BONUS Top 5: Best Names in Comics

5. Dan DiDio


4. Guy Major


3. Guiseppe Camuncoli


2. Rus Wooton


1. Wade Von Grawbadger


  1. ha ha ha, not what I was thinking

  2. dan didi didi didi didio

  3. Wade. Von. Grawbadger.

  4. I knew von Grawbadger was going to be number one!  Didn’t you guys have an argument about some point over whether that could possibly be somebody’s real name?

  5. Zander Cannon.

  6. Every week or so, I see “Yildiray Cinar” and think, “Is that an anagram for something?”

  7. @zombox  Oooohh! That’s a good one.  Damn.

    Conor and I are in agreement, that this is the dumbest post we’ve ever done. ENJOY!

  8. I love how there’s not even pictures. I almost scrolled past the whole thing. Brilliant!

  9. Ben Dimagmaliw.

  10. Jock.

    It’s a single word! The only thing lamer would be a symbol.

  11. I’ve had the carmimcoli at Giueseppe’s.  It’s no where near as good as Giovvani’s in my neighborhood, but it was all right. 

  12. Carmine Infantino

  13. Can’t argue with any of the names, but it’s too bad Peter Snejbjerg doesn’t make the cut.

  14. Frank Quitely is also pretty cool.

  15. Is it did-ee-oh or duh-dee-oh?

    My favorite one is Jim Mroczkowski

  16. I’ve always thought Marv Wolfman sounded kinda awesome.

  17. Nick Spencer.

  18. Ed Brubaker
    David Petersen
    Alan Moore
    Geoff Johns
    John Byrne


  19. Jimmy Palmiotti. I love saying it because it rolls off the tongue, and I feel like I’m apart of The Sopranos.

  20. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning

  21. How could you forget Vicente Cifuentes?!

  22. Argh, I just realized the point of this post – cancel my last post.  I’m going to hide in a box now…

  23. @Tork  Yes.

  24. I don’t get it.

    Maxtone Witherball 

  25. It is Giuseppe Camuncoli… Cammo for his friends

  26. Frank Quitely has the puniest pen name in comics. Quite Frankly…get it!?!?!

  27. mike mignola

    Its such an odd yet epic name 

  28. I’d also like to nominate Ralph Macchio because throughout my entire childhood i honestly thought “The Karate Kid” from the movies was an editor at Marvel Comics….and it totally made sense to me. 

  29. Ed McGuiness always makes me think of Budweiser…

  30. That was not what I was thinking when I read the name of the post but well done; #1 is the greatest name in all of comics and it ain’t close.

  31. I can’t argue with anything said so far, but I can add:

    Ben McCool 

  32. Von Grawbadger!

    also, I can never read Guiseppe Camuncoli without hearing Josh say it

  33. conor KILL patrick

  34. How the hell are Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon not on here.

  35. @abstractgeek  It’s a fair question.

  36. Ransom Getty! C’mon that name is awesome!

  37. Greg ‘Jet’ Pak

    Fred Van Lente (Anyone with ‘Van’ in their name is ultimately cool) 

  38. Dick Sprang 

  39. Guys. Dick Sprang. 

  40. Pornsak Pichetshote.

  41. CAFU

  42. Dick Sprang.

    Wow – when I was a kid there was a guy running for city councilman named Dick____Sweat.

  43. There’s also Seth. It’s as simple a name as Jock’s, but more Biblical.

  44. Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh

    Dash Shaw

    Pornsak Pichetshote

  45. And no Ben McCool?

  46. ‘Action’ Matt Fraction is my favorite Stan Lee-name of the modern era.

    Jim Woodring’s name is eerily redolent of his comics for me, so I love that one. 

    Dash Shaw is wonderful as well, almost palindromic as well. 



  48. No love for Keith Champagne?

  49. Can someone help me with the pronunciation of Didio? It’s a for a college exam.

    Thank you.

  50. @JumpingJupiter: I’ve heard it pronounced DIDio, but at the cons th pros always seem to pronounce it didEEo, so that’s probably a safe bet. 

  51. @JumpingJupiter –i’m almost 100% thats its pronounced did-EE-O

  52. Marv Wolfman. His name is so badass the comics code authority made him change it so kids wouldn’t lay awake at night worrying that their funny-books were created by supernatural lupine/man terrors, causing them to flunk outta school, turning to drugs, prostitution, and eventualy ritual canibalism. 

  53. Rafael Grampá

  54. John Romita Jr.  Because he has cool initials: JRJR