DC Announces New Creative Teams for TEEN TITANS and JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA

Just in time for SDCC, DC is playing a bit of musical chairs for a number of its ongoing series.

First up, Marc Guggenheim and cover artist Shane Davis take the helm of Justice Society of America this October. That helm being Dr. Fates', evidently. See what I did there? The interior artist has yet to be named, but here's a quick look at Davis' take on the team.


Here's what Guggenheim has to say about the run:

“For me, one of the advantages of working for “the Big Two” is getting to play with the biggest toys in the sandbox. The Justice Society so fits that category, my inner fanboy is squealing with delight. I was a huge fan of the JSA back when they were ensconced on Earth-2 and I was introduced to their exploits in the pages of Adventure Comics and the annual JLA/JSA crossovers. Our goal is to craft as JSA run for the ages and I think we’ve come up with something that’s revolutionary while still feeling uniquely “Justice Society.” Pay close attention to that second word. Big clue there.”

As a big fan of Law & Order and those Bart Allen issues of the Flash, I'm delighted at the prospect of picking up my favorite book again.

Next up, we already know that JT Krul (rising and falling Arrows) will be handeling the scripts for Teen Titans. Now we know that the artists providing the cat-swinging visuals is the spectacular Nicola Scott. Here's a look at a cover set to hit the racks in October:


Nicola says:

“Teen Titans has been one of the titles at DC that I’ve wanted to draw since deciding to work in comics. I became aware of the title when Wolfman and Perez made their ground breaking 80’s run and I’ve loved pretty near every incarnation since…I love each of these characters, JT has them note perfect and I’m having a blast! This is the Teen Titans as they should be.”

Also of interest, JT Krul reveals a pretty compelling addition to the Titans roster. Ready for it?

"Oh, and wait until you see her take on Damian. That’s right, I said it. What would Teen Titans be without a Robin.”

One of the most captivating characters from the disfunctional Bat-family stepping out into the larger DCU? As a team player? Worth at least a look, eh, Pennyworth?



  1. I’m interested in the JSA title.  Not so much on the JT Krul though.  I feel he really dropped the ball.

  2. The JSA team will absolutely not bring me back until I hear a lot of good things from people I trust. I love Nicola Scott, but I’m just not sure Titans can get me back regardless of the artist.


  3. how is wearing jeans a superhero comic?! i hate that look. and JT Krull…nope, not interested. too bad because aside from the west coast avengers and the x-men from the 80s the teen titans were my favorites.

  4. These look nice!

    I haven’t been following Titans.  Where’s Cyborg these days?

  5. I look forward to seeing if Krul can make Teen Titans even worse.

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m too curious about Damian on the Titans to not try it out. 

  7. I’m hit and miss with Guggenhiem, but he might be enough to get back on JSA. We’ll see. Nicola Scott on Teen Titans is cool, but not sure how I feel about treading those waters again. 

  8. sold on teen titans and i might pick up jsa

  9. they need to put red robin back in teen titans or at lesat put Mia Speedy in it…

  10. Damien isnt even a teenager. I think hes portrayed as a 10 year old. 12 year old is the oldest he is portrayed as also.

  11. I’m unsure about both of these titles.  Guggenheim terrifies me now when he gets announced on a book, especially after what happened with Bart in Flash.  For whatever reason I get the thought in my head he’s being brought onto a book to kill someone.

    I haven’t read any Krul, but I hear mixed results.  On the other hand I love Nikola Scott’s artwork.

    I’m so torn! 

  12. @ohcaroline He’s sort of in the JLA now.

  13. OH Joy!  I whole heartedly welcome the Teen Titans back onto my hold list.  

  14. For the first time in a long time, I will be reading Teen Titans again.

  15. Oh Nicola Scott, if only you could be put on a title that matters. (Although the prospect of Damien on the Titans sound great. But then again it’s being written by clearly the worst writer to hit comics since Chuck Austen.)

    Guess I’ll still have to wait even longer to try JSA again too.

  16. Daaamn, i want to read a good Teen Titans book again but i don’t know about Krul.  His Blackest Night Titans stuff was awesome, but that was before i read The Rise and Fall of Arsenal.  I just don’t know if i can trust him again after that.  Buuuut Nicola Scott’s art might be worth giving him a shot.  Alright Krul, you’ve won me over on this one, but you best not fuck it up this time!!

  17. Krul is a toss-up. His Titans writing has been quite good. The Green Arrow family stuff, not so much. I’ll give TEEN TITANS a shot, for sure.

    And JSA too, why not?

  18. @conor: Guggenheim has been veeerrry hit or miss lately. You guys said it yourself that his recent stuff on ASM were probably the worst for the series in a long time.

  19. Damian Wayne as a Titan; can’t wait. 

  20. @TNC: Sure. But he’s certainly worth an issue or two. I gave Wilingham and Sturges more than that and I was all but certain how that would go.

  21. If Krul can write Damian as well as he’s being written now, then Teen Titans will be worth reading for that reason alone. 

  22. Oh, that updated pic with Damian — that SO makes me want to read that story. I have a hunch he won’t actually join them, but will crash their pad and assume that as Batman’s son and a Robin, he automatically gets to lead them. That could be full of awesome.

    Guggenheim’s a good writer. I’ve liked some of his TV work, and his Blade series was sadly overlooked. He’s got the chops, though, and I do like the idea of Dr. Fate becoming a bigger player again, so I may have to check that one out.


  23. Nice to see Shane Davis on something like JSA and Nicola Scott on Teen Titans with Damian just blew my mind!

  24. I hope that cover to Teen Titans isn’t misleading in that Wonder Girl stops wearing that sweater, and goes back to the tank top.


    @smeeeeee I agree that they need to bring back Tim Drake and Speedy, hell I would settle for Arrowette at this point. 

  25. So should we start a betting pool as to which Titan will be on Smack next?  Will Damien beat Gar with a cat?

  26. I will probably check both out.  Krul may have biffed the Rise of Arsenal, but I’ve thought his Green Arrow stuff has been solid.  Also, I’ve loved Guggenheim’s DC work before, so that should be a sure thing.

  27. I’m waiting to read something that JT Krul that isn’t related to Cry For Justice. Am I wrong for thinking that the bad stuff he has written is directly related to that story? Maybe, maybe not. If anything, this run of Teen Titans will prove whether this is the case or not. So yeah, I’ll definitely check it out. I love Nicola Scott’s art and the premise sounds interesting. If anything, it will make the title more intersting than the  current less-than-mediocre run.


    As for JSA, I’m gonna wait for word of mouth. All the Guggenheim stuff that I have read in the past hasn’t thrilled me. Again, hopefully this new run will improve the state of things on this title.

  28. The only way I’m getting back on JSA is if they put the team back together into just ONE BOOK!

  29. @tompimp my bet is Damien beating superboy with Gar as a cat.

  30. Nicola Scott pencilling Damien in Teen Titans? I’m in!

  31. just noticed something dose ths mean that whether or not bruce or dick or both are batman in ocotober damien will robin becasue that makes me happy

  32. I’m hoping Teen Titans will improve with this new team. It just hasn’t been the same since Johns left.

  33. Can’t say these announcements from DC on any level really get me excited for anything. These aren’t the titles I would’ve picked to put someone of Nicola Scot’s calibre on art on.

    Remember the days when there was genuinely BIG names of writers and artists that made sense on the books they were going to be on?

  34. Of all the DC announcement this week, this does the least for me. I’ve enjoyed Willingham’s JSA more than I initially thought I would, but I’m willing to give Guggenheim a shot, if only for Davis’ art. Teen Titans is another matter entirely. It’s gonna take someone special to convince me to pick that up again. Though that image of Damian is pretty cool.

    How bout a new creative team on JLA? PLEASE?! 


  35. I’ll keep reading JSA to at least give this creative team a chance.  Titans?  I don’t know.  I feel like I’ve a little bit gun shy with that title now.

  36. @WheelHands: Shane Davis is just going to be the cover artist for JSA.

  37. Son of a bitch! Now I’ll have to start reading Teen Titans. Anything to see more Damien be condenscending to the other dudes(ettes).

  38. Teen Titans sounds great but im worried about Krul.  I have to agree he is a toss up.  His writing comes off bland to me.  Love Damien, seems like a no-brainer.

  39. Nikola Scott’s art has me sold on titans! I dony think Ive read Krul but I hope he is better than some of yall say, yes Nikola and  Damien on the teen titans.

  40. Seems like Willingham just started on JSA and already they’re getting rid of him? Makes no sense, I enjoyed this last Nazi arc.

  41. @IroncladMerc: Sales and buzz on JSA haven’t been good since Johns left. I’m not surprised they’re making a change.

  42. @conor: Sometimes WheelHands don’t read good. Oh well. Unless the interior artist is someone I really can’t stomach, I’m still on board.