C2E2 2013: Spider-Man 2099 Returns in the Pages of THE SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN [UPDATE]

Spider-Man 2099, Miguel O'Hara

Spider-Man 2099, Miguel O’Hara

This afternoon during a dedicated Superior Spider-Man panel at Chicago’s C2E2, Marvel Comics announced the return of Spider-Man 2099. While not headlining his own resurrected title just yet, Miguel O’Hara figures prominently in Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman’s The Superior Spider-Man starting with September’s #17.

Miguel first appeared back in 1992 during the 30th anniversary celebration of Lee and Ditko’s creation of the original wall-crawler. Part of Marvel’s 2099 wave of re-imagined heroes, he first appeared in a cameo role in The Amazing Spider-Man #365, drawn by Rick Leonardi. Peter David joined Leonardi for the character’s solo series. A geneticist, Miguel was also feeling nostalgic, obsessed with reverse-engineering the events that spawned the original Spider-Man. Be careful what you wish for.

That original ongoing ran just short of 50 issues, petering out with David’s departure amidst the tumultuous mid 90s bust, a dark time for Marvel and comics in general. Miguel popped up from time to time, most notably in video games like Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and more prominently in Spider-Man: Edge of Time.

Anyways, back to the future.

The upcoming story line also sees the return of an Osborn and a new chapter in Spidey’s life. We don’t have all the details yet, but does this spell the end of Doc Ock’s tenure in Pete’s noggin? Some of the rhetoric suggests the current status quo is set to be displaced by something that will leave fans “up in arms.” Polarizing as they may be, Slott and company are taking some chances and up-ending the sandbox. And the return of fan-favorite Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man of Tomorrow, heralds the next major shake-up.


Our man Jim Mroczkowski was on the scene at the Superior Spider-Man panel and had this to report:

  • Marvel have announced two new titles, one of which is The Superior Foes of Spider-Man by Nick Spencer. Reminiscent of forgotten Nü Marvel classic Spider-Man’s Tangled Web, it will focus on “the guys who make their living being the crooks that Spider-Man beats up in the first three pages before moving on to more important things.” Hopefully, like Tangled Web, it will be a nice palate cleanser for fans looking for something a little more off the beaten path.
  • The other title announced was Superior Spider-Man Team-Up by Christopher Yost, which eagle eyed readers may notice looks identical to Avenging Spider-Man. Does this title change imply a demotion [from the Avengers] for Spidey, asked a conspiracy theorist in the audience? “Good question!” was the answer, leaving the asker affirmed if not informed.
  • Eddie Brock is returning to Venom’s life in the pages of Cullen Bunn’s book, and I do not know what that means.
  • The Daredevil creative team were on the panel to say they enjoy working together. Which of them is the “Foggy” in their relationship? This hot button question was too controversial to answer.
  • Mark Brooks has redesigned Valkyrie’s costume, which will debut in The Fearless Defenders #8. This was revealed at the Spider-Man panel for reasons known only to the Watcher.



  1. Oh jeez, you mean all this stuff from before wasn’t meant to get fans up in arms? Now theses what they’re trying to accomplish?! Well it’s good to see Miguel back at least.

  2. So… Is Peter coming back or is the Force Spirit Peter going to bite the dust? Or are we going to get the cop-out answer and we get a clone of Parker’s body – one for Ock and one for Pete? Or is Marvel bringing Miguel back just to off his brain and stick Ock’s in there?

  3. Personally, I think that Octavius is going to wipe out Parker in Superior #9. Then, maybe, Miguel will take Octavius’ mantel of Spider-Man? Perhaps, he’s traveling from the future to stop some horrific thing that Ock might set in motion? (We’ve already been hinted at such a scenario in Avenging Spider-Man, right?).

    Regardless, Parker will eventually return via that gold Octobot which I think has been unseen since 700 . . .

    This all could get very convoluted very quickly.

  4. Eddie isn’t returning. He has returned. As Toxin. Not exactly new info, as he’s been around for several issues already.

  5. I fear Otto and Peter will fuse in to one consciousness and Miguel is only in here to satisfy the fans and distract us.

  6. I feel so out of the loop. Are there really that many fans of the 2099 line? Fan favorite? I must have missed something major here.
    But hey, maybe I am just out if touch.
    No. It’s the children who are wrong.

  7. Apparently there are clues during Big Time explaining how Miquel is going to be around for this upcoming stories but nothing specific was told. Other cool things from this panel was that we are getting a Scarlet Spider/Superior Spider-man story, a Venom/Superior Spider-man story, and a follow up to Spider-men is coming at some point. Also, they let a few people read Superior Spider-man #9 and they all seemed wowed and impressed.

  8. No more saucer boobs for Valkyrie. Yay!

  9. I’m a little pissed at Marvel. I mean, they put Spider-Man 2099 litteraly EVERYWHERE! In comics, videogames, etc. But still make his series from the 90’s OOP on purpose… I JUST WANT TO READ THE F****** THING! 🙁 It’s as if it never occured to them that people might want to go back in time and re-read everything. Now, you’re going to tell me: well you could track out older issues online and blah blah… Well, I found a guy who has the complete series in “okay” condition and is willing to depart with it in exchange of 400$ and that is something I will never pay for, it’s more than the cover price back then… I’m screwed forever and will never be able to read a book just because people at Marvel refuse to reprint in trade or at LEAST release them in digital…

    Now… It’s out of my chest, I feel better!

    /pissed Fanboy rant mode off