Bendis and Maleev on ‘Scarlet’

As announced on G4's Attack of the Show, Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev have revealed their new project, a creator-owned series called Scarlet.  What is has to do with the recent OX teaser, we do not yet know, but Bendis told Blair Butler we're looking at a real world (no powers!) crime story, and the story is about a woman "who is pushed to the edge by the fractured modern world". The book will be published, to no one's surprise, by Marvel's Icon imprint, and marks Bendis' first creator owned series since Powers, which debuted ten years ago in 2000.


And that's about all I have to share with you at the moment. When we get any images or something else we can share, you know we will. But I know this: Scarlet could be about two old women on a trip to Denny's in their Reliant K, and I'd buy every goddamned issue there was.

Look for it in July.

Here's a hell of a lot more info.








  1. I called it! 

    It’s a continuation of his earlier crime books like Jinx and Goldfish. Color me excited. 

  2. Her shirt had an X and a heart on it when they showed it during the show.

  3. I saw the headline and thought this was Bendis re-introducing Scarlet Witch “Rebirth”-style. Still looks like a great book as-is.

  4. An obvious and transparent attempt by Bendis for the attention of Scarlett Johannson.

  5. Bendis and Maleev are woring for IDW’s GI JOE now?




    the Tiki 

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It it about a really inexperienced photographer? 

  7. Bendis is playing for other team with a comic sequel to Nolan’s Memento…Memen2?

  8. WHOO!!!

  9. Yup. Awesome. This should be fantastic

  10. When you combine Bendis and the word "fuck," beautiful things happen. Gonna go re-read Jinx now.

  11. @Paul:

    "Oh for the love of….Scarlett! Did you forget to focus on these models? I mean…..did you even take the lens cap off on this one!?" 

  12. "Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn".   I kid, I kid…I’ll be the first to pick this up.

  13. Clockwise from top right, venom’s face, johnny storm’s 4, cap’s shield, and the back of elektra’s head. It’s another avengers team!

    Original Xvengers!

  14. We are doing it in advance he said!, No delays, he said!


    My Ass. He’s writing 17 Avengers books and this, I doubt Powers will ever be on schedule. I am sad:(


    But hey, returning to his crime roots, that might be awesome!

  15. I like this.

  16. I don’t know what to think about this.  I’ll pick up the first issue and find out.

  17. Seems like this might be along the lines of the awesome Bendis I remember from Powers, Alias, and Torso, instead of just decent Avengers Bendis.

  18. ohhhhhh, so we were looking at her boobs

  19. Its about time!!!!! Bendis is always best when hes working on his creator owned stuff. Sooooo excited.

  20. Finally!  I’m sorry but the Avengers is a gross mismanagement of this guy’s talent

  21. Well now that you put it like that. Love this!

  22. Su-weeeet!! This looks gorgeous and has a the feel of a labour of love for this team.  Cannot wait.

  23. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Sort of a Typhoid Mary vibe. Love the wide array of artists contributing to this, even if it’s just for the variant covers. 

  24. Man, the art alone has me excited but throw in the name ‘Bendis’ and well…. I’m going to go do a little dance.