Comic Book Video Games We’d Like To See

Last week, video game publisher Telltale Games announced that it was adapting two of the most popular comic series outside of super-heroes, The Walking Dead and Fables, in video game form. Although in recent years we've seen a sharp increase in the number of comic book-based projects in both film and video games, video games have a long history of comic book love. Going back to the 1979 Superman game for the Atari 2600 console to the recently launched DC Online MMOPRG, video game players — and producers — love comics.

But with all those otu there, there's still room for more… and here's a couple ideas for all you video game moguls reading iFanboy.

S.H.I.E.L.D.: Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury leading a covert intelligence para-military strike-force to combat the biggest threats in the Marvel U? Unlockable characters like the Howling Commandos, bosses like MODOK and Hydra… all done in a convincing Call of Duty format? Sign me up.

Fear Agent: Who wouldn't want to see space-faring gunslinger Heath Huston and this sci-fi story with stones adapted into a God of War style action-adenture game?

Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth: Imagine a Red Dead Redemption-style video game with sprawling terrain of a post-apocalyptic Earth ravaged by something called "The Great Disaster". Then imagine a Kirby-infused teenage boy named Kamandi trying to survive in a world shared with de-volved humans and walking-talking mammals.

Bone: I know a Bone game has been made before — by Telltale Games on less — but I believe there's still alot of untouched possibilities if given the right publisher and marketing. I know it's rough — but imagine a Bone family game that mixes Super Mario kinetics with the lumbering threats of Shadow of the Colossus.

We've revealed our picks, but what's yours: what comic books would you like to see adapted to video games, and how?


  1. Aquaman + Topo underwater adventures!

  2. DigDug vs. The Mole Man

  3. Me and some friends were talking about this very thing last year and i suggested a SHIELD game. Although in my head it was a 3rd person game and you would create your own character and level up through the ranks of SHIELD until they made you a super soldier at the end

  4. I would also love a Daredevil dame where your sonar vision acts like the dead eye in Red Dead Redemption

    also a Luke Cage game, Hero for Hire, set in Harlem with a grindhouse kinda feel

  5. I’m not sure what games (or gameplay styles) it would draw inspiration from, but I think that DMZ would make for a fantastic game setting. Wood created such a deep, compelling “stage” in that book, and it’s a setting that could allow brand new stories with a main character that was never introduced in the comics.

  6. How about a Gotham Central game developed by the guys who did Heavy Rain, with Rucka and Brubaker working on the story?

  7. The Silver Surfer….imagine a GTA engine styled universe…you just travel looking for worlds, and interacting with them to judge if they are good enough for Galactus to consume. Totally messed up but fun!

    Or the Spectre… just rage all kinds of painful holy revenge and justice on people. Yeah i’m in that mood today. haha 

  8. Either an Uncanny X-Force game with the feel of a better version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance or an Invincible game that plays through the entire series. That’d be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

  9. I want to see a Spider-Man game done to the standards of Arkham Asylum. Or any other superhero, for that matter. Arkham Asylum is what all superhero video games should be.

  10. GL Corps game in a vast open world would be awesome. Also a Puinsher style GTA game where you just blow shit up would work.

  11. Ever since the Spider-Man 2 game i’ve wanted a spider-man game that too you through all the different era’s. for the first part of the game only queens and manhattan would be available to get to and the story would have a 60’s steve ditko feel, then it would open up the rest of new york and move into the 70s’ 80s’ and 90’s changing costumes here and there and villains to reflect the time

  12. Daredevil. Mix the open world of GTA, the combat of Ninja Gaiden and the courtroom drama of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

    As Matt Murdock, you attend to your clients and prove their innocence with information and evidence gathered using your enhanced senses. As Daredevil, you patrol an open-world Hell’s Kitchen while defending areas from encroaching gangs that include the yakuza and the Kingpin’s forces.

    Hell’s Kitchen’s appearance and criminal element is dependant upon how you balance your work in the courtroom and out on the streets as well as knowing which battle is more important. Cameos by Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Ben Urich as well as enemies including Bullseye, The Owl, The Kingpin and The Hand. Include flashbacks with Stick as your tutorials and duels/chases with Elektra as random events to improve your stats.

  13. I always thought Secret Wars would be the perfect setting for a video game. 

    And, from the Never Gonna Happen File, A Scourge of the Underworld game where you get to kill all the worthless villains he slaughtered, Hitman style.

  14. a jimmy corrigan game where you try not to be too awkward around people but consciously trying not to be awkward makes you more awkward because you’re imagining the ramifications of your awkwardness. 

  15. Oh! And a Dazzler Karaoke game! 🙂 

  16. SHIELD/Black Widow done in a Metal Gear Solid way would be fantastic.  

  17. Scalped: The Roleplaying Game. Navigate the dirty underworld of reservation drugs, gambling and violence.  Irredeemable: Survival Horror. Can you survive the Plutonian gone mad?The iZombie dating sim. Will you meet Mr. Right or will he just be meat? 

  18. Secret Six: blood, bullets and awakwardness.

  19. @jashcraft1014  Oh, now that would be rad.  Black Widow done in MGS/Splinter Cell style would be perfect.

  20. I want a Queen & Country game, with some Metal Gear and Splinter Cell gameplay and an awesome story written by Rucka himself.

  21. Claw The Unquonquered or The Warlord as a 2D Action-RPG (ala Chrono Trigger/Legend Of Zelda).

  22. How about an iron man game that doesn’t suck. In the vain of armored corps

  23. How about a strategy game in which you need to save the comic book industry from total collapse?

  24. How about a point and click adventure game with CHEW?

    Or a video game parody with Deadpool? Although that’s already called COMIC JUMPER…..but hey maybe he can make fun of Marvel games.

  25. Just to note: Telltales recently did PUZZLE AGENT completely illustrated by famous cartoonist Grickle. Author of a book called THE BOOK of GRICKLE. They’re a great company.

  26. Captain Britain and MI13. Make it happen.

  27. I want a Grendel game that mixes stealth and action as you control Hunter Rose and take out your opponents and become the king of the New York underworld.

    I also would LOVE a Cerebus action RPG. Somebody needs o make THAT happen! 

  28. Planet Hulk: The Game

    Moon Knight: Multiple Choice (Play the game as Marc Spector, Steven Grant, or Jake Lockley with differing game mechanics for each)

  29. @writeofway  As long as the moon knight game features a scene where you can stab a raptor with a spear i’m in

  30. Hrm, the Moon Knight idea makes me think about Cowboy Ninja Viking.  Too bad I don’t actually know much about that book to know if it would actually work like I’m picturing it.

  31. about post-apocalyptic, how about “Sweet Tooth”?

  32. Invincible. All the way. Can you imagine some of the fights? 

  33. I will never understand why people are obsessed with Kamandi.

  34. @Diabhol: Gorillas with chainguns!!

  35. how about an awesome hellblazer game not based on the film.

  36. I’d like to see a Wonder Man game.

  37. Cerebus with Zelda type gameplay 🙂

  38. Savage Dragon Beat’Em Up. So many (visually) great characters. Had to feature:

    Savage Dragon (obviously), with Kurr Variant and William Johnson/Dragon Variant Skins
    She-Dragon, with Sensation as variant
    Superpatriot (helluva special move repertoir), with Original Superpatriot variant
    BrainiApe (when defeated Hitlers Brain tries to escape)
    Star, with Rita/Red Giant as a Special Move
    Dung, who does not want to drown his oponents in feces
    Octopuss, with Openface as Special Move
    Overlord, capeless version as a variant
    Mace, with Young Tough variant
    Neutron Bon
    Alex Wild (needs some big weapons, though), with Battle Tank variant

    and Imposter as the random character and Malcolm, Flash Mercury and Mother Mayhem as secret characters.

  39. I’d love to see a marvel ultimate alliance game based on AoA

  40. As a teenager I would fantasize about a Marvel vs. DC fighting game done in the Marvel vs. Capcom style.

    Though I think a fighting game featuring the big two super-hero companies would be easy to publicize (and result in insane amounts of profit for Disney and Warner), only in an alternate universe would something like that ever happen. 

  41. @balsalm  YES! Another person with the same idea! This could gain traction….

  42. @WaltKellysGhost  I’d like to see that with a similar style to Mortal Kombat vs the DCU, with Marvel characters replacing all those MK characters I don’t care about. 

  43. I have always wanted to see an RTS (like Star Craft) using the GI Joe universe. All the code for the vehicles and weapons are there. Just plug in a HISS and the Mauler and game on.

  44. A Japanese style dating sim featuring the Bat-family! You wouldn’t even need the whole family, you only need to play as Nightwing to get hours of enjoyment!

  45. I GOT IT! The Invisibles! I want that. Soooooo bad. It would be HILARIOUS to see it done like Xmen arcade. OR Capcom to rehash the MvC2 engine to make “The Invisibles vs The Filth”