Bryan Q. Miller Brings Back Stephanie Brown… in SMALLVILLE: SEASON 11

One of the big pieces of news coming out of the DC Comics September solicitations was that Batman would finally be making an appearance in the Smallville universe. But, as it turns out, that might not be the biggest news related to that particular comic book.

Smallville: Season 11 writer Bryan Q. Miller talked to TV Guide about the storyline and as it turns out, that’s not Robin on the cover with Batman, that’s Nightwing. And that’s not Dick Grayson, that’s Stephanie Brown.

As to why he picked Stephanie for the sidekick slot, Miller says, “Bruce can be somewhat of an angry man. Stephanie’s personality is so can-do and unsinkable and bright, so it’s very much on purpose on Bruce’s part that he has a good cop going out on patrol with him every night.” (Miller says it will eventually be addressed as to why Stephanie is Nightwing in this comic and not Batgirl.)

Bryan Q. Miller is, of course, in addition to being a former writer on the TV series Smallville, the writer of the cult favorite comic book series Batgirl, which featured Stephanie Brown under the cowl. Miller writing Stephanie again should be welcome news to fans of that series, assuming they can get over her apparent change in hair color and code name.

The issues of Smallville: Season 11 with Batman and Nightwing hit digitally in August, and comic book stores in September.


  1. Very cool! BQM is definitely ramping up the story! I’m on board and buying digitial for the first time ever. I like it alot and I still buy the print. Am I alone on that?

  2. Hopefully the art gets better. I’m enjoying the series but that art is rough.

  3. This is my favorite news all week. SQUEE!

  4. Wow. Not what I expected at all. I’ll check it out, but I am still hoping for Steph’s eventual return to the regular DCU.

  5. Jeff Reid Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Awesome. So glad I started ordering this series.

  6. Ladies and gentlemen…THE UNSINKABLE!

  7. I want an Elseworlds book with Bruce retired in an Oracle-type role, Dick as Batman with Stephanie as a Nightwing sidekick, trying to track down a rogue Damien as Robin!

  8. I had absolutely no interest in this series because Smallville was pretty terrible, but if Stephanie is in it, I have to get it.

  9. Am I buying Smallville now? You bet!

  10. Unexpected but interesting concept to use her as Nightwing, I haven’t read the series but think its a cool and different direction for those characters. Still miss Stephanie’s Batgirl series, they need to make an Absolute Edition of Batgirl and Red Robin, those 2 both ran a solid 2009-2011 24 issue run and deserve the absolute treatment. (both they’re costumes were better then too, especially Tim Drake’s)

  11. Fantastic news. Stephanie was an excellent Robin and the way Batman reacted to her put me firmly in her corner. I understand that the way her series ended was a good closing off point with many questions answered. That said, I’m so glad she’s back and having her show up as Nightwing poses some interesting possibilities.

  12. This makes me very happy. If Steph can’t be with her BFF Supergirl, maybe she and Chloe can team up?

  13. Very Nice! I can’t wait to read this… Long Live Smallville!

  14. REMY ZERO!