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iFlashback! July 14th, 2004

Jump in our time machine and check out the comics you were reading back in 2004!

iFlashback! June 9th, 2004

Check it out, it’s the comics that came out nine years ago! These are the books you were reading this week back in 2004.

iFanboy’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Comics Stuff That Isn’t Comics

Looking for gifts that evoke that love of all that is four-colored and fun but doesn’t require any of that pesky reading? Look no further, friend!

Brad Meltzer & Chris Eliopoulos Create Real Hero Shirts

I don’t even own an Abraham Lincoln t-shirt. I can fix that.

Light Week? Try Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive #524, Absolute Identity Crisis, and The Shade #1

It’s your moment, don’t stand down, step up and try something new!