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It’s Hard Out Here For a Fanboy

It’s tough to be a comic book fan in a world where comics take a backseat to the very movies they inspire.

Marvel Comics History: Listen Up!

In which I attempt to convince the dear readers that a book on Marvel Comics history that they may have already read can be enjoyed in a different and exciting way.

Comic Shots #39 with Josh Christie: The Stone Fence and ‘One Dead Spy’

Educational comics are FUN-damental! Also, alcohol.

Comic Shots #38 with Ryan Haupt: Aviation and ‘The Rocketeer’

Take to the skies with a well-paired drink and book!

Brad Meltzer & Chris Eliopoulos Create Real Hero Shirts

I don’t even own an Abraham Lincoln t-shirt. I can fix that.

SPOTLIGHT: Two from Campfire – Harry Houdini and Conquering Everest

History unlocked at your frost-bitten fingertips!