Cast Image Comics: THE MOVIE!

Rob Liefeld tweeted:

That tweet brought up a conversation at iFanboy HQ, and a lot of questions. The first one was: “Really?”

But then, it makes sense.  There’s lots of drama and the idea of men doing what men can, and taking control of things.  There are a load of disparate and fascinating personalities, with massive egos and the accompanying egos.  Finally, there was a metric buttload of cash involved as well.  If they can do a movie about Mark Zuckerberg, surely someone could do this justice.

On the other hand, I imagine the script could likely use a polish, and that the marketing for this particular film could be tricky.

That, of course, leaves the question of casting, and it’s a question that comic fans and the geek hivemind loves to answer, so I say get to it.

The cast: Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, Jim Lee, Jim Valentino, Marc Silvestri & Whilce Portacio.

(Negative points for the use of Bruce Campbell of Nathan Fillion. You’re just not trying.)

We may or may not post our favorites depending on how well you do.


  1. I think we should just use the cast from the Expendables.

  2. James Carville as Larsen.

  3. A documentary would be intersting.

  4. Timothy Olyphant as Erik Larsen

    Jason Bateman as Rob

    Greg Giraldo as Marc Silvestri


  5. Everybody should be played by Samuel L. Jackson.

    But aside from that, please tell me Rob Liefeld is saying someone ELSE is almost finished with a screenplay about Image Comics

  6. sadly, though, in this case, I think Liefeld DOES have some resemblance to Nathan Fillion. Or maybe Jeremy Renner.

  7. Matt Damon as Liefeld.

  8. In true Hollywood "race-bending" practices as of late, Jim Lee will be changed into a white guy for the movie, just watch…

  9. Bradley Cooper as Todd McFarlane.

    Ken Jeong as Jim Lee.

  10. I think a documentary in the vein of King of Kong would be a really great watch if done right. A Hollywood movie about Image comics though would be pretty ridiculous.

  11. Forget casting : Make it an Animated movies….just with lots and lots of pencil lines!

  12. That kid from Two & a Half Men as Robert Kirkman for the later years.

  13. Holy shit.  This is a movie I would watch daily.  I would cast Conor as Erik Larsen.  



    Matt Damon is a bit old, but when he was younger, he would be the perfect Liefeld.

  14. That kid from Two & a Half Men as a teenage Robert Kirkman buying Image books.

  15. they should just do a biopic of McFarlane instead…  cast Nicholas Cage.  make it about his endless lawsuits and blowing lots of money on stupid stuff.  Michael Bay can direct with all these dream sequences of the inside of McFarlane’s mind with lots of explosions, crazy costumes, ginormous-breasted chicks in little clothing, and all that other 90s-era comics glory.  it’s bound to do better than Jonah Hex in the box office at least…

  16. D.B. Sweeney as Todd McFarlane

  17. I really have no clue personality-wise how most of the Image creators are so I’m just going to wild-stab-in-the-dark cast this based on what I want to see.

    Rob Liefeld should be played by Jackie Earle Haley and only speak in Rorschach voice and have a verbal tic of "Dig’em!".

    Jim Valentino should be played by John Noble and must exit every scene he is in by dousing himself in oil, lighting himself on fire, and run away screaming off a ledge.

    Todd MacFarlene should be played by a Dalek.

    Whilce Portacio should be played by Samoa Joe and must fight ninjas in at least every three scenes he’s in.

    Jim Lee should be played by Sonny Chiba while dubbed by JK Simmons and can only speak in police chief cliches.

    Erik Larsen should be played by Ron Pearlman and just recite various lines from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

    Marc Silvestri should be played by Sam Elliot. That’s really all that needs to be said.

    Best movie EVER.


  18. seems like they took the idea of that facebook movie and made something with far less mass market appeal. Could be really interesting though. 

  19. Will this be shot entirely from the ankle and above?

  20. I can see Robert Kirkman’s petition for a yacht cruise as the film’s Nick Fury/post credits sequence.


  21. Ken Leung as Jim Lee

  22. This, of course, raises the more important question for me.  Which of the iFanboys is the most likely one to follow Liefeld on twitter?  It’s either Josh (only doing it ironically) or it’s Ron.

  23. Rob Liefeld        William H. Macy
    Todd McFarlane        Al Pacino
    Erik Larsen        Christopher Lloyd    
    Jim Lee            John Cho (Harold and Kumar)
    Jim Valentino        Richard Belzer
    Marc Silvestri        Mark Ruffalo    
    Whilce Portacio        Luis Guzmán (Boogie Nights)

  24. My bad, Samuel L. Jackson should be cast as Erik Larsen.

  25. @AmirCat– But he still should yell "I WAS FROZEN TODAY!!!!" when explaining why he’s leaving Marvel.

  26. @Tork – I’m tired of all this mothaf****n variant covers on this mothaf****n publisher.

  27. alls I got is Josh Radnor as Marc Silvesti and Masi Oka as Jim Lee

  28. Tuxedo Mask as Jim Lee. 

    Yes. That is racist. sorry 

  29. Jet Li as Jim Lee.Make things simpler.

  30. Or how about the possibility of having many different people play the same character throughout the whole story.That way the story would stay the same but the cover would be different.

  31. You misunderstood, it’s not Liefeld writing the screenplay. It’s a dude called Nealy.

  32. Here’s my cast: Neil Patrick Harris as Liefeld, Ioan Gruffud as Macfarlane, Sal Buscemi as Larsen, Cheech Marin as Portacio, Burt Reynolds as Valentino, Dominic West as Silvestri.

    I’m going mostly by look of the face here.

  33. Oh I forgot Jim Lee. John Cho?

  34. Am I the only one who thinks Jon Hamm was born to play McFarlane?

  35. Woody Harrelson as Erik Larsen.  That is all.

  36. @Ron-no way on Hamm as McFarlane. Hamm is way too cool and smooth. Maybe Steve Carell as McFarlane…

  37. No Rob Kirkman?? Because I’d cast Seth Rogen in that role.

     Rob Liefeld: Matt Damon makes sense.

    Todd McFarlane: Eli Roth

    Erik Larsen: David Koechner

    Jim Lee: Daniel Dae Kim

    Jim Valentino: Elliot Gould

    Marc Silvestri: Rock Gomez aka George Luz (Band of Brothers)

    Whilce Portacio: Tory Tanaka aka Sub Zero from Running Man

  38. Nah, Bradley Cooper for McFarlane is prefect

  39. Short Round as Jim Lee

  40. @Andrew:  That is perfect casting and it made me laugh out loud (I guess I should write LLOL for "Literally Laugh Out Loud" there or something).

  41. Matt Damon as Rob Liefeld

    Dan Fogler (?) as Jim Valentino

    Daniel Dae Kim as Jim Lee

    Robert Downey as Marc Silvestri

    Norm McDonald as Erik Larsen (Listen to him on that episode of Don’t Miss.)

    And Will Ferrell as a lisping Ricky Bobby as Todd Mcfarlane, specifically for the scene where he enters the courtroom for his case against Gaiman (Alexis Denisof) holding up a boombox playing "Back In Black."

  42. John Malkovich as Erik Larsen

  43. Not touching this one with a ten-meter cattle prod.

  44. Jim Lee – Ken Leung (Miles from Lost)

    Erik Larsen – Ben Foster

    Rob Liefeld – Shawn Hatosy

    Marc Silvestri – Jon Bernthal

    Whilce Portacio – Patrick Gallagher

    Then you would have to get a fairly well know actor for McFarlane since he’s the only one non-comic book people will have heard of.




  45. alrighty here is my updated list

    masi oka – Jim Lee

    Josh Randor – Marc Silversti

    Billy Zane – Erik Larsen 

    chris pine – rob liefield

    mark strong – jim valentino

    and in move of pure irony

    Neil Gaiman – Todd McFarlene 

    Whilce Portacio can be played by a random extra who just randomly appears throughout the movie 


  46. Robert Kirkman will be completely CGI and voiced by a bear.  MY WILL SHALL BE DONE!!!!

  47. I rekon Conner could pull off Larseen in that photo.

  48. Spencer Pratt as Liefeld. For no other reason than in order to pull of a talentless hack, you need a talentless hack.

  49. @Hank Mckoy: Nice one on Norm Macdonald. 🙂

  50. Rob Liefeld – Mark Wahlburg
    Todd McFarlane – Jerry Seinfeld
    Erik Larsen – Michael Rosenbaum
    Jim Lee – Masi Oka
    Jim Valentino – John Leguizamo
    Marc Silvestri – Mark Ruffalo
    Whilce Portacio – George Lopez

  51. Good thing I’m not a casting director – I’m at a loss on this one.

    Actually, there is a lot of intrigue in the formation of Image – check out the TwoMorrows book, and that was even a "from their perspective" thing. It may not set the box office on fire, but if done right, showing all the skeletons in the closet, it will be a good flick.

    I’d go for a Guillermo del Toro-designed monsters route. They all have eyeballs on their eyes, thus explaining the lateness. ZING

  52. Rob Liefeld – Sam Worthington
    Todd McFarlane – Hugh Laurie
    Erik Larsen – David Finch
    Jim Lee – Joaquin Phoenix (comeback performance for Best Actor)
    Jim Valentino – Joe Rogan
    Marc Silvestri – Anthony Bourdain
    Whilce Portacio – Horatio Sanz
  53. Comedic-Drama Cast:
    Rob Liefeld – Dan Byrd (Cougar Town)
    Todd McFarlane – Peter Facnelli (Twilight)
    Erik Larsen – Rob Corddry (Hot Tub Time Machine)
    Jim Lee – Ken Jeong (Community) — I think I prefer John Cho for this, though.
    Jim Valentino – Fred Armisten (SNL)

    Marc Silvestri – Ty Burrell (Modern Family)
    A-List blockbuster cast:

    Rob Liefeld – Matt Damon  (already been said)
    Todd McFarlane – Christian Bale
    Erik Larsen – Bruce Willis
    Jim Lee – John Cho
    Jim Valentino – Joaquin Phoenix
    Marc Silvestri – Ben Affleck

  54. I’d watch it

    You just know there is going to be some crazy over-the-top portrayal of DC and Marvel execs as complete bastards.

  55. Jeremy Renner as Liefeld