DC Universe Online: the time suck starts in NOVEMBER

IGN got to play DCU Online, and broke the news that the game is set to release in November on Playstation 3, and PC.

This is the big one comics and gaming fans have been waiting for.  Create your own hero or villain, and interact with all the big players in the DC Universe. 


Who's in?  Me, I don't have a PC or a PS3, and having been down the path of World of Warcraft, I wish you all the best of luck. Have fun out there! I for one, am going to miss Conor.

You can learn more about the game here, as if you didn't already know all the details. Don't forget to check in with your families around Christmas.


  1. REally? Finally? Let’s if it works.

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I have a PS3. I am doomed. 

  3. Goodbye world!

  4. I haven’t played games for years, and certainly not a massive online game. But hell, I’m definitely getting this one! Goodbye social life, it was good knowing you.

  5. The only problem this is going to have is that it’s a Sony project.  Sony, as great as a company as they are, just do not treat the players of their games with any respect and ruin any licesned property under their umbrella.  Anyone remember Star Wars Galaxies?


  6.  City of Heroes already ate up all my interest and years available for MMOs.

  7. Having watched a lot of the gameplay videos, it looks terrible. This is another Champions Online disaster.

  8. @RMC SWG is a cautionary tale, but EQ and EQ2 have been rolling along for quite some time and SOE actually cares about those properties. It also didn’t help that the original dev of SWG high tailed it out of dodge.  DC is going to have their hands all over this. I’m hopeful that watchful eye keeps the game grounded and user focused.

    DCU:Online and SW:TOR have me most excited in the next year. Sure they’re licensed MMOs, but they each seem to be taking their time to do things correctly. I can’t wait.

  9. God, November is when I start a new university course. Guess I’m failing that.

  10. Oh dear.

  11. I’ve never got into an MMO but I’ve also never been much of a PC gamer.  If it’s good on PS3 I don’t think I’ll be able to resist hanging out in the DCU.

  12. So, I have, what? Six months or so to find a girl and convince her to date me before all interaction with the opposite sex ceases? Alright, good to know.

  13. I reeeeeeeaaally feel like I’m on Tosh.0 right now, with all these quips about losing one’s identity in this online world. For me that ship has sailed my friends, it’s called ifanboy.

    Hmm… oooh! I’m soooo going to make a Red Lantern Orange Cat named Garfield no Sylvester NO No! I’ll just stick with just Puss. It says it all.  Maybe I’ll have a catch phrase: "do not provoke the puss"… too on the nose? Maybe I’ll just stick with "you wouldn’t like me if i’m angry".

    Now…. Who wants to be my Atrocitus? 😉

  14. Really? They’re finally going to grace us with a game that’s taken this long to get out?


    Well, I hope Jim Lee enjoys it, considering how much he’s whored himself out to it.


    Yet, I still want to play it, so kudos to all the people who, although took a while, put a lot of time and effort into this game. Hopefully it pays off. 

  15. @JoseRivera83: Would you rather they rush the game out or take their time to get it right? (I’m not saying they got it right, but these things take time.)

  16. There’s a WHOLLE lotta Power Girl screenshots on their website…. maybe they think boob’s will help it sell better.

    @JoseRivera83: "Well, I hope Jim Lee enjoys it, considering how much he’s whored himself out to it."
    If THAT isn’t quote of the week I don’t know WHAT is. XD!!!

    I’m actually thinking about creating another character, a sidekick-ish underage girl and call her Jungle Jailbait.  XD! I love seventhsanctum.com’s superhero name generators.

  17. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while! Can’t wait to see how it goes! At the very least this will last me ’till Star Wars: The Old Republic 🙂

  18. Never been happier that all I own is an Xbox.

  19. City of Heroes made me learn how to overclock a computer, so desperate was I to play it. Ultimately, it left me frustrated (you had to play for 900 hours to "earn" the abilities I wanted the day I signed up) but it also kept me hooked for long enough to know that I need to stay far, far away from this game.

  20. If you can be part of the GL corps (maybe Sinestro corps?), then I"m in!

  21. it there was a game to get me into MMO’s this would be it. Gonna wait for some reviews, but i hope its not too boring…

  22. @Conor. Okay, fair enough. However, they’ve spent so much time hyping this up that over the course of time, my interest just dwindled. You can only tell me it’s the greatest thing before I want to see what all the fuss is about. Then they say "Oh, well, it won’t be coming out this year." and then you wait. And then the next year you wonder if this will be the year and they say "Sorry, maybe next quarter" Don’t get me wrong, I am interested in this game, but much like when comics are delayed, you can only be interested in the hype for so long before you want to see the final result.

    It’s like your girlfriend telling you "Honey, we’re going to have incredible sex!" Naturally, you’re intrigued. You’re interest is at it’s zenith and you are so waiting for the big day. But, every once in a while she says "I’m not ready yet. Maybe later" and you’re patient but when you ask again she says "Maybe later" Eventually, you’re just not going to care anymore. 

    Am I equating a MMORPG to sex? Sort of. It’s the constant delays and making us wait that bothers me. As a comic fan, I’m getting somewhat used to delays because there’s nothing I can do about it. As someone who hasn’t tried an MMORPG and wanted to dip his foot into the water with a DC Comics game, that seemed interesting three-to-four years ago. Flashfoward to now…meh. It could still be fun but I don’t think I’d go in with the same enthusiasm as before.


    @Mangaman. Thank you for the chuckle! 🙂

  23. I’d play it if I felt they’d have a good reward to effort ratio. Like ‘ski said, I don’t wanna play forever to get a cool power. I wanna run fast or be invisible or whatever, soon enough in the game.