1. What I really want is an explanation for what a “comic ‘ghetto'” is lol

    also, there needs to be an ongoing title called “Comic Ghetto”

  2. Very fair comments from Rian but the question this article really raises for me is: was Wednesday Comics 2 just a rumour, then? I do hope not.

  3. Hughes Website link is broken.

  4. the only thing I would say about Hughes’ comments regarding the logo is that he comes at it from the perspective that this is a comic book logo. It isn’t – it is a entertainment company logo.

  5. I took a minute to go see the rest of the logos this guy has designed and he has done a crap-ton. And you know what? They all look good because they encapsulate the meanings of their characters/organizations instantly.

    The new DC logo does not.

    Take a second and look at the above logos without looking at the words or try not to envision the words at all:

    Archaia – Egyptian/Mythical-based Graphic, possibly a company involved with games or fiction.

    Batman & Robin – With a highly-stylized bat graphic with those eyes I am going to hazard a guess that it has something to do with Batman…?

    Wednesday Comics – Kinda cheating since it is almost all words but the choice of color, size and font are reminiscent to the comics section of the newspaper from back in the day (which WAS a Wednesday…)

    New DC Comics – Stickers? Cellophane? It’s definitely not reminiscent of a comic book page because no comic reader would ever treat the page that way, folding it over like that. Whatever it is I would not be able to tell that it has anything to do with comics without reading ‘DC Comics’ below it.


  6. Rian has some great points and really hits it home when he mentioned it has to work “Bare”. I really do believe that the best brand marks have to work as a simple, one color (printed in black-ink) “object” first and foremost. Then go nuts with applications after you’ve solved that problem.

    I will give the Landor guys credit..this is a bit of an experimental move and it’ll be interesting to see how they really implement it.

    Some of the best and most honest criticism of this new brand system has come from those designers/brand experts working outside of comics. Worth googling if you care to read it…

  7. It’s not too promising when they have to put the words “DC Comics” below the logo so people know what it is.

  8. This guy has designed practically every comics logo in existence, why didn’t DC just hire him to come up with their new logo?

  9. That’s the first time I’ve seen Landor identified as the designers. Those guys were great once upon a time — when all an identity was was a logo lockup and a tagline — but we’ve moved beyond that point thanks in large part to digital. Today you experience brands through their user interfaces more than anything else (e.g. think of things like Windows or iOS, etc.).

  10. Does DC’s logo *really* matter? It’s not bad, it’s not terrific… it’s what’s inside that counts. Such a non-issue.

  11. Don’t you think the logo is such a tiny part of a comic? it’s the ego of the corporation. “oh, this comic book has a logo I just can’t identify with… I’ll pass”. No one has said that, ever.

    • Logos won’t sell comics, unless its a brand new title and a fan of a certain company picks it up because they can easily identify said company on the cover.

  12. I still don’t understand why, if they are re-branding, why did they stick with Detective Comics Comics as their brand name?

    DC Entertainment, DC Media, DC Books, etc. all would have been better choices. This plus the fact they are redoing the logo less than a year after the whole universe reboot show what a cluster&@&^ DC is.

    • Because DC Comics didn’t decide to change their logo – the higher ups at DC Entertainment decided to rebrand the entire company. They’re not going to change their name because they’re still the comics branch of the company. DC Media would be the TV/Movie side and DC Books would be the actual books they put out if they started doing that. It’s not like Dan Didio’s been sitting around waiting to change the logo after they already did that for the company six years ago – this a much bigger change than that.

    • Then the higher ups at Warner Bros. should have had their stuff together before they totally overhauled their comic line. It just adds to the shortsightedness of a lot of decisions at DC/Time Warner/Whatever you want to call it.

  13. too comicy?? But they *are* comics.

  14. Well it communicates “sticker company” to me DC. Am i getting a free sticker with my books now?

  15. That logo stinks. Unless you squint. Then it looks like a pac-man skull in a hoodie. To each their own, I guess.