Best Cake Ever?

This Flickr account seems to make a lot of cakes, but this is clearly the best one.


  1. And my birthday is very soon 🙂

  2. Def the best cake ever. 

  3. Is that the Thing below Spiderman? The Robin section looks awesome!

  4. The Cake is a Lie

  5. Mmmmmm.yummy! 😛

  6. I love the Aquaman part. Very detailed.


  7. That is the Hulk not the Thing, smashing through a wall

  8. Batman looks like he’s crapping out the cake.

  9. “Holy cake crap Batman!”

  10. Mmmm… super cake.

  11. That is some cake, indeed. Can I eat Batman?

  12. Excuse me… I… I have something in my eye…

  13. Ray Palmer fell into the batter and is trapped inside.

  14. Or drunk Hank Pym.  Yeah, better reference.

  15. And this is why Middle Management Red Skull cancelled the Birthday Club at the office.

  16. That is an amazing cake. Bravo whomever you are!

  17. best crossover ever!

  18. Hulk cake is best cake there is!

  19. Batman looks like he’s gonna puke; but other then that I love it.

  20. I cant believe superman lost the top spot to batman…

  21. My mother’s birthday was two days ago. Oh why didn’t I get this for her?! Why?! This cake is a thing of beauty. It’s the ultimate cross-over cake. Others might have gone with a straight JLA cake, or FF, or Avengers; but here is genius at work.

  22. I can also see this as a wedding cake. The bride and groom coming together — she’s a DC reader, he’s Marvel; so they were never meant to be — but they did!! They did!!  Bless you happy couple, bless you. You have shown us all that true love over comes such petty obstacles.

    Of course, their children will probably be Dark Horsers, eh, but what are you going to do!

  23. It’s the CAKED Crusader!

  24. My girlfriend has a cake business on the side.  On Valentine’s Day, she surprised me with a vanilla cake with the violet lantern symbol on top.  She’s a keeper.

  25. @Flounder, best…story…ever! You bet she’s a keeper!

  26. Okay – c’mon now – how are Captain America and Robin able to hold up the Hulk, Spiderman, Aquaman AND superman?   I call FAKE!

  27. why is Batman holding his breath?

  28. what’s between aquaman and spiderman… or is that the sea?

  29. Cry for Cake!

  30. @greebie: I agree. That CAKE IS clearly A LIE!