Daredevil: Reborn Announced at Toronto Fan Expo

Comic readers won't be that shocked to learn that Daredevil #512, noted as the end of the series won't actually be the end of the character.  At the Toronto Fan Expo this past weekend, Marvel announced that Daredevil: Reborn will follow Daredevil #512 in January.  The only details about the follow up to Shadowland they did release is that Andy Diggle, current Daredevil writer will still be on board.  But as to who will be Daredevil, no one's saying. 

They teased Gambit, at which point, most of the convention began to riot and set fire to the greater Toronto area. Death tolls were in the thousands, and it was a humanitarian disaster on par with Haiti and Pakistan combined.

Well, that's what should have happened for even joking about it.

So, who's gonna be Daredevil?


  1. Ben Affleck?

  2. Gambit would actually be kind of interesting.  I would actually care about both characters which I haven’t done in a while.

  3. Clearly, It’s time for Foggy to step up and take the mantle.

  4. Not sure what to think about this. I can’t picture anyone else as daredevil. Maybe they’re just messing with us and it will be Matt after all.
  5. It was so funny reading the reactions on the ‘strong’ comments that Gambit will be the new Daredevil.

  6. It would be the greatest thing ever to watch the reaction if they actually used Gambit for that.

  7. Since there is a new Powerman maybe Luke Cage can be Dardevil.  If that doesn’t pan out maybe Mesphisto can be Daredevil.. oh wait that already happened.

  8. I missed this panel! damn you too many people being there and making me leave!

    the question i pose is though, what makes Daredevil, Daredevil, and who would be able to fill that position. We know he’s the man without fear, but is that all DD is? what about his powers/abilities? are those important to transpose to a new DD, or even his sense (no pun intended) of Justice?

    An Josh, it’s funny you should say that about the fire. There were about 3 or 4 fire trucks right outside the convention centre (at another building) yesterday morning.

  9. Man I am really getting let down by Marvel due to what they are doing to Daredevil. If they do this (Again) I might finally drop this title even though he is my favorite character. Then again I did say "might" I will give any writer the benefit of the doubt, but man I do not have high hopes for Daredevil now. 🙁

  10. I’ll cast my vote for Foggy Nelson (presuming they’re able to take the costume out a few sizes)

  11. Chris Evans.

  12. Nathan Fillion. Amidoinitrite?

  13. Maybe Gambit should be Daredevil while Matt Murdock is lost in time.

  14. The Gambit joke went over my head.

  15. @drakedangerz: But if he plays Daredevil, then him, Captain America and Human Torch can never be together! WAAAAH!

  16. Great…..

  17. Maybe it will be a female. Colleen Wing seems to be headed in that direction. If not her, there are certainly more compelling women than men in Matt’s supporting cast.

  18. @Bornin1142  Gambit sucks. Thats the joke

  19. @drakedangerz and @comicbookchris: I think Chris Evan would make an awesome Ghost Rider instead of Nic Cage.

  20. Did they ever finish that Francavilla teaser poster?

  21. Deadpool is Daredevil.

  22. Jimmy Olden is Daredevivl . . . oh wait . . .

  23. Bleeding Cool had a rumour last week that Andy Diggle was writing the Marvel’s U’s Punisher comic, so seeing as how Diggle seems to be a one monthly comic at a time type of writer, I’m going with ‘ol Frank Castle.

  24. "Jimmy Olsen as Daredevil" sorry typing with a broken hand . . . not drunk

  25. I haven’t been this surprised since the last time these exact circumstances happened!

  26. Iron Fist is the obvious answer.  They’ve switched costumes before.

  27. My guess would be either Iron Fist, Luke Cage or Punisher. Gambit has to be a joke to get the fans riled up (God, please let it be a joke!).

  28. It’s high time FanExpo actually got some real announcements. Usually it’s just a watered down version of what happened in San Diego, and those of us with the internet already know about what happened in San Diego.

  29. We need to have a mini episode for Conor’s reaction if Gambit is the next Daredevil.

  30. D-Man

  31. @CPOG I am going to disagree with you about andy diggle doing the punisher, i enjoy rick remender as the writer of the book, and daredevil will always be matt murdock to me

  32. battlin’ jack murdock back from the dead, why the hell not

  33. Wolverine should be Daredevil. He’s in every other Marvel book, so why not?

  34. Gambit? This is madness!

  35. @JBIRD – It was just a rumour on Bleeding Cool, I didn’t say he was 100%, although Diggle on a Punisher book has lots of potential.  But the fact that usually those rumours hold some truth, my guess is Frank will don the horns and therefore Diggle is writing a Punisher book.  But again, this is only me guessing, it’s not like I have a crystal ball or something…

  36. So it’s going to be a Daredevil who isnt blind?  Lame

  37. Ugh, its so sad to see how fast Daredevil has gone off track since Brubaker left. A year ago Daredevil was in my top 5 favorite books, now I could care less whats happening in Shadowland or who’s going to take his place

  38. @DarkKnightDetective: Completely agree. I’m a big Diggle fan. His editorial reign on 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine were highlights and his Lenny Zero stories and the Losers were excellent. He just doesn’t seem to be a good match for DD.

  39. Logan should take the mantle of Daredevil. One more book can’t hurt

  40. Ugh! What are they doing? I wanted to give Diggle a chance but come on….

  41. Pakinstan jokes? too soon, dude, too soon


    And we are talking about the pakistan cricket team book making crisis, right? 

  42. I suspect it will end up being The Woman Without Fear. As to who, I don’t know enough about that corner of the Marvel U to wager a guess. Marvel needs a strong leading lady with her own title.

  43. Where is this that Punisher is taking over?

    Not that it wouldn’t be an interesting idea…..but it’s kinda lame considering he just came back from being undead.

  44. You Daredevil? Then you Ben Affleck!

  45. You are all missing the obvious choice:  Alicia Masters.  Ben Grimm (deThinged, and not a member of The Fantastic Three) will be her Foggy.  Or perhaps her Black Widow.  As long as he’s not her Milla Donavan.

  46. There has been one constant in my life – Daredevil.  Please, please, please don’t screw it up.


  48. My money is on T’Challa, with Suri being the new Black Panther he needs something to do with his time.