Bendis’ Run on AVENGERS Ends in November. What Other Titles Are Wrapping Up?

The Avengers #33

He may have started with a shocking Disassembly, but nearly a decade later, they’re one of the biggest brands in comics and on the big screen.

Brian Michael Bendis’ storied tenure with the Avengers ends in November with the final issues of The Avengers and The New Avengers. Terry Dodson provides the art for issue #33 of The Avengers Original Recipe, with an all-star roster of past collaborators combining forces on #34. The penultimate The New Avengers is drawn by Michael Oeming, while #34 is another group effort.

Just as the leaves turn, Bendis passes the torch to new assemblers like Jonathan Hickman (Avengers), Rick Remender (Uncanny Avengers) and Kelly Sue DeConnick (Avengers Assemble).

But that’s not all that’s ending this fall, according to Marvel’s newly unveiled solicits for November.

Fraction’s The Defenders ends with #12.

Gage’s Avengers Academy ends with #39.

It’s time to make room for what’s NOW!




  1. I love Bendis, but his Avengers run should have ended (and ended quite well) right after Siege was done.

    • Agreed. I generally loved BMB’s run on Avengers, but think he may have jumped the shark with the stories that followed Siege. Still, gonna be remembered as a solid run. I’m really looking forward to this shake-up across the board.

    • +1

      Not been loving any Avengers since Siege but I stuck with Bendis out of sheer loyalty. I’m moving off single issues anyway and these’ll be my last monthly titles – I’m off to HC land! đŸ˜‰

    • Agree as well, I liked the Avengers,New Avengers and Mighty Avengers when they were all running at once and New Avengers was still New for the 1st time, they’re not new or needed after the Avengers original big three came back and after Siege, well I didn’t read Siege and stopped reading Avengers aside from Secret before Siege and until now. So looking forward to the shuffle and are they keeping Remender on Secret Avengers? Cause his issues w Phil Noto and Guedes are tight.

    • I agree with the above comments. I loved Siege, and think that it would have been a fitting end to Bendis’ run on the franchise. While curious about what Hickman will do, my history with him is pretty mixed, and my budget’s tight, so I probably won’t be buying any Avengers books by the end of the year.

  2. I can’t hear about Marvel NOW without thinking of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character Krysta Now in Southland Tales.

  3. …huh. Could’ve sworn that he was going to finish with Age Of Ultron.

  4. I think Age of Ultron is going to be a separate event.

    I began reading Avengers with Bendis. Before him I was an X-Men only guy. His departure is definately the end of an era. If it wasn’t Hickman and Remender taking over I would probably be seriously consider cutting the titles from my pull list. Hickman has not disappointed me yet and since Uncanny X-Force neither has Remender.

    I’ll be sad to see Avengers Academy go but I won’t mind not spending the 4 or 8 bucks a month.

    I definately dont like what looks to be a dead Jessica Jones on the cover of NA. Boo to that!

    • Id’d also love to see Majorie Liu take X-23 back since Academy is ending. She did a great job with the character in her solo series. Astonishing X-Men would be a good place for her.

  5. That #33 cover is sweet!

  6. Did Bendis’s big Age of Ultron story ever happen?

  7. Thor, X-men: Legacy, Deadpool & Iron Man all double shipping right out of the gates? freaking sigh Marvel.

  8. Is Hickman going to be writing two Avengers series or is it still not known if they’re restarting New Avengers?

  9. Left Avenger (and Marvel as a whole) with Bendis’ Disassembly. Now finally able to start reading Avengers again. Just wish Marvel had more 2.99 books.

  10. It’s weird to see this end, but also good. Fifteen years ago I never could have imagined that The Avengers would be a huge part of Marvel agaih. For awhile in the 90s, there was just the one book. It was a dark time for anything that wasn’t X-Men. It was so bad that Marvel handed the books off to the Image guys. The books came back for a bit after that and started to improve greatly but it wasn’t until Bendis that Avengers became a BIG DEAL. Now we’ve got too many titles with this name. Fifteen years ago no one would have thought this possible. It’s been a great run for Bendis and company, but it’s time for new blood. Whether you love his work or not, you have to admit he did a helluva job with the book(s).

  11. I will truly miss Avengers Academy. It’s the only Avengers book I’ve been reading for a long time and I think it never really got its due.

  12. I really like the cover for #33. Hawkeye and Spider Woman were too characters that were definitely brought back to life and defined to an extent during Bendis’s tenure on the book. The first New Avengers issue I picked up was New Avengers #26 where Hawkeye came back. So it’s a cool nod to that I guess.

  13. I truly hope ‘Avengers Academy’ gets some kind of relaunch — but even if this is the end (though, really, you couldn’t give it 40 issues, Marvel?) it’s been a remarkably consistent and entertaining run, which will make a great self-contained story for people who don’t necessarily want to read every Avengers title. Hopefully we’ll get an Ultimate collection or something.

  14. As curious as I am regarding some of the creative teams in Marvel NOW (especially Avengers and Thor), but for me it is a time of introspection regarding my beloved hobby. To make a long story short, I’m not picking jp any new titles from the relaunch. I will continue with series that I’m reading that aren’t ending, but for the sake of time and money, I need a clean break. There is just a lot of material from the past that I haven’t read, and I have stacks of comics that are untouched. Plus, more new series is cutting into the time I spend on my own writing.

  15. It may be just me but this Marvel NOW branding is rather confusing. I don’t know which series are ending, which ones are starting, and what/how this has to do with continuity.

    I feel like Marvel’s being deliberately obfuscatory with their announcements to not be like the direct competition.

    A little help…

  16. I liked the New Avengers run up to the Skrull Invasion – whatever that was called – Secret Infiltration or whatever. Then I dropped out of the Avenger line completely.

    Maybe its time to pass the torch? I don’t know. I think I ordered Issue 1 of Uncanny Avengers… I don’t know why… I think there was a Deadpool variant cover.

  17. Avengers Academy is the greatest loss here. I hope Gage gets to end the story in a satisfying manner. The entire arc really does seem to be climaxing, and while I’m sad to see it go I’m glad it gets to go out resolving its big story arc and not sputtering to an end after a random arc.

  18. Hey, so all of you Bendis-Avengers fans who’ve read most of (or any of) Bendis’ Avengers work (any title), what are the best volumes and tpb’s out of his entire run?