Brad Meltzer & Chris Eliopoulos Create Real Hero Shirts

Brad Meltzer, known to most people as a really popular author and host of Decoded on the History Channel, and Chris Eliopoulos, known as the czar of Marvel Comics lettering and a fine cartoonist, have gotten together on a unique project that isn’t really comics, but you should know about it anyway.

Get yourself to, and you’ll find a series of t-shirts designed by Meltzer and Eliopoulos, and drawn by the latter, the idea being that these are great figures from history, who can inspire our sons and daughters, and lovers of history made cute everywhere. Following in the footsteps of Meltzers books, Heroes for My Son and Heroes for My Daughter, these shirts features a rockin’ drawing by Eliopoulos on the front and a quote from the figure on the back. You can get shirts featuring George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lucille Ball, and Muhammad Ali. You can get them on shirts, mugs, water bottles, or special tattoos for your dog or cat. (That last part isn’t true.)

It should be noted that 10% of all proceeds go to charity, and you can vote for which charity here.


  1. Dammit… Washington or Lincoln…

    Who am I kidding? Probably both. Maybe one on a mug.

  2. Muhammad Ali is honestly one of my top ten in my greatest people list.

  3. These are Greeeat! I’m getting these for all my daughters.

  4. Isn’t Abraham Lincoln a Vampire slayer? But seriously, these shirts are a great idea and assume the 1st wave of idols/icons to come.