I’ve been saying it all along and now I can show the world.  If you read Avengers vs. X-Men and shared my opinion of the unfair vilification of Cyclops, now you can join me in protest thanks to a sweet t-shirt design from our pals over at  Building off the immensely popular “Magneto Was Right” design, we now have the official, Marvel approved “Cyclops Was Right” protest t-shirt, available in men’s sizes as well as ladies’ sizes and in a variety of colors, as you can see below.  Me? I’ll be sporting the blue version.


  1. I love it but I wish it wasn’t the 90’s costume

  2. i didn’t finish AvX. dropped after issue 4. i know the gist of what happened, but i don’t know what it is that Cyclops was right about? killing all humans? assassinating Prof X?

    • He was right about the Phoenix Force. It came back to reignite the X-factor and rebirth the mutant race. Of course, he lost control over it, but Hope didn’t, and she fulfilled the prophecy that Nathan and Scott sacrificed so much for.

    • Well Hope was only able to control the Phoenix Force because of the training she got in Kun Lun and some last minute help from Scarlet Witch. I think if they had gone with Scott’s plan she would have lost control and ended up going Dark Pheonix like Jean and Scott did… But Scott Apologists won’t see it that way…

    • Where exactly does Hope’s training in Kun Lun come up during the events of AvX #12 in regard of harnessing the Phoenix Force? I just reread it to double check, but it didn’t come up at all. For all we know, Hope could have mastered the Phoenix Force without it. She just learned how to Chaos Punch people in her convoluted stay.

  3. He was. He is. And by the way, the lastest issue of AvX Consequences spelled out the best approach to the character: he’s a political prisoner, much like Nelson Mandela or Aung San Suu Kyi. Let’s just hope Bendis doesn’t wreck this and turn him into Magneto II just so young Jean Grey can scold him and hook up with Wolverine, Marvel’s greatest Mary Sue.

    • If they follow the political prisoner angle they could really get a great story out of the character while setting him clearly apart from Magneto. I would read the hell out of a well put together story on that.

    • Let’s hope Bendis will work this angle on All New X-Men. I wasn’t gonna pick it up, but one of the preview pages showed Cyclops crossing his arms into Victory-X position, and now I must check it out.

  4. Are you and your T-shirt saying he right about the Phoenix – or the way in which he went about harnessing its power?

    • saying he WAS right…

      (Oy, I wish this comment section let us post-edit)

    • Well, we’ll never know what would have happened if the Avengers just let the Phoenix Force come to Hope without interference (a What If issue would be most welcome, especially if written by Kieron Gillen). Scott, like Jean, couldn’t handle the power. But Hope could, and she did, to the effect that fulfilled Scott’s plan to a tee. So, he was right, even though the Avengers, Wolverine included, did their best to ruin it all.

      “Your school will now have new mutant students. And that is thanks to me. And you just hope whoever writes your history books skims over how the headmaster almost doomed the entire species when he tried to kill Hope. Imagine if you succeeded.” – Scott to Logan, AvX Consequences #2. That pretty much sums up my point.

    • msarsur, but to reignite the x-factor hope had to effectively destroy the phoenix, undo it in the same way wanda undid mutants, so in a way isn’t that pointing that scott was wrong. It’s not the phoenix that fixed things, it’s the destruction of the phoenix. I agree had wolverine killed her it would have been horrible, as scott says, but one could argue had she gotten the phoenix originally it could have just as bad as everyone would be doomed to another cycle of death and rebirth. This time it wasn’t the world that died to be reborn, but the phoenix itself. (i forget what book it was in, but the historic description of the phoenix and the phoenix 5 made it seem as though it wouldn’t have been great for humans, and the world had hope and the lights been the initial ones to get the power.)

    • Cable warned Scott that the Avengers would ruin everything, and it was his duty to stop them whatever the cost. Unless Avengers: X-Sanction has been overwritten or disregarded so soon, we’ve got a glimpse of what “success” would look like if the Avengers had their way. Maybe Hope would destroy the Phoenix, maybe she would wield it, but she eventually did what Scott said she’d do: restart the mutant race. Pax Utopia was overreaching, I agree, but the Phoenix Five wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for Tony Stark’s idiotic response to the Phoenix Force…

  5. solidarity, ron.

    no rest until there’s a three-hour, spike lee-directed movie.

  6. I can almost hear Ron’s vindication from here.

  7. Ron when will you learn, the only time Steve Rogers is wrong is when he doubts himself.

  8. In the podcast Ron summed up my thoughts perfectly. Cyclops was using the powers for good, he was building a Utopia for everyone. It was the other 4 who couldn’t control themselves, but whatever they did the Avengers blamed Cyclops. However the writers never convinced me that Cyclops was in the wrong, I would have liked it if the story posed the question ‘who is right’, rather than the Avengers insisting Cyke was wrong because he isn’t an Avenger.

  9. Not pleased with the strategic defamation of Scott Summers, but I’m looking forward him braking out an kicking some ass.

  10. Careful, Ron. The oppressive flatscans in power don’t take kindly to rabble-rousers speaking Truth to Power like this. They simply want the somnombulatory public to continue living and working, safe in their suburban tri-levels, willfully blind to the plight of Mutant Americans under the fascist Avengers regime currently running the military, and the brave sacrifices of Scott Summers to save our people from the brink of extinction. Indeed, an extinction nearly brought ABOUT by the very “heroes” now in the corrupt seat of power they once nobly fought against!

    But fear not, brother. Theirs’, and their supporters’, shall be the first backs against the wall when the revolution comes.

  11. lol

  12. I can’t wait for the “Doop was right” T-Shirt.

  13. I still would have to disagree with this statement cyclops came off like a huge douche because let’s be honest he always was one.

  14. does Jim Lee make any money off of this? 🙂

  15. And die hard Avengers fans need a shirt to counter with “Cap is always right-Even when he’s wrong” and wear those at the next comic event.

  16. Mine was just going to say “Fuck The Architects” but this is probably a lot more clear about what I mean.

  17. Considering how badly the story was written I’m not sure being right is really a good thing anyway.

  18. Isn’t one of the core tenants of heroic fiction that you don’t use the overwhelmingly powerful object that tends to corrupt it’s user? I mean the way it works with these things is that you can start out with the best intentions but it doesn’t tend to work out well. Whether it’s the one ring of power or the “dark side” of the force, resorting to the easy source of overwhelming power tends to not work out well. I’m not that well versed in Marvel history, but didn’t Jean Grey kill a few billion living beings when she was under the influence of the Phoenix force? Didn’t the whole episode end with her offing herself because she saw no other way out?

    The last issue of AvX didn’t prove Cyclops right. Mutants only started reemerging after Hope and Wanda wished the Phoenix force out of existence. It wasn’t the use of the Phoenix force that saved mutants from existence, it was Hope’s conviction that even though she could accomplish great good with unlimited power, that was not the way things should be done. If Hope is Frodo, then Cylcops is Boromir, the guy who is willing to risk all of existence in order to serve his own noble, but ultimately self-serving interests. And if you happen to disagree with not ly these ends, but the means he uses to reach the ends, you should be disposed of.

    Cyclops wasn’t right, Cyclops was a pompous and vainglorious diva.

    • No, Cyclops didn’t know what he had. He should have simply dropped off the radar, gone somewhere for a while and figured out how to do whatever he wanted, and then come back and done it. This is the same problem that Thanos had with the Infinity Gauntlet – the power to do anything, and all he wants to do is build monuments to Death and punch people. When the heroes showed up to take him on, he could have either disappeared, sent them elsewhere, or simply willed them out of existence. But no, he fights – a very mortal, finite response. Scott did the same thing with the Phoenix. He could have just made the X-Gene switch on again, and that would have been that. But no, he blasts people with Phoenix fire because he can’t think of anything else to do.

    • @a.j Wow that was a great!!!! LIKE

  19. Cyclops murdered Prof X. the Martin Luther King Jr of the Marvel U. he should be executed.
    there should be shirts that say “Cyclops is a douche” or “Cyclops would murder you and your family, filthy human”

    • Isn’t Prof X the guy who faked his own death, messed with his students minds and their parents and did a host of other rotten things to people?

      This is Marvel guys, everyone’s a villain except the villains.

    • After what was revealed in Deadly Genesis, Scott should be commended for having put up with Xavier for so long. Xavier’s sanctimoniousness in AvX ruined the impact of his death.

    • “This is Marvel: Everyones a villain except the villains.” — i’d wear that shirt.

    • I’d argue in favor of “This is Marvel; everyone makes shitty decisions now and then”

      That way it it’s a little more fair to what’s actually going on with the characters (IMO) and still lets you have a shirt with a snarky (more than a little meta) slogan. Everybody wins!

    • Maybe, but with intelligent writing and well thought out plots and consistent characterization bad decisions could at least be made with some sort of credibility.

  20. Is it possible that both Cyclops and Capt America had valid points and that to a extent they were both right?

    • How dare you bring logic to an internet fight! This is no place for rational, nuanced analysis of viewpoints. I mean, if people start thinking about the reasoned, albeit emotionally empassioned, ideas behind the actions of people, it might lead to greater understanding and acceptance – and where’s the fun in that!

  21. Seriously though guys, Cyclops was right.

  22. It doesn’t matter that Cyclops turned out to be right about the phoenix force re-igniting the x-gene. He was acting on a hunch with no good evidence that it would work going in. He was willing to risk the destruction of everyone on a hunch. That was recklessly stupid! Furthermore, if Cap hadn’t tried to stop Cyclops, Hope never would have got the training in K’un L’un and would never have teamed up with Scarlet Witch to wish the Phoenix force away. Cap was right, Cyclops is a reckless douche who deserves to rot in jail.

    • Or they could have talked it out reasonably instead of Cap bringing and army to Cyke and saying “This is what is going to happen, like it or not.” but that would have required him to be written in character and that is something that is beyond the marvel writers where big events are concerned.

    • Scott’s actions weren’t based on a hunch. Cable saw the future that would happen if Hope was denied the Phoenix Force. It was all ashes and destruction. He told Scott about it. Cyclops wouldn’t start a war with the Avengers on a whim. He acted out of sheer necessity and he got shoved into doing more every time the Avengers pulled off something stupid, like laying siege to Utopia or kidnapping Hope (which was VERY heroic, by the way).

  23. Seriously, Cyclops is wrong and must answer for his actions and decisions. The idea of his creating a “Utopia” is admirable but TELLING people this is how it will be only naturally invites resistance. No one likes being told what to do or how their lives are going to change regardless of what they think. Cyclops when he was on the beach with Cap started this, just like he was a dick to Wolverine in that recent mini-series with his “She never loved you” comment. He knew that would get his ass kicked just like he knew that firing on Cap would start shit. This was never a anti-mutant thing, this was Cyke thinking he knows more than everyone else and being an arrogant dick.

    • When you are arrogant the last thing you know is that you are wrong. Besides at marvel right and wrong mean nothing. And I don’t see Cyke being all that different from Tony telling people what the world was going to be like cw, or Doc Doom telling people how things are going to be when he has power or just about anyone in the mu doing the same. Heroes are just villains in waiting at marvel. I don’t know how many people in total that Cyclops has killed but I’m sure Logan has killed more. I’m also sure that to get Havok on to the new team Cap slipped a mind control drug into his coffee and I’m sure that next year at this time everyone will have forgotten what Cyke did just like now everyone has forgotten what Tony did. This year villain, next year hero… that’s all marvel knows what to do with characters. Rogue attacked Wanda recently, give it a few months and they’ll probably be either the best of friends or dating.

  24. Communist!!!!

    I srsly don’t know what happened in AvX, just felt like shouting something.

  25. I don’t think Cyclops has been necessarily painted as a villain. If you really pay attention to the story and history, almost everyone who stood against Cyclops came off as a contradictive hypocrite. These are just my top three reasons why they have no case against Cyke. 1.) Why is it ok for mentally unstable Scarlett Witch to just float around in the world freely after completely altering reality and erasing the majority of mutants on earth, and it’s not ok for Hope to try harness the Phoenix Force (Which was coming no matter what) under training and supervision in order to try to use that power to fix what Wanda broke? 2.) Why can’t Cyclops prepare students to fight as a last line of defense against something that won’t stop hunting them, and Wolverine can try to kill Hope as a first option, use X-23 and Elixir with X-Force and recruit Skarr to fight against Romulus? 3.) Isn’t Captain America taking Hope into custody because of her potential threat kinda like the U.S. Government wanting all superhumans to register because of their potential threats? In fact, isn’t what Captain America is about to do with the X-men, just a more polite way of doing almost exactly what Tony Stark and Norman Osborn did in Avengers Initiative and Dark Reign? Since the Phoenix is this great omnipotent force that couldn’t be stopped from getting to Hope, Cap should have listened to a more informed Cyclops and allowed him to continue to focus Hope into a prepared emotionally calm state to absorb it, instead of just showing up to Utopia exactly like Norman Osborn did at Asgard, making Hope feel like a hunted criminal and running for her life from Wolverine. The only thing the Avengers did was, Create the Phoenix Five, put Hope in an even more stressful state to receive the Phoenix in and finally end up using Cyclops plan once their backs were to the wall and had no other choice. Cyclops may not be too popular amongst the Avengers and X-men anytime soon, but the opinion of him probably wouldn’t be that bad amongst the overall mutant community. His sacrifice of playing the “bad guy” actually ended up repopulating the mutant race and will finally bring the X-men and mutant issues into the mainstream marvel universe. “Cyke was Right!”.

    • Yes, but that sort of sophisticated writing is beyond the writers and editors at marvel when they have these big events. It’s all splash page and out of character writing.

  26. i agree that “cyclops was right” there was a comment that characters aren’t written in true character during big events. that sounds like AVX. cap would have called in cyke or come alone. (as in magneto, not a hero) the avengers, mainly wolverine escalated the whole event (cable was right) anyway, who is scott communicating with in prison? could it be the professor?