Can You Guess All 50 of Fabian Gonzalez’s Superhero Flags?

Designer Fabian Gonzalez broke down 50 superhero costumes and aesthetics into individual flags. Can you identify all 50 heroes in this United Nations of Justice? 

I think one of those is the mirror dimension Team Zissou. Consider that your free space. Not really. 

Thanks to Steph for the head’s up.


  1. Surprisingly tough.

  2. Batman, Superman, The Hulk Captain America, Thor, Wolverine, Iron Man, Quicksilver?, Green Lantern, Flash, Punisher, Martian Manhunter, Rorshach, Wonder Woman, Captain Atom, Cyclops, The Phantom, Wonder Twins, Ultra-Boy, Elektra, Hawkman, The Thing, Zorro, Spiderman, Aquaman, Gambit, Deadpool, Liono, The Vision, Captain Marvel, Chapulin Colorado, Robin, Dr. Manhattan, Night Crawler, He-Man Space Ghost, Blade, Daredevil, Bane?, Black Vulcan Green Arrow, Captain Britain, Captain Canuck, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spider-Woman, Hawk and Dove, Harvey Birdman, Ant Man, Storm, V (from V for Vendetta). What’s my prize?

  3. *slow clap*

  4. @SpiderTitan  I would change your Bane to Spawn and Liono to Panthro.  Otherwise, I think you’ve got it.

  5. @Neb  Nope thats Lion-o Panthro is grey not tan. Im down with eiter Spawn or Bane but its probably Bane

  6. Nice! I got 42/50. That TMNT one was a toughy. This was great fun. Good stuff.

    @SpiderTitan: Nice work. I agree with Neb on #39 being Spawn and not Bane. These are all heroes. Also, who in the hell is Chapulin Colorado?

  7. Can’t Captain Canuck be Guardian or “any one” on Alpha Flight?
    TMNT- Is that all of them or just Splinter?
    And I like Quicksilver and all but does he get his own flag? Are we sure that’s not someone else? A wrong color, wrong way Black Atom?

  8. @WheelHands: The thing is that Spawn’s eyes were always Green, never red, whereas Bane had red eyes. I think the eye color gives it to Bane.

  9. This is amazing. Missed Chapulin and TMNT.

  10. @SpiderTitan  I’m also uncertain about Black Vulcan. I mean he was yellow not green, and even if you turn the yellow into green, there weren’t two different shades of it in his costume. He only had three colors, black or dark blue base, yellow or neon green highlights/bolts, and his own brown skin color. 

  11. @spaceghost15  No, it is definitely Captain Canuck/Captain Canada because he was the only one that had a fully formed red maple leaf on his costume, the Guardian and Vindicator only had half-leaves.

    TMNT would have to be all of them, each individual turtle’s color is used in the flag, and there is no doubling up on Splinter’s purplish color or his brown fur either.

    Yeah it’s Quicksilver. He is the only one ooutside of the Legion to have lighting bolts span the hest of the costume rather than be displayed as a standalone bolt, a la Captain Marvel and Black Adam. As for the Legion member (Lightning Lad, Lightning Lass, Spark, etc) their colors are vastly different than this flag, hence Quicksilver. Why he has his own flag is anyone’s guess.  

  12. It has to be Bane b/c Spawn has bigger eyes & his eyes are green while as Bane’s is red.

  13. @ KevinAB Yeah I thought that the artist brought a more abstract representation of Black Vulcan as a flag. He was pretty much the one superhero that I could at least get close to the idea of the superhero being depicted in the flag. If I turn out to be wrong, then no prob 49/50 is still prett nice right?

  14. Also if you look in the middle of the TMNT one you would see a small rat, which I would assume to be Splinter. So his colors aren’t there but he is in the flag as a symbol rather than a color stripe representation.

  15. But why would Bane be the only villain represented? It makes no sense. I’m gonna guess Gonzalez just mixed up the eye color. If you’re gonna have Captain Canuck on here, ya better damn well include Spawn.

  16. Bane is on the Suicide Squad at the moment….isn’t he?  That counts as a “Hero”……kinda……

  17. Ah no……Secret Six.  I get those mixed up…..not that I think anyone else would have caught that.  

  18. There’s no way the lightning bolt is quicksilver. What about or Black Lightning or static shock?

  19. Also, that is not Captain Britain. Not Black Vulcan, and not Ant man.

    Captain Britain would not have an ‘X’ it would be a Union jack. Black Vulcan is yellow and blue, the flag is clearly green black and brown. I don’t remember Ant man or Giant man ever having blue in their costume.

  20. Swamp thing?

  21. @CelticHart81: You’re right. The Secret Six’ loyalties are sketchy at best. But it counts. 

    @WHATTHEDAST: Good call. #40 has gotta be Swampy. Any thoughts on #’s 42 and 48?

  22. I was thinking Colossal Boy rather than Ant Man.

  23. c’mon guys, quite clearly it is Antman:

    And yes it very much is Captain Britain:

    As for Black Vulcan I kinda feel it isnt but cant work out who.

  24. @bobby2889  Despite both Captain Britain and Hank Pym being my favorite Marvel characters (that aren’t cosmic) I never noticed that Captain Britain actually has a red ‘x’ and ant man had blue in his costume.

    As far as Black Vulcan, I was wrong on that as well. It is Black Vulcan. If you follow the link, the artist has changed a number of the flags.

  25. One of them is definitely Argentina, oh wait, wrong list you say?

  26. I don’t think it is either Spawn (green eye shoots this one down) and I don’t think Bane is correct either.  Has anyone else considered Shadowhawk?  Jim Valentino’s entry into the initial Image universe.

  27. Neat.

    At first I thought it would be easy, but the fifth flag got me and some of the other’s are insanely hard. 

  28. It says heros so the Bane is probably Shadowhawk, Panthro over Liono cause the blue, Ant Man did have blue and so did Giant Man, Captain Britains costume does form an x and I thought Guardian or Vindicator on Captain Canuck cause I never heard of him. 1st thought on Vision was Mr. Miracle cause of the coors but the diamond clarifies that up.Barely remember Black Vulcan but thought he was a villain too? Never heard of Chapulin Colorado either so good call on that one. I love that he made such random and obscure ones on top of the obvious ones. I can’t believe I didn’t guess The Phantom right away but then noticed the tiny skull. Bane is on Suicide Squad basically DC’s Thunderbolts so I guess he could be a hero. I missed about 4, so not bad and fun, props to the artist for making it harder than it looks and getting creative with his choice of layout and characters to be represented.

  29. Hawk and Dove getting more and more props all over the place.  It’s going to be the surprise hit of the DCnU, mofoes.

  30. Yeah, aside from the obvious ones, there were a couple which I had no idea about. Really creative and well crafted.

  31. Definitely Spawn. Follow the link for an updated flag with green eyes.

  32. I think we’re going to have to go with Birdman, not “Harvey Birdman.” It’s time to restore some dignity to my favourite Hanna-Barbera adventure cartoon. C’mon people, who’s with me! Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?

  33. @sonnysumo  Well then you’re gonna have to kill Bryan Williams