Dale Eaglesham Takes His Talents To… INCREDIBLE HULK

After his celebrated run with Geoff Johns on Justice Society of America, artist Dale Eaglesham jumped across the aisle to draw Fantastic Four with Jonathan Hickman. That didn't last long and he ended up moving over to draw the Steve Rogers: Super Soldier mini-series with Ed Brubaker. After that mini-series ended many wondered where Eaglesham would end up next.

Well, wait no longer, True Believers!

Dale Eagelsham joins writer Greg Pak on Incredible Hulk starting in February with issue 623 (that's the cover above). I can't think of a more perfect character for an artist who is well known for his brawnier-than-usual character depictions.

Their frist arc is called “Planet Savage” which finds The Hulk heading to the Savage Land and guest-stars Ka-Zar, Red She-Hulk, Skaar and Korg.

“I’m having the most fun I’ve had in years right now," Eaglesham said. "I feel like a kid in a candy store – Hulk, KaZar, the Savage Land? It doesn’t get any better than that for me. A Hulk book means that I get to unabashedly draw musculature, which everyone knows I love. And I get to work with Greg, who is such a good guy, a real team player, and seems as excited about this as I am. These are fun times!”


  1. Dang – I was kind of hoping it was going to be a Ka-Zar book 🙁

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes!

  3. Wow. Looks gorgeous. Eagelsham was made for this book.

  4. Oh, and is it me or has Jack of Fables really bulked up? Gotta be juicing.

  5. Ooooooh!

  6. Why is Ka-Zar wearing shorts under a loin cloth? Or a loin cloth over his shorts?

  7. He is perfect for this book, but then again … he was perfect for FF, Super Soldier, etc …. etc … etc …

  8. @RABinRVA: Combats chaffing.


  10. Smashing news.

  11. bitchin’

  12. Did he use a He-Man toy as reference for Ka-Zar there?

  13. Love Eaglesham, as he makes me miss Steve Pugh’s pencils in a weird way.

  14. They’re still publishing this book? I’ve hears literaly nothing about this book since WWHulk years ago.

  15. The Hulk character is still tragically broken (what triggers the transformation? Whose mind is in control? Are there still multiple personalities in there? What is going on? Do even the writers know?) but the Hulk books are as good as they’ve been in years. And now this is happening…!

  16. Also, it is common knowledge that Ka-Zar wears Spanx under his loincloth.

  17. Whew! I am now not the only person to wear spandex UNDER my loincloth. I am not alone…

  18. Why do I have the feeling that the original cover was a bit too risque (unintentionally) and Eaglesham had to add the spandex for Ka-Zar?

    Either way though that is pretty cool news. Shame I don’t read Incredible Hulk in issues. 

  19. He really is the perfect fit for that book.  I may give it a whirl.  I enjoyed Pak’s Incredible Herc, and with the right artist and storyline, this could be fun.  We’ll see what my pull list looks like in Feb.  If there’s room, I’ll add it.

  20. First we get Hardman on the Red Hulk book and now Eaglesham on Increcible Hulk…I’m overjoyed as a Hulk fan.  We even have Stegman on the She-Hulk book.  I like Paul’s term "Gamma Ray-Naissance".  Well put.  It looks like Ka-Zar is sponsored by Under Armour these days…sell out.