend in the last year, as well. While I make no bones that I have a personal interest in seeing Sweet Tooth succeed, I can also EMPHATICALLY echo Josh’s sentiment that this book deserves support. Essex County is a MASTERPIECE and The Nobody was a sight to behold. Sweet Tooth is a post apocalyptic tale with heart, think The Island of Dr. Moreau meets The Road. LOVE IT.


  28. As someone who was not a big fan of Nobody, this issue is awesome.  Very much fantastic both art and writing-wise.  If the quality of this first issue is any indication, I’d definitely buy a hardcover collection of the first arc.

  29. Ah what the hell im gonna pick this up.

  30. @daccampo: I love Lemire’s interpretations of superheroes. I would love to see his take on a monthly superhero title some day.

  31. No way am I missing anything by Jeff Lemire.

  32. What do you call a deer with only one eye?


    I have no eye dear!

  33. Am I the only one that finds the beastiality undercurrent of this comic disturbing?

  34. @bc108 – personally, I don’t see any such undercurrent.

  35. Well, this was sold out at my LCS and I can’t believe I just said that about a Vertigo book.