Christmas Dinner Conor WILL FIGHT YOU!

This very funny piece of fan art popped up in the ol' iFanboy in-box today.

Excellent work, Blake Stevenson. You can check out his website here.

Now I just need to find out where to get an awesome Christmas sweater like that.


  1. Oh god..

  2. Now THAT is awesome!

  3. It even has Kirby Crackle.

  4. Where’s ultimatehoratio?  His love of terrible Christmas sweaters is unparalleled. 

    Nice work, Blake. 

  5. Iconic

  6. What I find hilarious is that Blake either guessed or knew that Conor is one hardcore Christmas lovin’ mf’er, but that was spot on. He’d wear the shit out of that sweater.


  8. Blimey! Whatever you do, don’t invite black panther as well or that’ll be one he’ll of a festive fiasco!

  9. Hell…. Not “he’ll ” : curse you predictive text… ( shakes hand at sky…)

  10. This… this brings me joy. It truly does.

  11. Nice.

  12. Wow, just wow… brings a big smile after listening to 250 last weekend….

  13. Is Conor available for Xmas parties and Bar Mitzahs? He would be so much better than Santa!

  14. But, Conor was a jovial drunk.

    Hmm… I have no clue what it’s like to have had such a public drunk.

  15. Sweet ,awesome job Blake. Walking Dead Conner rules.

  16. there needs to be a LEAVE CONNER ALONE! person crying on youtube. hahaha 

    he likes to go on a bender once inawhile while he’s working…sowhatwhocares? 

  17. Jason from the LEOG may sue for copyright… If he’s sober.

  18. Conor, what happened to the user comment of the week honor?

    And I don’t like how you are being presented in that art piece. I listened to episode #250 and drank along with you but I thought you sounded extremely articulate, gregarious and like an absolute gentleman.

  19. Damn that’s funny. Makes me want to listen to 250 again and picture Connor like that.

  20. @ScorpionMasada: The Comment of the Week went away because the response wasn’t worth the effort it took to put it together.

    Eh. I wasn’t as bad as the drawing suggests, but whatever. It’s funny.

  21. Damn . . . I wanted to earn that comment of the week.

    I have a rule.

    Sober people are not allowed to make fun of drunks.

    Only other drunks are allowed to make fun of drunks cuz if another drunk is clowning on you, you are probably really fucked up.

    Sober people get all high and mighty.

    And they do it just cuz they don’t drink?

    Like that is hard.

  22. my favourite part of the 250th episode was when Ricky Gervais from The Office was mentioned and Conor drunkenly said "there’s been a rape up there" while Ron and Josh talked over him

  23. I would read this mini-comic, yes!

  24. That’s great. Now we just need Uncomfortable Ron & Ambivalent Josh, and the set will be complete!

    And for the record, Conor was obviously not that drunk. But the exaggeration makes it funny. Actually, I give the big man props for keeping it together as much as he did. He popped the 2nd bottle like halfway through part one of the podcast! That is impressive. I don’t know about most of you guys. But one bottle of champagne would have me a retarded mess. That stuff ain’t for sissies!

  25. my favorite line from 250 had to be the "whatever sober people do"

  26. I thought Conor was doing an homage to Christopher Neseman from 11 o’clock comics

  27. "Whatever the fuck sober people do" needs to be the next iFanboy t-shirt.

  28. Certain types of alcohol are body highs. Certain types go straight for the head.

    Champagne hits the face/cheeks/head.

    The line is definitely classic, but I don’t think it can stand alone. What did he say right before that?

  29. I have just made this my iPod wallpaper. Great episode guys ! and obviously inspiring!

  30. @edward: that killed me, too.

  31. like


  32. makes me want to give that episode another listen

  33. Christmas Dinner Conor is the final boss of iFanboy: The Video Game.

  34. @j206 I second that, I would totally buy a "Whatever the fuck sober people do"-shirt!

  35. Someone put drunk Conor as a player character in the Scott Pilgrim game please.

  36. WOW! I got an email from Ron last night that said he put my graphic up on the site. The response is amazing! you guys are great! and in response to the people seem to think Conor has a drinking problem…ITS A CARTOON PEOPLE! thanks for all the praise and it makes my just wanna do more lol..

     oh… and thanks to Josh, Conor, Ron and the rest of the ifanboys for rocking our world every week!

    Blake Stevenson – @blakestevenson (twitter)

  37. Congrats on am outstanding 250th episode, gentlemen! You were all in rare form but Conner’s sobriety had me laughing out loud in the office. The confused looks from the ancient and undead office drones were worth it. “Whatever the f$&k sober people do”, indeed!
    The only thing the “Christmas Dinner Connor” needs is a stark, black and white photo of Connor himself in a garish Christmas sweater.

  38. Nice job, Blake!

  39. Looks like Conor’s got a bottle of…New Amsterdam gin? Interesting.